Ants in the Dishwasher

The ants come marching 2 by 2 hoorah…hoorah. WHY does that song say HOORAH when the ants come marching in?? How about, “The ants coming marching 2 by 2, so kill them now, kill them now! They cover the counter, they flock to my dishwasher, kill them now, kill them now!”

Then after they are dead you can sing Hoorah.

Yes we have ants invading our house, it happens every spring, and it always annoys me. The climax of this evil invasion was when to my horror I innocently went to load the dishwasher and there having the time of their lives, were at least 10 happy ants crawling inside my dishwasher! I did the logical thing anyone would then do, I got out my dish detergent, filled the cup, closed the dishwasher, pressed the on button…..and prayed that ALL of those little buggers would drown to death. Much to my joy, I opened the dishwasher to find the ants gone, and clean dishes. I felt as thou I had conquered my ant problem through intentional drowning. Only to be mortified the next morning to find that ants can be resurrected!

So I may have won the battle, but the war continues. Hubby is out at Home Depot at this moment looking for products to eradicate ants from the planet…….ok at least from our house.

Makes me wonder…..

Why did God create?

ants, chickweed, pricker bushes and flies?

Soccer tryouts, baseball games, ortho appointments, closing program at church……..oh my!

So much going on this week. Spring is here, the trees are blooming and of course so are the weeds! Why did God invent weeds in the first place? They can suck the beauty out of the lovely flowers that bloom all over our woods. Despite the chickweeds effort to take over the woods, M and I still were able to pick a ton of flowers this weekend, they look lovely displayed through out the house.

Well this Friday should be interesting, all of us have to be someplace different at the same time. C has praise celebration rehersal, T has a baseball game, M has a soccer clinic and I was supposed to have a girls night out at a local church….not sure if that will happen now.

T had a game last night, he pitched, his team won, and he had 8-9 strike outs. It was a good game for him. M tried out for a advanced play soccer team on Tues. She had a great try out, I was proud of her, she didn’t get all nervous and worked up, she just went out there and did her best. Of course the fact that I have been praying for her to have peace and a sense of confidence I am certain had something to do with it. We also had the closing program for Wed. night ministries last night. We had a meal, I shared a bit about the wonderful group of girls I had this year, we also watched a power point presentation of all the fun.  T came over after his game, he called me and asked if it was still going on….of course he inquired, “is there any food left”, when I replied “yes there is.” He said, “I’ll be right there.” You know what motivates him!
This Saturday night we plan to chill out and watch a good movie. Any suggestions?? 🙂

Thought for the day – Life gets busy, but it is so important to find those quiet moments each day, and Be Still and know that HE is God.  May you all find a still moment in your busy days! 

Dinner time fun!

That fort pic was my first time posting a picture! I just have to figure out how to get the text to appear under the picture. I will get it, I am making progress as a Rookie blogger. Maybe someday I will become a veteran! 🙂

Since I posted about how important it is to find time to eat together as a family ( and trust me I know it can be hard with such busy schedules), I thought I would include some fun dinner time ideas

#1 Mystery dinner – this is my kids favorite! I prepare dinner( usually a meal they are pretty familiar with), put the food on everyone’s plates, then cover the plates with a dish towel and set it at their place at the table. When everyone arrives, I go around the table and have each person close their eyes and feed them a bite from one of the items on their plate, everyone tries the same thing. Once everyone tries a bite, they can then guess what it was. The kids love it! I also put up a sheet on the kitchen door as I am preparing the dinner so no one can peek and see what I am making. It also adds to the mystery of the whole thing

#2 Backwards dinner– Serve dessert first, wear backwards clothes to dinner, turn the chair around backwards….etc You can get creative with this!

#3 Breakfast week – I serve breakfast foods for dinner all week. Pancake and sausage night is always the favorite

#4 Favorites week – I make each persons favorite meal one night during the week

#5 Green dinner – when the kids were learning their colors, I would serve different colored dinners. For example we had, green mashed potatoes, green milk, green beans, chicken with green chives, green onions etc on top and cupcakes with green frosting. Food coloring works wonders. The kids loved this, poor hubby had a little trouble eating the green mashed potatoes! 🙂

#6 Ice Cream for dinner – Ok I only do this once a year in the summer, but the kids really look forward to it, and it has become a fun tradition!

#7 Mommy’s Buffet – Actually this evolved as a great way to get rid of leftovers, but has become something everyone looks forward to. I put out all the leftovers on the counter buffet style, plus add a few of everyone’s favorites as extras ( something easy like hot dogs, cheese and crackers, yogurt) and let everyone go back to the buffet as often as they wish.

So gather the troops together this week and have a fun dinner TOGETHER!

Let me know your ideas for eating dinner together.

The coolest fort in the world

The Fort……here is SportTMan’s latest fort upgrade, the window comes from the neighbor’s trash, the “new” wood comes from an Amish barn that was torn down. It’s an eyesore to me, but to a 12 year old boy, it’s beautiful! Besides that I think 12 yo boys should have more opportunities to build cool forts and less opportunities for watching TV, using the computer, Nitendo DS, Wii etc……


The McDonalds Drive Thru

I finally did it last night……we went through the drive through at McDonalds for dinner. We are a busy sports family, both kids play a sport every season, but this was our first time going to McD’s for dinner becasue we didin’t have time for a sit down dinner. T had a baseball scrimmage at 5:45, I got busy with something afterschool and didn’t get dinner started early enough ( poor planning on my part). So we did it, we did what many sports crazed, over-scheduled, over-worked, busy families do several nights a week, we shoved dinner down our throats, in a car, on the way to a game.

There was no time for saying grace together and committing things to the Lord, there was no discussion about what happened that day in our lives, no time to connect as a family, no chance to ask about school, no opportunity to simpy share a funny story of the day, or laugh over the dog trying to sneak into the kitchen as we eat. It was simply shove down the food, let out a good burp, and let’s play ball!

Dinner is a wonderful opportunity each night to bring the family together, create memories, talk, connect, bond, it’s more than just shoving food in, it’s family time. And I am afraid that in this country it may soon become extinct. Well one night at the drive thru is enough for us…….it’s burgers on the grill tomorrow, ham and noodle casserole the next night, and broccoli and chicken stir fry the next night. I have next week all planned, no more drive thrus for us this sports season!

Maybe I will start a blog about saving the endangered dinner time.

Deuteronomy 6:6- 7 These commands I give you are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk down the road, when you lie down and when you get up.

10 Things Cool Moms Know

10 – To put a little food coloring in your kids milk, and tell them that glass of milk must have come from a green cow, and daddy’s glass of red milk must have come from the red cow.

9 – That it is so cool to observe a spider web up close. To see it clearer simply blow a little baby powder gently onto a web, it makes all the parts of the web stand out more. Then as you are checking the web out together, quietly whisper in their ear this cool fact, “did you know that spiders have pale blue blood?’

8 – That peanut butter really works to get gum out of kids hair

7 – That when you mix baking soda and vinegar together you get a really cool “explosion.”

6 – That the wind is blowing about 15 mph if a flag is “flapping in the wind.”

5 – That if you count the number of seconds from when you see lighting to when you hear the thunder and divide that number by 5, that is how far the storm is away. If you count to 20, then divide by 5, the storm is 4 miles away

4 – How to climb trees with their kids

3 – How to write with invisible ink. Use lemon juice, when it dries completely hold the paper you have written on over a light bulb, a toaster or even wave a hair dryer over it and the lemon juice will turn brown and reveal your secret message .

2 – That stressed spelled backwards is desserts, so when things get stressful go enjoy some dessert together

1 -When to give a hug, show love, and that spending time together with your kids builds a family’s love and commitment to each other.

Thank you God for our kids!

Have fun all of you cool moms out there!

I thought these up tonight as I was putting T- man to bed. So they tend to be more boy oriented things. BTW, for all those grandparents reading my blog to keep up with the fam……T man had his first baseball scrimmage tonight. We froze watching him, I literally had 3 blankets on, plus a winter coat and 2 sweatshirts. They lost, but he looked good, it should be a good season. Waiting for the warmer temperatures to arrive……

Rainy day ideas for SAHM!

It’s a rainy,windy day in the east…..Here are a few suggestions for family fun, indoors today for all of you SAHM

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes….go to your local grocery store and ask if they have any empty boxes, all sizes work. Check to make sure there are no staples, and let the kids create. They can climb in them, make a fort, decorate them, draw on them, cut window out of them etc.

Obstacle course in the house….keep those little ones moving on a rainy day. Use couch pillows, chairs they can crawl under, putting a masking tape square on your kitchen floor and tell them to jump ten times in the square, or hop on one foot in the square etc, walk with a book on their head, drink a cup of water at the end. Etc…you get the idea.

Build a fort under your kitchen table and serve a snack there.…..Put a big sheet or blanket over the table, bring some pillows and books and instant fort

Make a volcano! – Use clay to build a volcano, then ( here is the fun part) fill the hole with baking soda, then pour in a bit of vinegar and watch what happens!

Let’s try posting a pic……

It didn’t work, it was way too big. I will have to work on that. I was going to post that goofy one of the T-man that you can see in my “family photo’s” sidebar. Miss M. took the pic, the 2 of them were being very silly back in the fort they built in the woods. I told M. to take some pics of the fort and she returned with some of the goofiest pics of T I have ever seen….and a few of the fort.
BTW…….Good Morning Dad!

I did it!

Welcome to my blog!! I did it, I created a blog!  I am such a novice in the blogging world so please bear with me.  I’m just excited that  I  figured out how to get a few of our pictures on the right side. I will post more pictures eventually.  This is the start of something fun!

Check back for:

  • Family updates
  • Fun family devotion ideas
  • Family fun ideas ( I always believe having fun together as a family draws you closer together.)Here is a quick fun idea, serve a backwards dinner, serve dessert first, wear clothes backwards and have fun! The kids LOVE it!
  • Great movies suggestions to watch as a family
  • Teachings from different places I have spoken over the years.
  • And who knows what else.

Got to go…taking dear daughter to a birthday party.

Jesus and Dark Chocolate???

I have such an addiction to dark chocolate lately, does anyone else love this stuff? Just last night we had a girls fun night for the “Girls Alive” class I teach at church, we had a chocolate fountain for the girls to dip strawberries and other fruit in. Since I am the teacher I had to act mature and not look like a pig, but may the truth be told, I really just wanted to stick my tongue out under that fountain and lap up the dark chocolate like a dog!!! Don’t worry I displayed some degree of maturity, but I did sneak upstairs while the girls were having their nails done, dipped several strawberries in that divine, flowing chocolate and stuffed my face. Do you see my problem with this stuff!! 😉

Ever since I first heard word that dark chocolate could be good for you….I pursued the claim with a passion. I read about it on different internet sites, I sampled different types of dark chocolate, I read about antioxidants, I sampled more dark chocolate….read more, ate more….you get the idea.  This is great I thought to myself, it tastes so good and it is good for you…..amazing.

But then one day it occured to me….do I express the same passion and penchant for the Lord that I do for dark chocolate.  I realize dark chocolate is truly just a frivilous treat. However, after giving it some thought I realized the answer was probably no. So many things of this world cloud my vision and passion for serving the Lord. Dark chocolate just got me thinking, but there are so many more serious things that steal my prioritiy of spending time seeking and serving the Lord… things like; the busyness of our life, the laundry pile that never ends, kids soccer games, basketball and baseball games, my job, using the computer, cooking dinner, working out, gardening, books I want to read……the list goes on and on.

There are so many things of this world that distract and sidetrack me from my first love, serving the Lord. (Does this happen to any one else?)

Thus the name of this blog, Jesus and Dark Chocolate. Notice the word Jesus comes first, it’s a constant reminder to me that life is about priorities, and the things of this world should never keep me or sway me, from spending time at the feet of Jesus.

………Seeking you as a precious jewel, Lord to give up I’d be a fool