Wordless Wednesday


It’s all sand! Click here for more Wordless Wednesday pics!



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  1. wonderful–what great works of art. I admire the artist because that is a lot of work!

  2. Nicoal says:

    Amazing stuff here–could stare at it for hours. Happy WW

  3. Michelle says:

    How amazing are those pictures! I wish I could create something like that!

  4. Alycia says:

    Wow! That is amazing!! I saw something similar once in O.C., MD. That is stunning!! Happy WW from Japan!

  5. Amazing artwork. Thanks for sharing and Happy WW.

    Angel Mama ():)

  6. FatBlokeThin says:

    Very impressive sand sculptures – the fact that they will be gone as soon as they came tells us all something about humility.

    Have a great WW.

  7. ADDIE says:

    Oh yes, I have seen this one before in an email. Isn’t it such a great work of art!!! Thanks for sharing with WW!!!

    Come over and peek at my Reckless Wordless Wednesday!!!

  8. mrs wibbs says:

    Hi Sandy
    These are AMAZING!! Was this a local artist, or a competition, or several people’s work?

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and telling me about your experience with migraines…I love that I am not alone :o)

  9. Villager says:

    Truly remarkable. People that can do this type of creative work are amazing. Thank you for sharing!

    My Wordless Wednesday theme is all about those wonderful rhinos again this week!

    Happy WW day! Villager

  10. amy says:

    those are awesome….

  11. EaglesWings says:

    That looks like the Artist in OC MD…I love it!

    thanks for stopping by my WW! Yes God’s handiwork is amazing!

  12. Barb says:

    Someone is very talented to make that. Very detailed. Wonderful.

    I’m also participating in Wordless

  13. samismom22 says:

    Yep….several of you are correct in guessing this is the artist in Ocean City, MD. We took these pics last summer, but the man has been doing this on the boardwalk in OC for over 30 years!

  14. Toni says:

    wow, that’s really great. i wonder how long such sand sculptures lasts. what a pity that it won’t stay there for a long time.

  15. ohamanda says:

    WOW! How amazing! (and what a cool background you have!)

  16. Chris says:

    Wow! And I can hardly build a castle.

  17. Deborah says:

    In all adoration we bow down to the King of Kings, they are truly beautiful. love always me

  18. I had to chase you down when I saw the name of your blog at the WW page! Fantastic! However, I should tell you that your link from there has a couple of typos in it, so I had to fix ’em in the address bar before I could get here. (one too many http’s and a missing e from wordpress)

    And now, I should say, those photos are so cool. What an impressive diplay!

  19. PJ says:

    These are awesome. They have a competition here in Galveston, Tx too but they are not this good.
    Happy Wednesday!

  20. dawnae says:

    That is pretty darn amazing!

  21. That is incredible! To think that it’s all sand, wow!

  22. melody says:

    One word…amazing. I’ve watched sand artists at work and all I’ve ever said was amazing. Thanks for sharing these shots.

  23. bee says:

    So cool! I just watched Sand Blasters ’07 this weekend!

  24. ginny says:

    That is incredible! Happy WW.

  25. karly says:

    These are great! I wish I had that kind of talent… and patience!

  26. Amazing pictures!!! Thank you for sharing!


  27. Mayogi says:

    That is amazing! What a work of art! I’m speechless….

    Happy WW!!! Mine will be up on Wednesday. *lol*

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