I’ve been tagged…

The Rocking Pony tagged me for 6 random things about myself. So here are six very random things……

#1 My first job ever was the coolest job. I worked for a Jewish/New York style bakery in Maryland. I got to eat all the delicious homemade bagels and donuts along with a wonderful sweet treat called rugalach.

#2 I don’t wear much jewelry, I wear my wedding ring, and a small gold necklace, but that is it. I used to wear more jewelry, but after babies who pulled at my earrings, and a crazy, busy life with kids where I was constantly losing my jewelry I just stopped wearing it!

#3 I ran the 200, and 400 meter dash in HS and college

#4 I have been taking this really cool, new multi-vitamin called, ” Nature’s Plus, Source of Life Women” I have had more energy since taking this vitamin for the last 3 months…..this is good for my 40+ body!!

#5 I don’t like doing crafty things

#6 I take lots of pictures and have many family pictures displayed around our house. I love how pictures can capture a moment in time.

I am not much of a tagger, but would love to see 6 random things about many of you. It’s a fun meme so join in if you want.

Dog attacks ironing board…..

I guess it’s been a very long time since I have ironed.

When I got that strange object ( the ironing board) out of the closet, our dog went crazy. She was barking, and jumping up at the ironing board.

Due to this hazardous encounter, I have determined that ironing in my house is not safe, the dog and I could have been injured. Therefore due to safety concerns I must reluctantly forego ironing for at least another year!

Long live wrinkle free clothes!!!!!!

It’s been awhile…….

since I updated my blog. I have been so busy with my job. I must admit it has been an adjustment returning to work full time. I can not imagine having a job where you work year round, don’t get home until 5:30-6:00 and need to bring work home! I am done by 3:00 everyday, the same time my kids are done, what a blessing that is!

However, there are things I miss, like having time to get the laundry done, making pumpkin cookies for the family, riding my bike to exercise on those cool fall mornings, making a decent breakfast for the kids in the morning, ( instead of frozen, microwave waffles!), being on top of the laundry, taking walks with the kids and the dog, and enjoying that moment of peace and quiet right after the kids left for school, and did I mention getting the laundry done?? ( I need to go to the store and buy 500 pairs of socks and underware for each family member so I don’t need to worry about running out!)

That appears to be my biggest struggle with working, I feel like I am compromising on some of the “mommy things” I have done for years. I had to miss one of SportTman’s soccer games the other day, my rule of thumb has been to never miss the kids sports events (unless the other child has a game at the same time, hubby and I split up the game watching duties). The other thing I am wondering about is teaching Sunday School at church and teaching Girls Alive on Wed. night, I have done both for years, and I start back teaching SS today and Girl’s Alive in 2 weeks, I just wonder how I will be able to handle all these things in addition to the job. I don’t want to compromise the gifts God has given me to teach kids at church because I have too much going on.

I guess I will just see how it all plays out and spend less time worrying about it and more time praying about it. God has given me this opportunity for this season of life, the job has been rough, but I think a lot of that is growing pains since it’s a new program, things should calm down.

I will continue to write about my struggles of being a christian working mom, and how God continues to lead and guide me through this.

………..Oh and did I mention, I have been eating more chocolate lately 🙂

Ranch dressing and the new van

I love Marie’s ranch dressing, it’s an all natural, no preservatives salad dressing. I didn’t realize how used to it I got until this past Sunday. I was rather casually enjoying salad and spaghetti, and watching football with my family. I took that first bite of salad completely forgetting that I drenched my salad in Hidden Valley ranch since I was out of Maries. I gagged on the first bite, and eeked out an “Eeewwwwwwwww.” The salad dressing that I had been content with for years now tasted gross!! How did this happen?

We have been driving a 2oo2 Honda CRV for 5 years now, it’s been a great vehicle for our family, it’s roomy, comfortable and drives well. I was totally content with this car, reluctant to get a new car, our Honda is great I thought to myself. ( it’s the 95 Subaru that had issues) But then we bought the NEW van…….I drove the new van pretty much all the time for a week straight after getting it. Then on Sat. I got back in that uncomfortable, cramped Honda to drive it. In one short week the car I was totally content with now seemed like a piece of junk. How did this happen?

Ranch dressing and the new van taught me something this week……that once you have experienced something better, it’s hard to go back to the old. But I have also learned that what seems old, and not so good, really is GOOD. Confused?? Let me elaborate…..

We have it so good in this country and a 2002 Honda CRV and Hidden Valley Ranch dressing are something to be thankful for. I am thankful that I have 2 nice cars, and I have choices to make on something as frivolous as salad dressing. I try to remember how good we have it in America, and try not to complain about the mundane things, even when I think they are not so great, in the big picture, I have it so good and who am I to complain about ranch dressing and a Honda CRV.

Thank you God for the endless choices we have in this country for materialistic things…..I don’t think I always appreciate it. I never did finish that salad with the Hidden Valley ranch!

Good things about returning to work full time…..

Oh my has it been a hectic start to the school year. I like to plan everything out, be organized and just let all my plans run smoothly! 🙂 Well none of that happened this year, there were so many unexpected things that kept coming up, and I was the one everyone went to for answers to the problems and situations. I am teaching a new program so with anything new there are usually growing pains. It’s just that there are lots of them.

So to ease my frustration I decided to list the good things about working full time

  • I am more organized with things at home since I need to be
  • I came home from school on Tues. and my house was sparkling clean thanks to the visit from the wonderful cleaning lady.
  • We could afford to buy a new van, I feel like I am driving a luxury car
  • It has been neat to see The Inventor step up and help out with out being asked, she has really been the glue that has held our family together the last couple days. For being only 10 she has amazing insight into how to help.
  • My dear, sweet hubby surprised me with a massage last Sat., he called me while I was working in my classroom on Sat., and said, “do you want to come home and eat before your massage or just wait until afterwards. It’s at 2:00.”
  • I am back to a routine/schedule

I am thankful! 🙂

Oh and good night everyone…..it’s 9:00 and I am off to bed. 🙂

So how does Laminin hold you together through tough times?…….

High School Science class question…………..Anyone know what laminin is?

This past February, in those dark ages before I was a blogger, I attended a Chris Tomlin/Matt Redman/Louie Giglio concert. The concert was a great experience and the speaker for the night was Louie Giglio, the founder of the popular college Passion Conferences. One of the things he spoke on that night was laminin, now before you go running for your Greek lexicon for your bible, stop, because laminin is not in the bible. It’s a protein in your body!
Every living creature has laminin inside of them…the purpose of laminin is that it basically keeps our bodies from falling apart. It holds us as one united whole. It’s like the glue that holds our cells together. So for those of you who are still with me on this one…………..laminin is a critical part of our body make up.

Now here is what is so amazing that Louie Giglio explained so well to us that night, laminin the very structure that hold us together looks like this…………


The cellular structure that holds our body together is the shape of the cross! Does God have a sense of humor or what! Amazing isn’t it? 🙂 This is a glorious reminder to me that when the rough times comes, and the storm of life takes hold of me, what is holding my physical body together is a cellular protein in the shape of a cross!!! We truly are wonderfully made.

To actually here Louie Giglio speak on this is riveting. Check out the You Tube video of Louie Giglio speaking on laminin, they don’t have the whole thing, but you can get the idea from it.

Louie Giglio – Laminin


That is me screaming…..it’s been a hectic week with my new teaching job and the kids starting school.  I wonder sometimes if God causes such stress to remind us to cling more to him during the storm of life.

He is good even in the crazy times of life. 🙂  It’s only 8:00 and I am pondering going to bed soon. zZZZZzzzzzzzzz  zzzzzzzz

My house looks “lived in!”

Since I am returning to work full time in a few days, I was able to find a friend from church to clean house for us. I am obviously thrilled to find someone, but in my quest for a cleaning lady, I got to thinking about house cleaning. When my friend came over to look over what I wanted her to clean, she commented about another house she had cleaned, and she related to me about the extreme pressure she felt to clean this particular house to the high standard of the owners. She said she felt so much more comfortable with our house since it looked “lived in.”

Lived in?” I thought to myself, is that another way of saying messy, dirty, not kept? I immediately thought I don’t like the term “lived in!” My house is not that messy I fumed to myself! I strive to be a Proverbs 31 women and live out v. 27, She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. I strive to have a neat, clean house, so is lived in a good thing?

After thinking about it for awhile, I have concluded for this season of life, with the ages of my kids, a “lived in” house is ideal! My thinking has always been to have an organized, semi clean house, but to also spend lots of time throwing ball with my son, drawing with chalk in the driveway with my daughter, taking long walks in the woods with both kids, spending quality time, being a hands on mom. If I am consumed with the cleanliness of my house I may miss out on that relational time with my hubby and kids. And that relationship with family will endure, and hopefully produce Godly fruit someday. An immaculate floor that I can eat dinner from will never bear Godly fruit. Being a Godly women is truly about priorities, someday I would like to have a neater house, but for this current season of life, I like looking “lived in.”

I love this “poem” I think it reflects what I am trying to say.

If I live in a house of spotless beauty with everything in it’s place, I am a housekeeper not a homemaker. If I only have time for waxing and not polishing, my children will learn of cleanliness not Godliness. Love leaves the dust in search of a child’s laugh. Love smiles at the tiny fingerprints on the newly cleaned window. Love wipes up the tears before it wipes up the spilled milk. Love is the key that opens salvation’s message to a child’s heart. Before I become a mother, I took glory in my house of perfection; but now, I glory in God’s perfection for my children. ~Author unknown~