That is me screaming…..it’s been a hectic week with my new teaching job and the kids starting school.  I wonder sometimes if God causes such stress to remind us to cling more to him during the storm of life.

He is good even in the crazy times of life. 🙂  It’s only 8:00 and I am pondering going to bed soon. zZZZZzzzzzzzzz  zzzzzzzz


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  1. Yesterday, I actually fell asleep in front of the computer while typing my Thankful Thursday list! Only for a few seconds… but still…

    Is it Friday yet?

  2. TCC says:

    I so remember the first week of teaching – every new school year I was zonked before 9PM!

    TGIF…pray that you get rejuvinated this weekend.

  3. I’ve felt like that!!! May the Lord empower you in His spiritual and physical rest!!!

  4. I hope your first week was good although hectic! God has you there for a reason.

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