On snoring……

Just wondering God what was your creative thinking when you invented snoring? I am sure you are aware how it can keep wives awake for hours upon hours. And as you know we moms/wives need our sleep so we can function and be that kind, tender-hearted, jovial, energetic women you want us to be. Not the sleep deprived, “seriously considering kicking and beating my husband” women I am now becoming. It’s now 5:17 am, not really the time I wanted to be up during my Christmas vacation. This snoring is so loud I am worried even with the windows shut, the neighbors may soon awaken. Heck, the window may even shatter at this rate! Well I am off to kick, beat, cuddle with my husband and whisper evil rants, sweet endearments into his ear. Please God let me know your thinking on this one, or simply perform a miracle like when you calmed the seas in an instant, calm this “snorm” in my bed INSTANTLY!


Desperately seeking sleep

From the Inventor………

I think this is the best time of the year.  We love celebrating the birth of Jesus.  I like to  have that feeling on Christmas morning that it’s  finally the day to open my presents!  I also like it because our whole family gets to be home for at least 12 days!  I hope that you had a marvelous Christmas just like me.  Hopefully I can invent something new quite soon and my mom can post it on her blog. 

Your friend,

         The Inventor 

Christmas Vacation FUN!!!

How many of you have used Photo Booth before? It is hilarious, wholesome, pee your pants kind of fun. We sure did have fun with this today. I thought I would honor you with some simply gorgeous, photos of my beautiful family. We were looking goooooood for these pics. The first picture is actually my lovely brother. I thought I would surprise him and paste his handsome picture on my blog for all to see! I am sure he will be thrilled to see his picture on my blog. Ha Ha Ha! Who needs Christmas presents when you have Photo Booth fun! 🙂  On the Christmas present note, one of our favorite gifts around our house this year, was Skype.  My extended family all got it, so now we can talk for free over the computer and actually see each other.  It is so cool!  My parents and brother and his family all live about 2 hours away and my other bro is about 5 hours away.  So Skype is a great way to stay connected!




Jesus still dwells in the center of my town!!


This is the Nativity that sits right smack in the middle of my town! It has been there for several decades, and after a battle with the ACLU in 1994 it still stands in the center of town, loudly proclaiming the reason for Christmas is still Jesus! Back in 94 several ACLU lawyers demanded the nativity be taken down. The town gathered together right in the middle of the town square to pray, we even had recording artist Wayne Watson come and sing a few Christmas songs. It was a heartwarming event, yet we were all unsure as to what would become of the beloved creche. After the lawyers researched the ownership of the little square in the center of town that the nativity sits on……..they found out that the local Moravian Church that originally founded the town in the mid 1700s’ still owns the square!! Since it stands on private property the nativity can still be displayed each year at Christmas.

It warms my heart every year in late November as the nativity is erected in the center of town shortly after Thanksgiving. I will often sit at the traffic light in town and ponder it’s significance, I think how our town still proudly gathers together to erect a nativity in the middle of town in such a secular world.  I ponder what it represents in a world that is trying the take the Christ out of Christmas.  I admire it’s simple beauty. It’s the same simple, and humble beauty that sent Jesus to this earth on a lowly night in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago. That is why our family celebrates Christmas! Thank you God that a precious nativity can still stand in my town and be a strong, visual reminder to all that pass by that your birth and sacrifice is the true reason we celebrate Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all my dear blogging friends, it has been a joy to “get to know” so many of you and Merry Christmas to all my friends and family!


Christmas Break is here!!!!!

Don’t ever think teachers don’t get excited about 13 days off of school for Christmas Break!!!!!!!  I am so thankful for some down time, family time, and time to celebrate the birth of Jesus!  Yesterday was the kids last day, and today was the teachers last day, our Superintendent even let us all leave 2 hours early……….It’s not looking like Christmas around here, but it’s finally beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!  Yipee!

13 candles on the cake this year!


13 years ago today SportTman was born. As the saying goes, time sure flies. I can now see the evidence of things he did as a baby, and how they have grown into the boy he is today. The first word he spoke was “ball.” Hubby and I used to line up a bunch of toys in a row and see which one he would crawl to and grab……80% of the time it was the sports ball! As evidenced by his nickname, he is a sports boy! He currently plays middle school basketball and soccer, and plays for an AAU baseball team.

The nurses in the nursery at the hospital made the comment about him, saying “that baby never misses a thing.” And let me assure, that boy still doesn’t miss a thing. This characteristic has helped him to develop into a good student at school.

When he was 3 he wanted me to pitch a ball to him for close to an hour on an almost DAILY basis!! He would loudly proclaim, “I want to whack it our of here!” And today, baseball is his favorite sport. And I should mention as he says good-bye to age 12, 12 is his current shoe size! Does that mean that he will soon be wearing size 13????? 🙂

SportTman participates in a lot of activities and does quite well in them, but our continued prayer for him is that he will continue to serve God and grow into a Godly man. I am so proud of my teenager, and the man he is becoming. But my greatest joy comes from seeing him grow into a Godly man with strong convictions and Godly wisdom!

Happy Birthday SportTman, I am so thankful for you!

By the way, the cake in the picture is a yummy chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. SportTman’s favorite!


A Few More Traditions

After a fun day yesterday making painted glass ornaments with The Inventor and a silly night out shopping with SportTman, I am getting back to down to the business of the week ahead. I just cooked chili and a family favorite, ham and noodle casserole to serve later this week. This way when things get crazy, I already have a nice, dinner DONE.

Just wanted to list a few more traditions.

#1 We do special family devotions the month of Dec. Each family member is responsible for leading the devotion. We have done plays one of the kids wrote, played a game of scategories with a christmas bible theme, played a homemade board game with Christmas bible related questions, hunted for objects related to the Christmas story etc…. Just last night The Inventor shared her Christmas devotion and built a little stage. She devised a role of paper on two wooden dowel rods, she pasted pictures that related to the Christmas story and then read the story as she moved the scroll with the paper to the bible verses. It was so creative, she even stuck 2 small flashlights into the box that would shine right onto her scroll. (Do you see why I call her The Inventor!) This has been a fun tradition and it’s so rewarding and heart-warming to allow the kids to come up with their own devotion!  I thought it would help if you could see a pic of her invention!  🙂


#2 – We have a countdown jar, we fill it with 100 pieces of candy ( 1 for each family member for 25 days) and eat a piece every night after dinner, it’s empty on Christmas day.

#3- We picnic in front of the Christmas tree on Friday nights.

Enjoy the Christmas season with your family!

So tell me, what traditions or special things do you do with your family at Christmas?

Christmas Traditions

Oh I am a traditionalist! I love my Christmas traditions and my children are now at a fun age to truly appreciate them ( SportTman is 12 and The Inventor is 10). MomRn2 is hosting a Christmas Traditions listing of everyone’s favorites. I definitely wanted in on this one. So with out further adieu I humbly present our favorite Christmas traditions.

  1. Every December we find time to watch the sappy, yet ever endearing movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” We snuggle up with lots of popcorn and watch this charmer of a movie every year. It just doesn’t seem like the holiday season with out it.
  2. I place a small gift box under the tree every year with a large nail in it, and write on the box, “The Greatest Gift.” It’s nothing fancy, just very symbolic
  3. When the kids were younger we would have them get in their jammies, slippers and grab a favorite blanket and go look at Christmas lights. I would bring hot chocolate and a few homemade treats along. They no longer get in their jammies to go look at lights, but we do still enjoy looking at decorated homes while enjoying the treats.
  4. We draw “special angels” the first Sunday of Dec. The family member whose name is you draw is now your special angel for the month. You do kind things for the person ( feed the dog for them on their day, leave special candy treats for them to find, do a chore for them), but you must remain anonymous. We reveal special angels on Christmas Eve.
  5. When the kids made a decision to accept Christ into their lives, we bought each of them a special Christmas ornament. We wrote the date of their decision on the ornament. Now every year they place their special ornament on the tree first, and discuss it meaning with us, and what Christ means to them personally. It has served as a great reminder of that personal commitment.

Ok that is all for now, …………I have more to post, but will have to wait until tomorrow night.

Merry Early Christmas to all!!



Today we were planning to drive down to Washington DC to see the Redskin game…..but instead I am sitting home in my PJ’s with a migraine! Can you believe it??!!! UGH! It’s not a killer migraine the kind where I throw-up non stop and basically lay in bed and sleep all day. It’s more of a “I feel lousy, and I am not moving from this couch!” kind of migraine. So driving 3 hours to DC and sitting out in the cold and possible rain, wasn’t real appealing. But I am so bummed, I was looking forward to it!

The other interesting thing is my migraines are the hormonal type. But the past 6 months they had been so much better, the best in probably 12-13 years! I thought maybe I was making a big hormonal shift ( meaning menopause looks appealing!) but this has been a rough month. There is a reason why it is referred to as the CURSE, oh those hormones can be evil.

On a better note……I found a cool blog that is posting about Christmas traditions. I will be posting a link and our traditions as soon as I am on the mend ( which better be soon!). I am a Christmas tradition maniac, so I will have lots to post! 🙂

The Infamous Cookie Party

For the past 4 years, The Inventor has invited 7-10 girls to our house for a Christmas Cookie Baking party. It has become a rather endearing tradition. Today was the big day for this event! And once again, it was a fun time.

The Inventor and I make the dough for most of the cookies the night before, so the day of the party, we assemble, we bake, and we decorate. After over 250 cookies are made, and the house is cleaned up (somewhat!). The girls moms are invited to sit and relax and enjoy a cup of coffee/tea and sample all the yummy cookie edibles. Each girl makes a menu for her mom, then takes their moms “order” and serves them the treats. It is such a nice time for the moms and their daughters, and has become a fun Christmas tradition. One mom even remarked that she doesn’t feel like it’s Christmas until The Inventor has had her cookie party! 🙂 Nothing brings girls and their moms togehter like baking Christmas cookies.
So Here is the low down on the delicious cookies we baked this year;

Thumbprint Cookies ( the dough is rolled in egg whites, then rolled in nuts, then you dollop a bit of jam in the middle)

Sugar Cookies ( always fun to decorate)

Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies ( my son’s favorite!)

Peanut Butter Rudolph cookies

Chocolate Chip cookies ( we actually make these from scratch and each girls brings an ingredient for the cookies)

Dulche Swirl Top bars  – (these are so good, and very fun to make the swirl top – see pic below)

Pirouette ( from Pepperidge Farm) dipped in Chocolate and rolled in sprinkles

They were all so good, and if I have a chance later this week I will post the recipes. I am thinking we may just have cookies for dinner tonight! 🙂