What makes YOU great?

I have been sitting at my laptop for the last hour or so working on a Jr. High Sunday School lesson for tomorrow ( yes, I waited to the last minute to prepare!……And yes I actually enjoy teaching Jr. High age kids!). The lesson is mostly about the disciples bickering about who is the greatest among them, and the reply Jesus gives them about being the last among men, and a servant to all! ( See Mark 9: 33-37, Matthew 18: 1-4, Luke 9:46-50)

The whole lesson got me thinking about a legacy I want to leave, and how do I measure greatness?

A teacher at the high school I teach at was recently caught in the back seat of his car with one of his students. This man had a reputation as a great teacher, and music director. This man by the world’s standards seemed to had achieved a level of greatness, by his reputation, numerous awards, the respect of his students, and the community. But it’s gone. You can only imagine what was going on in the back of his car, and it had apparently been going on for over a year now! The man is married and has a toddler at home. I didn’t know this teacher personally, but now I know of his legacy. I overheard people talking about his immoral legacy at McDonalds this morning. His once honorable reputation is now destroyed, along with his marriage, job, life etc…….. Who knows, maybe God can now reach him since his worldly greatness is shattered. All the glam and prestige he once held is gone, it was built on worldy standards, not Gods. This teacher has been formally charged and will probably serve time in jail………so what does he now tell his 2 year old son about his former greatness?

I‘m not really sure what I am trying to say here…..except I know this, I want to be known for having the mind and attitude of Christ, and not this world. I will look to serve, help, encourage, and give to others. And in doing so, I can only begin to grasp the kind of greatness Jesus refers to. My desire is that standard for greatness will be built on a biblical foundation, not a fading, worldly view. Oh for less of me and more of Him.

Mark 9:35……..he must be the very last, and the servant of ALL.

Shocking conversation overheard one recent morning

SportTman – “Mom, can I wear a tie to school today with this shirt?”

Mom – ( choking on coffee, wondering if the coffee stain on my shirt will dry clear?) “Wh…What’s that honey….you want to wear a tie to school today?”

SportTman -” Yeah, do you think Daddy’s Eagles tie would match this ( sharp looking, blue dress shirt..on sale from Wal Mart!)?”

Mom -” No it really doesn’t match”

SportTman- “Ok, then next week I will wear one”

Ok before Grammy falls off the office chair in shock while reading this at her computer. Let me explain. SportTman needs to dress up for every one of his away basketball games. And the morning of our conversation was an away game. So stay seated in your chair Mom. But the fact that this conversation even took place is quite shocking for my son who never cares what he is wearing as long as it’s sweat pants, and a sports T-shirt. This may be the start of something.

Welcome new blogging friends!

Over Christmas break I spent some time blog hopping and found several new blogs that I am enjoying. So it’s time to update my blogroll with some new blog friends, so let me introduce them……..

Still His Girl – Love this girls sense of humor!

Living to Tell the Story – I just added this blog about a week ago, but wanted to list it here also. Great insights and spiritual wisdom

From the Inside Out – A blog about a family who have a heart for missions! They will be heading out to Thailand soon.

Real Life – I like this blog because it brings to the table a lot of issues that are good to ponder and think about.

Kate’s Story – The sweetest women with a immovable heart for the Lord, and 3 adorable little boys. She is also riding out the storm of her life, dealing with brain cancer.

So please stop by some of my new favs, but also stop in and say Hi to some of my regular oldies but goodies.

Beautiful Grace

Liza Eyeview

Laughing Through the Tears

Lessons From the Laundry

And thanks to everyone who have been helping me with the crock pot ideas! It has been so helpful! ๐Ÿ™‚ Let’s fire up the crock pot!

Survival of the Crock-Pot fittest

Hello my name is Sandy and I am a busy mom……….

I have trouble getting a good dinner on the table, every night. I am a working mom, I am tired at night, I don’t feel like cooking. I need help, I need support…….

My one key to survival appears to be the trusty, old crock-pot. I came home yesterday to the smell of beef stew simmering in the crock pot. I just had to throw some good ole Pillsbury biscuits in the oven, cut up some apples and oranges and instant dinner. Total prep time about 5 minutes. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I need more, QUICK ideas for the crock pot. I am posting the yummy, but simple beef stew recipe. I think it’s so important for busy families to sit and have dinner together each night.ย  So if you can offer any tips I will be thankful! Check out this earlier post to see more on the importance of eating together!

Beef Stew

10 med. white or red potatoes

fresh carrots – whatever amount you want

1 small onion

2 lbs. beef stewing cubes

1-2 stalks of celery

1-2 cans of beef broth

1 can tomato soup

salt and pepper

Throw in crock-pot, and enjoy 6-7 hours later!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Please leave a comment if you have a QUICK crock pot idea or a QUICK meal idea. Pretty please………I want to be a sane, normal functioning mom. ๐Ÿ™‚ย ย  Proud mom of S.O.D! (Save Our Dinnertime!!)


About 18 years ago……..


Shortly after hubby and I were married a friend offered to sell us a nice waterbed set for $100. At the time we were thrilled, the frame was lovely, with a beautiful, maple, lighted headboard. Our friend even came and helped us assemble the the frame, and set up the waterbed. 18 years ago, we LOVED our new bed!

Well……funny how things change!!!! The last year or so, my back was killing me every morning when I woke up from the dreaded bed. I actually began to despise the bed, and the lovely headboard was looking so late 80s in it’s style, it had lost some of it’s previous glamor! I was quite thrilled when we discovered a leak in the bed back in the Dec., secretly I was excited about the leak. I knew we could now get rid of the bed. So this past week our new pillow top bed arrived. It is so nice, and my back doesn’t ache every morning either.

So for those who are wondering what that picture of my son’s eyesore riveting, lovely, beautiful fort is doing at the top of a post about an old waterbed…..well look closely at the newer wood on the 2nd floor of his fort complex in our woods. That “new” wood is actually part of our old waterbed frame!!!! He is already scheming a way to get part of the nice, maple headboard included in the fort also.

Funny how life is, what once seemed so lovely to us, is now cherished wood for a 13 year olds fort. It’s a visual reminder to me, that stuff ( materialistic things) eventually lose their appeal, and no longer provide joy, and satisfaction. Their joy is fleeting. My constant prayer is that I will store up for myself lasting treasures in heaven. And allow my joy, satisfaction, and contentment to come from the things of Christ, not the things of this world!

P. S. Check out this earlier post to see a pic of the fort in it’s early days. ๐Ÿ™‚

A snippet of a mom’s life

At this very moment I am

  • eating these delicious multi grain tortilla chips and salsa
  • cooking chili for dinner
  • writing one of my student’s IEP’s
  • doing a load of laundry ( actually the only time I am not doing laundry is when I am sleeping, but even then I am probably folding the laundry in my sleep!)
  • listening to the radio
  • just started to unload the dishwasher, because I needed a wooden spoon to stir the chili
  • oh, and I am writing this post
  • Oh, there is a knock at the door got to go……….

More power to us multi-tasking moms, but now you see why I need the quiet moments that I wrote about in the post below!!!!!!!

Moments of quiet

The worship leader at our church gave my hubby one of those little books that are easy to read, full of lots of spiritual insight, all confined with in 167 pages. As soon as he was finished it, I quickly confiscated it and started reading it also. The book is “The Way I Was Made,” by Chris Tomlin. There are several sections of this book I am enjoying, but the section titled, “Be Still before Him” really hit me. Here is the excerpt from the book.

I’ve always thought church would be much better if people came to bring their offerings, to give their thanks, to celebrate God’s faithfulness, to praise Him for His provision……and pretty much shut up everything else. That’s the church I want to be part of-the one that enters ready to meet with God.

None of that happens with out the stillness and quietness of soul. Our world is so loud, TV, Internet, radio, iPods, traffic, cell phones, Muzak, intercoms, and the list goes on. I think this constant volume of nothingness pushes us farther and farther from people. It’s like the sounds become a barrier or wall between us and our surroundings. We don’t really know how to be quiet. But how do we expect to hear anything from God in all that noise. When was the last time you quieted your world and just stood in awe of God?

I think Chris Tomlin expresses what I was trying to express in this post.

Christmas break is officially over…..

The alarm rang at 5:45am this morning, it was tough getting up and getting back to school. I need coffee, was my first thought. But my second thought was, I need Jesus! I need the Lord to walk with me through this life. It seems when you are a teacher your life revolves around the school calendar. And to me, the New Year started today with my first day back to school. I spent a few extra minutes in prayer this morning, asking God to guide our family this year. God only knows what lies ahead for our family in 2008, but our prayer is, His will be done, and more of Him in our life and less of this distracting, busy world!

Christmas break was good for our family, there was lots of needed down time. We watched several good movies together, this one was my favorite. But I also liked this one. I actually started reading book, I love to read, but have trouble finding the time to read. It’s one of those simple, small books, but it packs a powerful spiritual punch. Just what I need these days.

Several highlights of the down time included, going out for a girl night with my daughter, her friend and her mom. I had a nice lunch out with hubby, and played scrabble with the kids, made homemade donuts with my daughter, went on a long bike ride with my daughter and played a few PlayStation games with my son, hit a good post Christmas sale at Wal Mart, and had friends over for a fun New Years Eve. Oh, and I visited a ton of new blogs. I will be updating my blogroll soon. New bloggin buddies abound! What wonderful ladies there are out there! ๐Ÿ™‚

I know sometimes I have written about working full- time and it’s difficulties, but in the big picture, as a mom, I love the schedule of a teacher. I am thankful.

I also just had to include this COOL picture. This is my daughter playing checkers with her cousin who lives 2 hours away. They played while talking on Skype, the fun software we downloaded where you can talk to each other for FREE and see each other over your computer. The girls, eventually decided to put post-it notes on each checker, so my niece would say to The Inventor, move #9 to the right, or move #2 to the left. What a cool idea! Now the cousins can “play together” even thou they are physically 2 hours apart!! ๐Ÿ™‚