My dryer must be broken!

I have noticed that all of my pants seem to have shrunk recently.  I am wondering if the heat setting on my dryer needs to be adjusted?  Funny how no one else in the family seems to be complaining, I will have to investigate as to why this is happening.


5 thoughts on “My dryer must be broken!

  1. I am sure no one can relate with you! Oh, to have the metabolism of my son! Maybe I should ask for that next Christmas. 🙂 Isn’t that why all the gyms have commericals this week? Here’s to NEW years and fresh starts!

  2. Hey, that’s why I wear elastic during the holidays, not very stylish but comfortable until I can get back to my normal eating habits.


  3. I think your dryer and my dryer are related.

    But, if you wear the right just the right sweatshirt and baseball cap, you can dress up those forgiving sweatpants just right! 😉

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