6 word meme

My dear blogging buddy Beautiful Grace tagged me for the 6 word meme, that I have seen on several blogs lately. It’s a great concept……….6 words that would describe your life mission, goals etc. 6 words to describe yourself, tough isn’t it? “Chocolate lover, Laundry Hater, Family Lover, God Server”, well that is 8 words, … More 6 word meme

Big decision…..

Nap or exercise? Check back later to see what I end up choosing πŸ™‚ If you guessed exercise you are right! The nap was tempting, but it was a beautiful day. So I got on my ugly stylish orange biking shirt, and rode several miles out in the hilly, manure smelling farm country near my … More Big decision…..

Hot dogs???

I used to be such a purist when it came to food I fed my family. I was always baking things from scratch using some whole wheat flour in everything I made. I made an array of delicious casseroles and special dishes for dinner. But now with the age of my kids and our current … More Hot dogs???

Welcome Spring!

Spring has finally arrived in our neck of the woods! I love spring and its beautiful flowers. To celebrate the arrival of spring I went around my house and took a bunch of pictures that represent spring at my house. So please pour a glass of lemonade, and enjoy a cyber spring day with me. … More Welcome Spring!