I got to meet a real life blogger!!

I actually got to meet one of my favorite blogger friends yesterday. The coolest thing is, we read each others blogs, and we live fairly close to each other. So Jesus and Dark Chocolate and Beautiful Grace met for a wonderful lunch yesterday. It felt like I was meeting an old friend for lunch, and even though I had never actually met her, it sure felt like I had. 🙂 We had a such a nice chat, and I love her heart to live for the Lord!

We arranged to meet at Panera Bread for lunch (always a good place to meet someone in my opinion!). So with out further adieu, here we are, the young 40 something, hip, blogger chicks!


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  1. Beautiful Grace says:

    “Young, hip, blogger chicks,” I really like you, Sandy!!!

  2. I’m wondering if the blue shirts were planned or accidental!

    Isn’t it fun to meet in real life?!

  3. Classic Mama says:

    I’m so glad you got to meet each other. Isn’t Beautiful Grace, well, just beautiful?!!

  4. Faith says:

    DId you plan on wearing the same colored tee-shirts?/

    Also, did you find a place to stay/camp while in the ADKS??

  5. You two look beautiful – don’t look anywhere near 40 at all!

    I have the same question – did you talk about wearing the same colored shirt 😉

    hip bloggers – yes!

  6. Beautiful Grace says:

    Speaking for Jesus and Dark Chocolate, No, we didn’t plan our outfits. We do, however, have much in common and apparently our taste in clothes is similar!!

    To all of the Jesus and Dark Chocolate Blog readers, this woman really is who she portrays through her postings. It was an honor to meet her in person!!!

  7. You two are ADORABLE.. and if I hadn’t known better I would have thought you were related!!!

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