Wordless Wednesday

This is what happened to Grammy’s nice garden wagon. After she no longer needed it for her garden, she gave it to her grand kids. It has now become the neighborhood go-kart! Grammy would be proud????? 🙂


11 Comments Add yours

  1. Looks like fun. Can I try?

  2. shannon says:

    Looks like wonderful fun! Better than video games any day!
    Thanks for visiting cyberbones. Happy WW

  3. Great action shots.

    Happy WW

  4. Rachel says:

    My son would LOVE one of those!!

  5. Ahhh, I remember them days! Great photos!

    Virgos are a peaceful people!

  6. Susanne says:

    Was there really any other use for it? LOL.

  7. preethi says:

    I am sure Grammy would love these pics!!

    Wilderness at the doorstep

  8. What a great way to recycle something 😉

    Happy WW!

  9. I think that is a better use of the wagon. Don’t you think? It sure looks like a fun time!

  10. that looks like a ton of fun!! WWEeeeeeeeeeee!!

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