I really enjoyed reading all the responses from the last time I asked a question at the Island Life- Aloha Friday carnival.  It’s so simple, just ask a question, and see what others have to say………………….. And after staying up  to watch the Phillies win the World Series( more to come on this)  and ALL the games before that, I am tired this week and I am looking for something simple! 🙂

So I’m wondering,

What is in your iPod( or whatever kind of music device you have)?  What music are you listening to these days????

I just download several new songs last night that I am loving.  One is a new one from Micheal W. Smith, “A New Hallelujah” also “Mighty to Save” from Hillsong, “The Hand that Holds the World, by Starfield, and “Starbucks Takes All My Money by KJ-52 ( this song is hilarious!!) and “Viva la Vida” by Coldplay.  I know it’s diverse!  🙂  But that is what I have been listening to lately.  What about you, what song are you just loving lately?


P – Pricey!

U- “UGH there is pumpkin slime all over the place!”

M- Messy

P -Poor little pumpkin

K- Knives are dangerous.

I – I am not a real creative pumpkin carver

N- Never easy to make a lid to take off

S- Seeds found all over the kitchen

Despite the negatives I LOVE carving pumpkins each year with SportTman and The Inventor!  We will carve pumpkins on Thurs. ( our first free night).  I love to roast the the pumpkin seeds, and I love how the smell of fresh pumpkin permeates the house as soon as we plunge into Mr. Pumpkin.

The Weekend….

I don’t often post about my daily happenings, but this weekend proved itself different from most lately.  So I thought I would post about it.  We had planned on traveling to Rehoboth Beach, DE so SportTman could play in a baseball tournament at Sports at the Beach.  We had reserved a hotel, and despite the lack of packing ahead of time, we were planning to leave Friday after school.  But then I checked in with the Sports at the Beach website during lunch on Friday……….and the website said the games for Sat. were canceled due to the forcasted rain!!!  Canceled………whoa, did I read that right????  Excitement began to brew in my mind…….the thought of a free weekend entered my mind.  A call from the head coach soon confirmed my hopes of a free weekend.

So we had a glorious free weekend!  It has been over a month since I last had a free weekend!  I enjoyed sleeping in a bit on Sat. morning, shopping with my son for some much needed jeans, checking out the new Apple store at our local mall, hanging out with friends and eating pizza, and finally making it to church today. I got a good work out in today, I walked in the beautiful fall weather outside.  As I type this we are all sitting in our basement together, watching the World Series.( Go Phillies!)

My weekend did not consist of big, exciting things, but it was a reminder to me that the simple things in life can bring contentment and joy.

How was your weekend?

I felt like a pioneer woman!

I felt like a true pioneer woman lately………imagine this, we were with out internet service for almost 3 entire days, due to early modem death.  Talk about the dark ages.  Can you even imagine what life would be like with out the internet??  🙂

I had to read books instead of blogs!

I had to use a cookbook, instead of checking a recipe online

I had to wait an entire 10min. for my local weather forecast on the weather channel, instead of checking it right away online!

I had to call someone and talk to them instead of writing on their “wall” on Facebook

I read my local newspaper instead of the local news online.

I realized that I still have an old family medicine book, but it is dated from 1996, and is really quite useless.

I also realized that no one uses the World Book Encyclopedia anymore.

Yes I am thankful to be back online, but I must say I did enjoy my pioneer woman days with no internet… least for the first day. 🙂

Christmas Question

I saw this carnival at An Island Life, and since it’s been a VERY busy week with little time for blogging I thought I would give this a try.

You are supposed to simply ask a question.   After visiting my favorite local “it has everything” kind of store back in early September, I saw that it had out ALL of it’s Christmas displays. As soon as “back-to-school shopping” was done, the Christmas stuff was out.   Inquiring minds want to know……….

When is the right time to put up Christmas decorations/displays in a store? And when to YOU start decorating for Christmas around your house???

For more fun questions check out An Island Life.

Jesus Be the Center of My Life?????

I was driving The Inventor to a soccer tournament this morning at the coffee drinking hour of 6:30am!  Sunday morning, and I am heading to a soccer tournament.  Feeling guilty for missing church, I did as all good soccer christian moms do, I  listened to our local christian music station on the way to the tourney.  This song by Charlie Hall came on the radio, it’s called, “Center.”  It speaks of Christ being the Center of our lives, the Center of ALL we do.  So as I am frantically chugging coffee at 6:40 on an early Sunday morning, driving to a soccer game, I asked myself HOW can I make Christ the center of my life?  Here I am missing church on Sunday mornings because of sports tournaments.  I am so busy…constantly.  Is Jesus really the Center of my life?  It’s a good question to ponder, and I thought I would throw it out there to all of you fine friends.  How do you make Jesus the Center of your life?  How do you balance time with the Lord and time living in this world?  What works for you?

Center- Charlie Hall

Thankful Thursday-Fall

Much to be thankful for this week, including the beautiful fall weather. I really enjoyed looking at the fall pictures Just A Flip Flop Mom had. I love fall in her neck of the woods.

I am thankful for the simple beauty of watching a leaf fall to the ground.

I love the beauty in the changing colors of the leaves, what a reflection of God’s majesty

I am thankful for the crisp air, and cozy sweatshirts, and a warm cup of coffee.

I am thankful for apples! I love the variety of apples, and how easy they are to pack in lunches. 🙂 I grabbed one the other morning and munched it down on the way to school. Easy, nutritious and yummy!

Enjoy the fall ladies, here are 2 pictures to help you embrace it’s beauty. What a reflection of the beauty and majesty of God.

Oh my, if only I had a brain!

The other day on my way to school I called my aide ( who often arrives in MY classroom before me! She is just so great like that!) to tell her I will be late. I told her “my eyes are freaking out, I think something is wrong with my contact. I just got new lenses and they must have given me the wrong prescription. I just can’t see out of my right eye”

So as people often do, I quickly blamed someone else for my problem! 🙂

I rush home, and attempt to remove the contact I put in that morning……….only to realize at that point, the reason I could not see was because the contact for my right eye had been laying in the sink instead of in my eye! And I was blaming Wal Mart vision center. 🙂

When I got back to school I simply told my aide, “It helps to see best if you actually put the contact in your eye!” Life is funny some days, and it’s best to laugh at yourself rather then let it ruin you day.

Friday Fave Five

What a week, it’s hard to believe it’s Friday already. I saw this Friday Fave Five over at Susanne‘s awhile ago and have been wanting to jump in on it. What a wonderful idea to reflect upon the past week, and ponder several of my favorites of the week.

5 – I am enjoying the fall weather! I really love to work out in the great outdoors, and I got 2 good workouts in this week. It felt good.

4 – I started teaching the 5th and 6th grade Girls Alive class I teach on Wed. nights this week. Since this was the first week, I thought we would have fun, and let the girls enjoy getting to know each other, and playing silly games. I brought along several rolls of foil ( I bought them real cheap at discount store!), and broke the girls into 3 groups. The girls then created “clothing”, “hats”, “shoes” etc. out of the foil. Imagine a foil fashion show. It was so funny, and we all had a great time. I really looked good in my stylin foil earrings! 🙂  I wish I had pictures to share.

3- My friend gave me a really pretty fall pumpkin candle. It has this nice comfy, cozy fall smell. I really appreciate her giving it to me to say thanks for teaching her daughter.

2 – I finally got to wear socks to school this week. It felt nice to have cozy socks on my weary feet!

1- I love these wonderful Dark Chocolate Turtles that I bought at the same discount store where I got the foil from. Oh my were ( key point WERE…..I ate them ALL) they scrumptious and they were only $1.79!