P – Pricey!

U- “UGH there is pumpkin slime all over the place!”

M- Messy

P -Poor little pumpkin

K- Knives are dangerous.

I – I am not a real creative pumpkin carver

N- Never easy to make a lid to take off

S- Seeds found all over the kitchen

Despite the negatives I LOVE carving pumpkins each year with SportTman and The Inventor!  We will carve pumpkins on Thurs. ( our first free night).  I love to roast the the pumpkin seeds, and I love how the smell of fresh pumpkin permeates the house as soon as we plunge into Mr. Pumpkin.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. he & me +3 says:

    Me too! my kids have been enjoying the pumpkin seeds for a few days now. They love them. Hope you have as much fun carving as we did. Post pictures of the finished product!

  2. You’re a better sport than I! I hate the slime, I’m horribly unartistic. I’ve had no luck roasting the seeds. Bah Humbug! LOL

  3. Susanne says:

    LOL. The pumpkin slime. Yay, can do without that. We love homemade roasted seeds around here.

  4. Faith says:

    Enjoy. I don’t carve pumpkins so the only scent I get from pumpkins are my spicedpumkin candles…LOL….have fun

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