Lost Christmas lights and being Thankful

I was getting so frustrated yesterday…..it was one of those days where I was hoping to bake cookies with my daughter, decorate the tree, and just enjoy some family time.  But my best laid plans quickly dissolved when my dryer stopped working.  So I spent 2 wonderful unpleasant hours at the good ole laundromat.  I sat matching socks and folding clothes while watching all the Christmas shoppers bustling around outside.  Still determined to make the best of my day despite my time at the “mat.”  I got things ready to decorate our Christmas tree.  I started to put the lights on, things were going well, my hormonal emotions were beginning to change.  Until I went to get another set of lights to finish the tree, I JUST had them, but after searching the house for more then 1/2 hour I could not find them.  I am convinced someone broke into our house while I was upstairs and stole nothing else except my Christmas tree lights.  It’s been 24 hours and I still have NOT found them!

I was ticked, I had a 1/2 decorated tree.  I then left my half naked tree to make breakfast for dinner, luckily kind hubby made pancakes, and The Inventor made some yummy scrambled eggs.  I made bacon, and we all sat down to enjoy dinner.  And as our tradition goes, we read off these little cards we all fill out about what we are thankful for.  We stuff them in this old turkey, and pick them out, read them and try to guess who wrote them.


Well as we gathered around the turkey, and my family read each card, my mood began to change.  I realized I have so much to be thankful for.  Heck I am REAL thankful that I don’t have to usually drag 4 baskets of dirty laundry to a laundromat every other day. 🙂  I have much to be thankful for, including drywall and insulation (SportTman wrote that one) and the fact that I don’t live in Haiti ( The Inventor wrote that one).

I had also just enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with family.   Yes even in the middle of a very frustrating day, there was much to be thankful for!

Here are a few pictures of our Thanksgiving day.

My mom’s infamous cranberry salad that we all gagged on and hated as kids…….NOW we love it.  Funny how that happens. Good thing my mom kept making it.  What do you think mom, did you ever think your cranberry salad would appear on the internet? 🙂


Dad carving the turkey.  I don’t think he even knew I took this picture.  Look dad you are famous, you are appearing on the internet with cranberry salad! 🙂


Hubby and my brother, relaxing


The kids table……..they sure make their parents proud!


And last but not least, SportTman enjoying time with his sister


The Great Outdoors


I know I have written before about how my kids  LOVE to play outside.  I have often said, some people  have “outdoor dogs”, I have “outdoor kids.”   We are so blessed to have a woods with a creek behind our house.  Over the years playing in the woods has evolved into many things……..fort building, flashlight tag at nights, some serious dam building in the creek, digging of gigantic holes, a mud factory, a clay pottery club, mud pie factory etc….  However as of late our beautiful woods has turned into…..well how do I say this………umm………do I call it a shack city, or a plethora of homeless shelters, or as the kids would say a glorious fort complex!  Please take a quick tour of our woods and let me know what you think. 🙂

Despite being quite the eyesore for the average mom, I think the latest and greatest forts are a great lifetime memory maker, and it certainly fosters the creativity in my kids. 🙂 Oh and please look carefully at the one picture of The Inventor inside the one fort…….yes that is a copy of the U.S Constitution hanging up in the fort!  Why it is there……that I can not answer, it must be a kid thing…… And I like that.








Guess what I was doing this weekend?  🙂

WHY is it when you take WORKING Christmas lights off a bush in January, store them in a secure, safe location.

And then with great anticipation get them out for a new Christmas season.

Only to find that they no longer work?   WHY???  Why…..Why does this happen?  Please help me.

Signed, “The lights are out on my bushes”

Aloha Friday


Christmas is coming, just in case your forgot. 🙂  So what do YOU want for Christmas this year?  I am not much of a stuff person.  I rarely get out to our mall, and I have little time for shopping.  So I am not sure what special item I would like for Christmas.  I need a new coffee maker, so at this point a coffee maker is all I am asking for.

What do you want for Christmas this year?

I was thinking I could get some ideas from you. 🙂

For more fun questions visit Aloha Friday.



I haven’t done a WFMW in a long time.  But I just had to share this creative use for an old golf bag.  We had this golf bag sitting in our garage forever…..and I do mean forever.  One day as I was sick and tired of the mop and brooms that I stored between my dryer and washing machine CONSTANTLY falling on the floor.  In my frustration, I wandered the house looking for something to put these things in.  Somehow I wondered in to the garage, spotted the old golf bag, stuck the broom, mop and swifter in and they stayed put.  I then added several other items, stuck the golf bag out side the door from the kitchen to the garage.  I am so pleased with this ugly, silly, yet very practical set-up I just had to share it.


Memories of the scripture-mobile

The other day for some unknown reason I was reminded of the infamous scripture-mobile. Isn’t it weird how things pop into your brains out of nowhere……..or does that just happen to me??

I am not sure what brought it to mind…….But I was reflecting on the old blue, Dodge car that my BFF drove.  I don’t remember a lot about this car, but I do remember the yellow post it notes.  It was about the time that post it notes were first invented ( some of us actually remember a time with no post it notes!).  My friend had those lovely yellow post it notes all over her car.  Each post it note had a scripture written on it, thus we coined the car the “scripture mobile.”  We were probably about 20 years old at the time, and I remember a gloomy night in the “scripture mobile” when we were returning from a beach trip.  It was our first time driving to the beach on our own, and crossing the dreaded 5 mile long, Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  The Bay Bridge is a long, narrow bridge, it’s not for the faint of heart….or for 2 young 20 year olds crossing it for the first time………..in a summer thunderstorm.

I remember approaching the bridge and the 2 of us wondering if we should cross it or not ( although trust me there really aren’t options at this point, but we didn’t realize that).  So we both prayed, I read the scriptures as my friend drove, and we ventured on to the bridge.  The lighting was pretty fierce as we were crossing, and we both were petrified, but we just kept praying and reading the scriptures on the post it notes.  Finally, as we reached the highest peak on the bridge, the scariest part.  One of those wild lightening bolts that scatter all over the sky, lit up the sky and bridge!  At that point, you will never believe what happened.  🙂  We both at the same time looked at each other and proclaimed, “Wow that was awesome!”  Yep our fears had been calmed, and at that moment we were able to actually enjoy the beauty of a summer thunderstorm, high above the Chesapeake Bay.

The scripture mobile eventually died, and we both mourned the passing of the many memories made in that car.  But the memory that remains, is of that night on the Bay Bridge, when God calmed our fears.  The power of God’s word remains that way 25 years later. It has the power to calm hearts and fears, even if it’s written on a post it note!


What us moms do for our kids…….

I dropped off The Inventor at soccer practice the other day.  And as I often do while she is at practice, I go for a power walk.  But this day it was different, I noticed that it was trash night in the town I was walking in.  Just what I needed I thought to myself.  You see The Inventor needed 2 liter bottles to make bottle rockets for the Girls Alive class I teach on Wed. nights.  The director had forgotten to remind everyone to bring 2 liter bottles, she called me in a panic right before I went for my walk.  I immediately spied the green recycling bins in town and knew we were in luck.  So you can only imagine how I looked out power walking, with my iPod, scouring though recycling bins for the coveted 2 liter bottle.  I ended up stealing 5 out of the bins.  I  am certain I looked good walking though my town carrying 5  two liter bottles, stopping and digging through the bins, and listening to my iPod.  I ended up getting a longer walk  due to my “treasure” hunting!  Being a mom is always a new adventure!


Silence is golden!

I walked into the computer lab at school the other day to get my computer upgraded. My son just bought a new iPod Nano, so I needed the newest iTunes version.   As I entered the lab I was suddenly overwhelmed by the silence! There were no classes in the lab at the time, just the one lonely lab assistant, quietly working at her computer.  As I gave her my laptop for an upgrade, I plopped myself down in a chair, and relished the silence!  ( Do I sound old or what, I am now relishing silence!)  But for that brief moment in the computer lab it was if everything suddenly stopped for a moment, the busyness of the school day turned into a reflective moment in the computer lab.

The moment of silence caught me off-guard, but it was also God’s perfect timing.  The Lord knew I needed a little moment of refreshing amidst my busy day.  So I sat there in the computer lab, in what may have appeared to some as a zombie state of mind, but in reality was a moment of refreshing, and renewing.  I feel certain the lab assistant would have thought I was dozing off during school, but I can assure you that was not the case. 🙂

What a glorious reminder to savor those brief moments of silence, to refocus your thoughts to more heavenly matters, and savor time with the savior!  I posted several weeks ago about my struggle with making Jesus the center of my life.  But many of you suggested bring Him into my daily activities, and this moment in the computer lab was just that!


Friday Fave Five


I like this carnival over at Susanne‘s. I get to think about my five favorite things this past week….and what a busy week, thus my lack of blog posts. 😦

But I am thinking things should start to slow down next week.  So in anticipation of a slower week, here are several relaxing moments I enjoyed this week.

#1 – I enjoyed a couple of good cups (well actually it was a styrofoam cup) of tea this week.  I am not a big tea drinker, but I do savor a nice flavored tea in the fall and winter.

#2 – I put on a relaxing instrumental Christmas CD, cuddled under a warm blanket to read a book, and promptly fell asleep on the couch!

#3 – OK this qualifies as relaxing since it helped me out.  I confess that I stopped at McD’s for dinner the other night.  But let me give you the full story.  I was coming home late from several different appointments, I was tired, and knew I would be rushed to get dinner on the table.  So I stopped at our local McD’s and bought four .99 cent double cheeseburgers for a grand total of $4.24.  I brought them home, added chips, carrots and apples and we had a nice dinner together.  And I was pleased with the ease of dinner that night, and I didn’t spend a ton of money.

#4 – We had a nice visit with my dad, he came over and had dinner with us on Monday.  That was another easy meal.  I had bought ham steaks on sale, I had this wonderful Boars Head brown sugar ham glaze that I spread on the ham steaks. Baked the ham for a half hour, and you have the start of a wonderful dinner!

#5 -I had a great time in my classroom last Friday carving pumpkins with the students.  The each loved having a chance to plunge into that pumpkin with those cool pumpkin cutters.