Random Ramblings

“Coffee!” my brain and body are crying out for coffee this morning………my head is crying out for some Tylenol. I know, it sounds like I have a hangover…….no that phase of life is long gone.  Today I have a mommy hangover. It is the result of a late night soccer game the Inventor had (at … More Random Ramblings

Wordless Wednesday

My husband the cheerleader!  Love that cartwheel!! Click here for more WW or click here ( In fairness to my dear husband, I must let you know that he is a high school teacher and a student of his asked him to fill in for her dad on a traditional night where the dads help … More Wordless Wednesday

Friday Fave 5

I was out walking tonight in my neighborhood on a gorgeous starry night, and as I was walking I was thinking about this past week and the things I am thankful for.  I thought, I must do a Friday Fave 5 post, so thanks Susanne for hosting this each week. 🙂 #5 – I made … More Friday Fave 5