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“Coffee!” my brain and body are crying out for coffee this morning………my head is crying out for some Tylenol.
I know, it sounds like I have a hangover…….no that phase of life is long gone.  Today I have a mommy hangover.
It is the result of a late night soccer game the Inventor had (at 9:35…the game finished at 10:35!), preceded by a soccer girls sleepover.  I reminded all the girls that it is called a SLEEPover.  So they must SLEEP!  Thankfully they all nodded off a little after midnight, and I collapsed in bed shortly after that.  They were up and raring to go around 7:30, while I was laying in bed dreaming of a good cup of coffee!


Ok I warned you that this would be random….the other day The Inventor was out of body wash for her daily morning shower, due to the fact that her mom forgot to buy her some.  I told her to use the bar of soap in the shower, thinking nothing of it.  She kept dropping that bar of soap endlessly!  At that point she asks, “how do I get this soap not to be so slippery?”  Yes she is 11, she is dumbfounded by a bar of soap.  It was at that point I realized she has grown up using body wash not a bar of soap.  I am thinking the bar of soap is going the way of a cassette player, electric typewriters, cursive writing, tinker toys and a slinky!
Does anyone else when asked what did you do last night have to look at their calendar to remember?
We had a snow day on Wed.  First snow day all year, did you know that teachers are JUST like kids when it comes to a snow day?   We got a call from our principal at 5:07am, and I was so excited that I had trouble going back to sleep!
Also, I am addicted to Facebook, I have found so many old friends and bloggers through FB, fun, fun, fun!
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Simple Woman’s Daybook


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For Today…
Outside my windowNo snow!  I wish there was some, just cold and sunny.
I am thankful for we have an in-service today, so I am at school getting work done. It’s nice to have time to get caught up with all the paperwork
From the kitchen scrumptious chocolate chips cookies – Click here for this amazing recipe!
I am wearing jeans, comfy sweater, smart wool socks to keep my feet warm.
I am reading still reading the Tony Dungy book, “A Simple Life”
I am hoping to get 3 work outs in this week, and hoping for snow to go sledding with the kids
I am creating a new dish this week…..I don’t know WHY I bought Hamburger Helper this week, I have never tried it and always thought it seemed kind of gross.  I don’t usually like a meal out of a box.  But I bought one this week to try for dinner?? 🙂  UPDATE – We tried it tonight, I thought it was ok, the gross cheese stuff ( it’s not really cheese it’s powder and milk) was disgusting so I did use real cheese.  I made a taco rice Hamburger Helper, and hubby remarked at the end of dinner he thought it was delicious.  He had no idea it was HH.  So he liked it, I thought it was ok, and the kids said “not bad.” It just seemed so artificial to me, but I may make it again????
I am hearing Fox News in the background
Around the house lots of laundry
One of my favorite things I took the kids ice skating on a local lake Sat. NIGHT!  It was a beautiful starry night, it was cold, but we had a GREAT time together!
A few plans for the rest of the weekhopefully some snow, basketball games, Girls Alive on Wed. night and a faculty meeting after school
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.
We took my special needs students to the high school gym last Friday, we had a blast playing all kind of sports


Amazing Chocolate Chip cookies


I have always made yummy chocolate chip cookies over the years.  I had what I thought was a great recipe.  That was until a dear lady brought cookies into our classroom as a treat last week.  These cookies were AMAZING.  They were thick, chewy, filled with chocolate and big!  I asked the dear lady for the recipe and she gladly handed it over.  So this weekend I went to work to make the cookies.
Here is the recipe for these delicious cookies, that you would be proud to call them your own!
6 c. flour
2 c. shortening
2 c. brown sugar
1 c. sugar
2 tsp. salt
2 tsp. baking soda
2 tsp. vanilla
2 tsp. hot water
4 eggs
1 – 12 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips, plus one cup of choc. chips
Mix shortening, sugars together, mix in eggs and vanilla and hot water.  Mix in dry ingredients.  Dough will be thick.  Stir in 12 oz. bag of chips.
Here is the different part….Grab about a golf ball size chunk of dough, flatten it, and fill with 4-5 chips.  Roll back up into a ball and dip top in choc. chip so the top of cookie has 8-10 chips on the top.  This cookie can handle lots of chips! 🙂
Bake at 350, 10-12 min.  Grab a glass of milk and eat as soon as it cools slightly!
You can see how thick the cookies are, and how those chips in the middle melt so nicely into the thick of the cookie.


Friday Fave 5


I was out walking tonight in my neighborhood on a gorgeous starry night, and as I was walking I was thinking about this past week and the things I am thankful for.  I thought, I must do a Friday Fave 5 post, so thanks Susanne for hosting this each week. 🙂
#5 – I made a yummy, simple beef stew in the crock pot on Tues.  I love using my crock pot in the winter, it is so simple to make, and who doesn’t love coming home to dinner being done….done!
#4 – I ended up staying home from school on Tues. recovering from a bad migraine I got Monday night.  And as the day wore on my mind began to surface from the brain fog, and my body once again felt a part of the human race,  it was at that point that I really enjoyed hanging out with our dog.  She laid next to me while I was on the computer watching the Inauguration.  At one point she casually laid her head right on my keyboard while I was typing an email for school, and before I could finish the email, some how the email got sent!  My dog Nina officially sent an email!  That was one of my favorite things this week!nina-on-keyboard
#3  I enjoyed learning about Susanna Wesley, mother to Charles and John Wesley.  I taught a lesson about her to my Girls Alive class on Wed. night.  She was born in 1669, and suffered many hardships in her life, but was so faithful to God.  She worked hard to daily instill in her 19 children ( several of her children died at a young age) a faith in God and the power of Jesus in their lives.  I loved telling her story to the girls.
#2 A dear lady sent these incredible homemade chocolate chip cookies into school for my students and I.   These cookies were AMAZING!  I got the recipe, and will make them this weekend and post pictures.  I am salivating just thinking about them!


#1 – I got a new coffeemaker, I have enjoyed trying it out, coffee in the morning does a working mom good. 🙂
Enjoy your Friday everyone!

A Simple Women’s Daybook

My blogging friend Faith often participates in this meme and I have been wanting to participate for awhile so today, I am jumping in and giving it a try…….

Outside my Window..Grey sky, a light dusting of snow on the ground and trees.

I am thinking...plans for the day, including a lunch date at a local chinese restaurant with the Inventor.

I am thankful for..for the day off of school today.
From the kitchen...The Inventor is making pancakes, scrambled eggs, hash browns and  I am making coffee and bacon
I am creating...new chores list for the kids.

I am going…to lunch with the Inventor and shopping with SportTman, and out for a good power walk this morning
I am wearing…comfy fleece jammies and slippers
I am reading...a book by Tony Dungy – “A Quiet Strength”

I am hoping…for a relaxing day, and hope that I can get lots of laundry done

I am hearing…bacon sizzling and Drums is shaving….finally!  (He grew a scruff beard like the Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid.  He and a bunch of teachers at school said they weren’t shaving until the Eagles lose.  They finally lost last night,  I’m bummed they lost, but I’m happy the scruff will be gone!!)
Around the house…tidying up the basement after a football watching party last night.
One of my favorite things..sleeping in this morning and not rushing out the door.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week….SportTman’s basketball games, Girls Alive Wed. night, bloodwork for my physical on Wed., The Inventor’s soccer game.

A picture thought I’m sharing

SportTman with his Grammy and Grandpa after a basketball game


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Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup


I was typing up a recipe for my son’s baseball team’s cookbook.  Then I thought to myself  I must to post this scrumptious beef vegetable soup recipe on my blog!  It is so good, I made it last weekend, and we enjoyed it for several days after that.  It really is a great winter soup and warms you heart and stomach.  Don’t you just love the smell of homemade soup simmering on the stove top on a cold winter day.
So enjoy the soup, I know we did!
Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup
½ c sliced carrots
1 c. celery
¾ c. diced onion
1 1/2-2 lbs cubed beef stew meat
2 bay leaves
1 tablespoon olive oil
3 c. beef broth
1 1/2 quarts water
1 can tomato soup
1 1/2 cups frozen corn (or fresh)
3 medium potatoes, diced
sea salt
fresh ground pepper
In 9 quart stock pot, brown beef stew meat in oil with dash of salt, pepper and bay leaves.
Add remaining ingredients and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer until potatoes are tender.

Aloha Friday


With this cold we are experiencing on the east coast, just the word Aloha sounds so inviting!  🙂
So it’s VERY cold around many parts of the nation………do you hate the cold, tolerate it, like it or even possibly love it?
I actually like it, I love the outdoors, so I like the challenge of dressing the right way so I can get outdoors and embrace the day.  The other night I went for a power walk when it was 15 out.  I was all layered up, and then put a coat on, hat, scarf and gloves.  By the end of the walk, I actually took my hat off.   But I have a feeling most of you will not like the cold. 🙂
But let me assure you, homemade soup, cozy slippers, a warm fleece blanket and a good book are also appealing.
So enjoy the cold or enjoy a good book this weekend!

Here is a picture of me out enjoying the cold!


Moses and Jr. High Students

“So guys what do you know about Moses”, I inquired of the Jr. High students I was teaching Sunday School to this past Sunday.
“He’s the dude with the burning bush”
“Did he get the 10 Commandments?”
“He had a long beard”
“Well as you read about him in Exodus, you learn that he had a speech problem, a great fear for God and chose to obey God even when it was tough”
I love that kid!  Talk about a voice in the wilderness.
So Moses was the dude at the burning bush, but he was also the man who had a fear of God and he did chose to obey God despite his feelings of inadequacy.
But Moses said, “O, Lord please send someone else to do it.” Exodus 4:13
“But Moses said to the Lord, If the Israelites will not listen to me, why would Pharoh listen to me since I speak with faltering lips.”  Exodus 6:12
“But Moses said to the Lord, Since I speak with faltering lips, why would Pharoh listen to me?”  Exodus 6:30
Three different times Moses pleaded with God, saying Why me Lord, I can’t do this, and I surely can’t do it well.  I feel certain Moses was thinking, I know there is someone better than me to do this job.  Can’t I honor you in another way, a way I feel more competent and comfortable at!
Do you ever feel that way?
I know I do.
But God reassured Moses each time that He is with him and He will give him the words to speak.
As I taught those 7th and 8th graders this Sunday, God reminded me as I taught, that He can use me, He can use anyone he chooses for His glory, even if that person seems “not qualified.”
As I ended my lesson I showed the kids this moving video, it is a modern day testimony that God can use the most unlikely people for His glory. He can use those in dire situations, and those who appear not qualified.   This man’s testimony spoke to the students, but let me tell you it will also speak to your heart. This is a must see video!
God can use who He chooses for His glory………..maybe that means you and me. 🙂

Thankful Thursday


New Year, New things to be thankful for!

I am always thankful for NEW christian music for my iPod.  When I exercise I love to listen to music, and downloading a new song always seems to make the workout go better!

I am thankful for contacts!  I got them NEW this summer, so after wearing glasses for 20 years, I am now enjoying wearing contacts.  See you can still teach an old mom, new tricks! 🙂

I am thankful for God’s word, even though I have read it many times, God always give me some NEW insight!

I got a GREAT deal on these NEW, very cozy, fleeced lined, “relaxing around the house” pants.  I love these pants!  I love coming home on a cold day, taking off the pants I wore to school, and putting these comfortable pants on to lounge around the house.  I told Drums I am glad he likes them since I will be wearing them from now through March!  I must add they were $44 at Cabela’s I got them for $10…….I know you are jealous and want pants like mine! 😉


I am thankful for the fun time we all had with SporTman and his friends this past Sat. night.  SportTman had a belated birthday party, we all got in on the fun playing the NEW Rock Band game on the NEW Play Station ( which the kids bought with their own money).


Oh and I must add that I am thankful for this delicious NEW coffee I bought!  It has made the adjustment of going back to school a bit easier each morning!


Give thanks to the Lord….for He is good!

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Are you suffering from PVS?

Signs you are suffering from Post Vacation/Christmas Syndrome

You have trouble getting up in the morning

You keep finding ornament hangers on the floor through out the house

You are drinking lots of coffee

You have twinges of actually being sick of chocolate

You still find yourself singing Christmas carols on occasion

You are wondering when it’s time to turn off the outdoor Christmas lights ( I turned mine off, but did not take them down)

Your jeans suddenly seem a bit tight, or maybe the dryer setting is too hot and causing things to shrink.

You find bits of wrapping paper under a chair

You have a huge pile for the trash men on trash night

Visions of a nap are running through your mind

Yep, Christmas break is over, I always have a tough time going back to school.  I have been a teacher for 20+ years now, you would think I would get the hang of it at some point. 🙂  But sometimes I still would like to get away…….  🙂


Friday Fave 5


What a week it has been, we started the week in 2008 and end in 2009.

I have been busy, but have also been enjoying my week off of school, what a blessing!

Thanks to Susanne ( I always enjoy her blog!) for hosting Friday Fave 5, to see more, click on the button above.

My favorite thing this week was a hike SportTman and I took to a local hawk sanctuary.  It was a beautiful day with a clear blue sky.  We of course had to take the hard trail with all the rocks to climb and snow, but I really liked it.  And time spent with my son is always priceless.


After the hike, we went to the local Cabela’s store, and enjoyed a Buffalo deli meat sandwich together.

I also enjoyed, relished, got LOTs of much needed laundry done.  It has really been piling up, and after running my dryer for almost 24 hours straight, it’s nice to see that enormous pile shrink.


This is a little thing, but I just love these lights!!!! I have this cabinet, that runs along side my dishwasher, it’s like a big black hole for plastic containers.  Now with this handy dandy light, I can now see all the lost plastic containers!

I have discovered why kids find Rock Band so addicting!  Let me just impress you with my skills, I can master the Easy level with the guitar and the singing…….and I fail every time at the easy level with the drums!  I have been such a hold out for all of that kind of video game stuff for so long.  However,  SportTman and The Inventor put some of their money together, and bought a Play Station 2 ( to replace our PlayStation 1 that I had bought at a consignment shop) and got Rock Band.  I must admit it is fun.

Dinner on Thurs. night was yummy and easy, I had picked up a “Macaroni Grill Restaurant Favorites at Home” kit while shopping recently. And if I recall, it was  priced fairly reasonable.  You just add chicken, water, and oil.  It was so delicious, and to think that I could make Chicken Marsala one of my favorites at home, that was impressive to me. Click here for a coupon to get your own kit! 🙂


And I have been reading a few books over Christmas break, I enjoy reading, but just don’t take the time!  So it’s nice to lay under a blanket on the couch and read.  Although I left the one book I am reading by Tony Dungy ( Indianapolis Colts football coach) at the Dentist office on Wed.  Ugh!

How was your week?