Wordless Wednesday

My husband the cheerleader!  Love that cartwheel!!

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( In fairness to my dear husband, I must let you know that he is a high school teacher and a student of his asked him to fill in for her dad on a traditional night where the dads help their daughters cheer)




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  1. This is fabulous! I love it. Guys make great cheerleaders, and don’t let anyone tell him otherwise. : )

    I’ve posted a WW today too. ; )

  2. corrine says:

    what a great shot, and what a sweet man to fill in like that.

  3. Tara says:

    That’s great! I love it when Dad’s are involved in their daughter’s lives, even if they loose all sense of dignity!

  4. Faith says:

    Awesome pic. And what a great teacher to fill in for another dad! that is awesome!

  5. he & me +3 says:

    That is so cool. Cute pom poms too:)

  6. Susanne says:

    Well good for him for stepping up. Somehow I cannot see my hubby doing that! LOL.

  7. Classic Mama says:

    Wow. It’s so wonderful that the student loves your husband enough to ask him to be her “dad”. (sigh) It makes me miss teaching…a little…

  8. What a good sport! It must have been an honor for your hubby to be asked by his student.

  9. CatSynth says:

    Wow, I am a complex klutz and could not even attempt a cartwheel.

  10. Diane says:

    I love that kid’s expression next to Curt while he’s doing the cartwheel!! I have a new blog too. Keep in mind I am not as good at it as you but I am learning! Go check it out 🙂

  11. Diane says:

    I thought it would have posted the site with mt name sorry– it’s http://cramptonfamilylife.blogspot.com 🙂

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