Aloha Friday

I had so much fun reading all the responses to my last Aloha Friday when I asked about your ideas for a quick, easy meal. (Click here to read the post and see all the great suggestions in the comments.) I decided to milk my good fortune a little farther and ask for your help … More Aloha Friday

Not Me Monday

For more Not Me Fun click here It was Not Me that has been listening to the Journey songs that my 14 year old son downloaded.   It’s not my son that likes the same music as his mom!! It was Not Me that was so excited to get out my best paper plates and paper … More Not Me Monday


I am so tired as I lay in my bed typing this tonight……it’s just about 10:00 and I am weary.  What a day, it was a busy day at school today, my student teacher was supposed to teach all day today, but she was home sick.  So my plans to accomplish a lot of paperwork … More But………

Now he knows!

Last Friday I had to work while the kids were home alone, just saying home alone, can bring to mind memories of Kevin McCallisters adventures.  But alas, my kids were not chasing robbers from our home and running amuck all over town. As a matter of fact SportTman was assigned the task of doing his … More Now he knows!

Aloha Friday

I love this carnival/meme….it’s easy and it’s fun. You simply ask a question…… When I say quick, easy dinner, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? All suggestions, recipes, ideas are welcome, and heck I will even give you my address if you want to send me a free sample!  And if … More Aloha Friday

The Inventor

It all started years ago when my dear little girl at the time wondered why her big brother never decorated his forts in the woods.  My sweet girl is now11 and I refer to her in blog land as The Inventor.  She is ALWAYS inventing ways to do things in an easier manner, inventing new … More The Inventor