Aloha Friday


I had so much fun reading all the responses to my last Aloha Friday when I asked about your ideas for a quick, easy meal. (Click here to read the post and see all the great suggestions in the comments.)

I decided to milk my good fortune a little farther and ask for your help again……..

When I say quick,easy baked sale item or dessert, what comes to your mind?

For me it’s probably brownies from a boxed mix with ice cream.  I will often serve that when  I am in a hurry, or when we are having friends over and I don’t have time for something real fancy.  It’s really hard to go wrong with anything chocolate! 🙂

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Not Me Monday


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It was Not Me that has been listening to the Journey songs that my 14 year old son downloaded.   It’s not my son that likes the same music as his mom!!

It was Not Me that was so excited to get out my best paper plates and paper cups and serve the subs we ordered for dinner one night last week.  Can you all say “EASY dinner, always makes the mom happy!”

It was certainly Not Me that waited to the last minute on Wed. to plan a lesson for my Girls Alive class I teach, and ended up “recycling” a lesson I taught from Jr. High Sunday School 2 weeks earlier.

It is not me who secretly wants to get better at playing Rock Band.

It was Not Me that despite being so tired one night last week, made a batch of fresh, homemade chocolate chip cookies, simply because I craved cookie dough.

It is certainly Not Me that needs to find out why my jeans feel so tight lately!

Oh, and it was not me that was so hungry at the grocery store last Friday after school that I went back to the sample of this delicious, creamy, Cabot cheddar cheese 4 times!  Good thing my kids were not with me.

And it was Not Me that in my haste and rush to get to school last week, suggested to my son that he eat some Laffy Taffy and Gummies for breakfast.  I certainly did not tell him that the sugar would energize him at school that day.  Oh that would be bad parenting, and I would not do that….especially since I am a teacher!

Happy Monday!

New Look….same OLD me!

I am trying out a new blog look, but hopefully it will just be temporary until summer comes.  Then I want to work on getting a full blog makeover, but for now, I am just playing around with it.

Change can be a good thing.  I remember several weeks ago while standing in the deli line at my local grocery store, I began to hear rumblings of an uproar!  As I quickly learned from the people in line before me, the deli had switched to a different meat provider.  I thought things were going to get a little heated when the lady in front of me insisted that her husband has had the same deli meat for the past 32 years, (how she remembered that it is has been 32 years is beyond me, I can’t even remember what I bought at the grocery store last week!).  She was so upset about the switch, but somehow the employee behind the deli counter persuaded her to try the new product.  And much to this dear woman’s amazement, she confessed that it tasted “pretty good.”  But than quickly added, “it will be harder to convince my husband!”

Yes, even our predictable deli meats can change.  As a teacher for almost 20 years now, I have seen many changes in education, some good, some not so good, and some horrible.  But some of the changes have been good, and as the optimist that I am, I always try to see change as a good thing to embrace with a good attitude.  Sure reality sinks in sometimes, and we see that certain changes may not have been good, but reality may also sink in, and the change can be a great thing!

After all, God took a horrid sinner like me and changed/transformed me into a women with a heart to seek His things, that is truly one of the greatest changes in my life! God can change you and mold you into His perfect image, if we open ourselves to his changing power!  And as some people may tell you, allowing God’s Holy Spirit to transform your life is not as hard as changing the brand of deli meat you eat! 🙂

How are you allowing God to change you?

Now I am off to enjoy a delicious ham sandwich! 🙂



I am so tired as I lay in my bed typing this tonight……it’s just about 10:00 and I am weary.  What a day, it was a busy day at school today, my student teacher was supposed to teach all day today, but she was home sick.  So my plans to accomplish a lot of paperwork went by the wayside quickly.  I got home late, after waiting for SportTman and a friend to finish lifting weights afterschool.  Made dinner, did the wash, and thought about a lesson for my Girls Alive class at church tonight.  The whole time my mind kept drifting to this one word….nap….nap…nap now…..nap.  Somehow I kept going, and even made some delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies because I had a serious craving for cookie dough.  Got home from church still thinking nap….sleep…… but had to help hubby put a big door back on the hinges in the basement….nap……Zzzzzzzzzzz.
But just as I laid down in my bed to prepare to do life again tomorrow, I opened my bible and these verses suddenly jumped off the pages at me.
~And do not set your heart on what you will eat or drink, do not worry about it! For the pagan world runs after such things, and your Father knows that you need them. BUT seek His kingdom, these things will be given to you as well~  Luke12:29-31
When all is done in a busy day, it really comes down to that one simple truth…….But seek His kingdom!  The things of the world suddenly seem less important when put in the perspective of seeking His kingdom!
I am thankful for that reminder tonight…………………  and now………….Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Now he knows!


Last Friday I had to work while the kids were home alone, just saying home alone, can bring to mind memories of Kevin McCallisters adventures.  But alas, my kids were not chasing robbers from our home and running amuck all over town.
As a matter of fact SportTman was assigned the task of doing his laundry while I was gone…..yes you read right, a 14 year old boy had to do laundry!
And as a proud mom, I would let you know, HE DID IT!!!  He did his laundry.
When I got home and was talking to him about it, he commented that he always wondered what those “soft papery, cotton like things were that he always finds attached to clothes and blankets were.”  He said, he never knew what they were!
Now he knows what fabric softener sheets are!   And he is a better “man,” now that he knows!!!


Aloha Friday


I love this carnival/meme….it’s easy and it’s fun. You simply ask a question……
When I say quick, easy dinner, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
All suggestions, recipes, ideas are welcome, and heck I will even give you my address if you want to send me a free sample!  And if you can have the dinner arrive at my house right at dinner time, I will send you flowers and chocolate!
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The Inventor

It all started years ago when my dear little girl at the time wondered why her big brother never decorated his forts in the woods.  My sweet girl is now11 and I refer to her in blog land as The Inventor.  She is ALWAYS inventing ways to do things in an easier manner, inventing new contraptions for her room and re-decorating her room.  I recently toured the latest room makeover, and knew I must take pictures to capture the moment!
Some of you may wonder how I can let her “ruin” her room and change things around so much.  Let me tell you there is so much more to it then that.  She has such a creative spirit and loves thinking of new decorations for her room.  Sure I give her some limits, like no painting the walls and please don’t dye your carpet….but aside from that, she has a great deal of free, creative reign.
Through her room changing, rearranging, and reinventing, I have seen her use critical thinking skills, problem solving skills ( ok,  I know that is the teacher in me talking), demonstrate her flair for creativity and gain confidence in her abilities and herself. So someday when you read of my daughter being famous for some helpful invention, I want you to think back to this blog post and think to yourself…..I knew her when she was just 11.  lol
She bought these floral patio lights for a dollar at a yard sale and carefully hung them on her ceiling.  The green “thing” hanging off the lights is a plastic monkey hanging by his tail……just in case you were wondering. 🙂


This is where she sleeps in her own little “castle.”  She cut out a variety of shapes with construction paper, and stapled them to a nice, think yarn. and hung them by her bed.  They look just like those bead ones you buy.  She also invented a little hanger for some stuffed animal monkeys, it is the mauve (think early 90’s color) former drapery tie-backs that is now used for monkey holders. 🙂  Do you see why I love this girls creativity!  And please notice the nightstand to the left of her bed covered with a scarlet, glittery former shower curtain, and the lei she has on all the lampshades in her room.

Yes a girl like this has no concept of why a boy would never choose to decorate his fort!  That is inconceivable to her!

It is so neat as a mom to see how each child is  different and created  with special gifts and abilities……and they both came from the same womb!! It great to see the handiwork of God in each of my children!

Fab Five and My day on Wednesday


..Instead of talking about the whole week I going to tell you about one day this week…..
#1 – It started out great, we had a freak and very rare snow squall that dropped 8 inches of snow in about 4 hours over a small 8 mile wide path.  Meaning, a town a mere 2 miles from my house just got a dusting of snow and we had 8 inches!!!!!  We love snow at our house and we are all pumped to go out and enjoy the snow.
I got up and made yummy, homemade oatmeal and enjoyed a good cup of coffee!
#2 Shortly after that I went out to enjoy the snow, it was beautiful!  It was one those gorgeous snows that sticks to the trees.  I really enjoyed walking around the woods behind our house taking these pictures.
#3 SportTman came out while I was out taking pictures and started snowboarding down the hill in our woods.  I of course took pictures of him.


#4- But then this happened……..

SportTman breaking his wrist!

#5- Yep SportTman broke his wrist when he landed when “getting some nice air” over his homemade ramp. Can you believe I was videotaping him at the time.   The good news is, he just finished basketball this week, and spring training for baseball doesn’t start until after the cast is off.  He has some indoor baseball practices this month, but I am sure they will find something for him to do.
It is also good news that he broke his left wrist since he is right handed.  So he went to school late today, since he got a lovely blue cast that his entire basketball team has already signed. And to top off our “cast day” together, we enjoyed lunch  at good ole Kentucky Fried Chicken.  What a week!

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Not-Me Monday


I have seen this meme at He & Me + 3 several times before, it looked fun, so I decided to join in this Monday.

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It was NOT ME that insisted my son wear his dirty, unwashed basketball uniform to his game on Tues.  It was NOT ME that forgot to wash it.

It was NOT ME that signed up to bring 1 lb. of deli ham for a needy family at church and forgot to bring it on Sunday.

It was NOT ME a responsible, adult and teacher who was so excited to have a snow day last Wed. that I had trouble going back to sleep after the 5:07am call.

It was NOT ME that took my special ed class for a walk in the snow on Friday, and it was certainly NOT ME that got so excited to show the students the snow and ice in the local pool.  And let me tell you it was NOT ME that then promptly slipped and fell on the ice right on my butt in front of all my students!!  But it was me who enjoyed a good laugh after the fall!

It was NOT MY daughter who when mom was in a frenzy last week before school kindly packed my lunch and even put a sweet note in it.

It was not me that almost sent an email that said “thanks for keeping me in the poop” instead of “thanks for keeping me in the loop”  Thank goodness I caught it!!!!!