One Body

So I’m singing at church on Sunday during the worship time, and I notice the women next to me had a lovely voice.  As she is singing her heart out to the Lord, I am thinking to myself, man I really can not sing.  Now I am not just saying this to be hard on … More One Body

Thankful Thursday

It’s been a bit of a crazy week this week, this always seems to happen in the spring when our schedule gets busier. But that is the beauty of the Thankful Thursday, even during hectic times, there is still time each Thursday to pause and reflect upon the things you are thankful for. I am … More Thankful Thursday

Ultimate Blog Party

Welcome if you are visiting from the Ultimate Blog Party! I am late jumping in on the big bash, but when you are a busy 40+ mom with 2 sports crazed kiddos life comes at you fast.  Plus when you are over 40, something immediately happens in your brain to your short term memory and … More Ultimate Blog Party


As I lay in bed last night and could not sleep, I got to thinking about chocolate!!  I think I was hoping if I thought about chocolate before falling asleep, I would then have great dreams of working at a chocolate factory or living in a land flowing with chocolate! Instead I decided that I … More Chocolate

Not Me Monday

Oh what fun these Not Me posts are!  Click on the button above for more Not Me posts. It was Not my son who was diagnosed with the flu on Thurs. but  was then outside with out a shirt on and wearing shorts on Friday afternoon working on his fort!!!   It is Not me who … More Not Me Monday

Thankful Thursday

There is much to be thankful for and each week it’s great to take a moment to reflect upon ALL there is to be thankful for! I am thankful for the wonderful christian family practice that we all go to.  First of all it is literally 3 min. from my house and secondly it is … More Thankful Thursday