One Body

So I’m singing at church on Sunday during the worship time, and I notice the women next to me had a lovely voice.  As she is singing her heart out to the Lord, I am thinking to myself, man I really can not sing.  Now I am not just saying this to be hard on myself, it’s pretty much a fact.  When my kids were younger Drums used to say to me, “don’t sing to the kids, they will grow up thinking singing out of tune is normal!”  Drums can sing, and carry a tune, I can’t, plain and simple.  So at church on Sunday I secretly pretended that it was me singing with that beautiful voice.  I smiled to myself thinking  I sounded so beautiful….only to be quickly jarred out of my delusion by my son when he elbowed me to ask what time it was!    But for that brief moment I enjoyed being the next Christian American Idol Finalist.

The service concluded, and I went to introduce myself to this gifted singer next to me.  And she said, “Oh Sandy I remember you, you taught a bible study I was in when I first started coming to this church.  You are such a gifted teacher, I still remember several things from that study!”

Yes, I was once again reminded how God makes each of us so unique and gives gifts and abilities that are special to each of us!  You can truly see God’ handiwork in each of us!  And I love how He uses each of us in different ways to honor Him.

Thankful Thursday


It’s been a bit of a crazy week this week, this always seems to happen in the spring when our schedule gets busier.

But that is the beauty of the Thankful Thursday, even during hectic times, there is still time each Thursday to pause and reflect upon the things you are thankful for.

I am thankful for my old, sore body.  That means that I have been out riding my bike, lifting weights, throwing baseball with my son, and walking much more.

I am thankful for a dear friend who finally succumbed to the horrible raging of breast cancer and died.  She was a strong christian women with an invincible faith.  I know she is now with Jesus.

I am thankful for the flowers I am starting to see push their way up through the ground!

I am thankful for Little Ceasesrs pizza deal.  You can pick up a large pepperoni pizza anytime, and it will be ready, you don’t need to call ahead.  Just show up, hand over $5.30 and they give you a fresh pizza to take home for dinner on a busy night!!  It was a glorious dinner, I served fresh fruit on paper plates with pizza.  No prep, and no clean up….I am thankful!

It’s a simple list this week, but it reflects a thankful heart.  God has given us much to be thankful for, and I am thankful for precious time to reflect on the good God gives us each week!

Ultimate Blog Party

Welcome if you are visiting from the Ultimate Blog Party!

I am late jumping in on the big bash, but when you are a busy 40+ mom with 2 sports crazed kiddos life comes at you fast.  Plus when you are over 40, something immediately happens in your brain to your short term memory and you forget things easily.  I think it happened to me on my 40th birthday….but I don’t remember.  🙂

So welcome to my blog, as you can see from the title, I  blog about 2 of my favorite things, Jesus and chocolate, you really can’t go wrong with either one of those things!

I also blog a lot about my family, since aside from being a full-time special ed teacher, my family life pretty much consumes what I do.  Well my family AND drinking too much coffee and eating too much chocolate.

I must introduce you to my family.  We are a fun loving bunch, hubby is also a high school teacher, we teach at the same school and my kids are 12 and 14.  Between all of us, currently we attend to 2-3 soccer practices each week, one piano lesson, youth group, worship team practice for playing the drums, 4-5 baseball practices, for 2 different teams with many games and tournaments,  teach one Girls Alive class,  teach one Jr. High Sunday School class, build forts in our woods, plus we watch lots of movies at home and consume lots of popcorn and pizza on Friday nights!  Oh and we also take care of 2 rabbits, and a dog.  It’s never ending fun and chaos at our house!


Here you can see how well my children get along together


Thanks for stopping by, please leave a comment and I will stop by “your place.”  And if you are on Twitter or Facebook let me know I can visit you there also!  🙂

Please stop by the UBP party, trust me, they have more prizes then you can imagine to give away!  It’s overwhelming!

Here are a few of my favorites!

Moms Who Think are giving away a Kitchen Aid Mixer!

Since I have a 12 year old girl, I think this site is so cute, it has cool products for tweens getting their period. It’s called Dot Girls Products. It makes your period seem cool…..imagine that!

Plus a site called Agoosa, is giving away a $50 gift card to Target.  But there are  lots of other Target giveaways also!

I also thought these prize numbers looked very cool, and so unique

#’s, 15, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 37, 55, 58, 68, 82, 88, TONS more!

Have fun!

Works for me Wednesday – Fun dinner ideas

It’s been a long time since I have done a WFMW, but as I was using up some leftovers the other night I was reminded of WFMW.  For more creative and helpful ideas check out WFMW at We are THAT Family.

When ever the left overs start to pile up in my fridge, and I want an easy dinner and want to get rid of the leftovers, we have “Mommy’s Smorgasbord.”  I heat up all the leftovers, add a few other fun things that I don’t normally have for dinner (i.e. goldfish crackers, fruit rollups, cheese sticks) plus I cut up fresh fruit, and what ever else I can find.  I then ring the dinner bell, and line up the family to go through the smorgasbord line.  I set up all the food on the kitchen counters, and we all enjoy different things for dinner that night.

Here are a few other FUN ideas to make the dinner time fun and a great bonding family time.  I KNOW it can be VERY hard to have dinners together, with 2 busy sports kids, it is a challenge!  But it can be worth the effort.

Mystery dinners – Mom secretly prepares dinner ( I put a big sheet up around the kitchen so no one can peek in) and place each dinner item on a plate.  I set each plate at the table and cover it.  I then call the family out for dinner. I then let each family member sample a bit of each item by “feeding them” the food, after everyone got to try everything they all try to guess what each item is.  It makes for a amusing dinner!  🙂

Breakfast week- I make breakfast items for dinner all week!  This has always been a big hit.  Pancakes and sausage are always a family favorite!

Family Favorites week – Each family member gets to have one of their favorite meals that week.

Backwards dinner – we all wear backwards clothes, and eat dessert first!!!!  How can you go wrong when dessert is first!

Green Dinners – (Or any color theme you want to go with) Serve everything green, this one is a bit rough if you are squeamish about the color of your food

Green food coloring in milk or mashed potatoes is really fun, also serve green beans, peas, green apples, ham with a green glaze ( use food coloring).  You can really have an entertaining dinner with this one. It’s a great opportunity to get those   creative juices flowing.  My kids really loved these dinners when they were preschoolers.  They still talk about it, always with fond memories.

Enjoy taking the time to eat dinner together!!  It has become a forgotten art!




As I lay in bed last night and could not sleep, I got to thinking about chocolate!!  I think I was hoping if I thought about chocolate before falling asleep, I would then have great dreams of working at a chocolate factory or living in a land flowing with chocolate!

Instead I decided that I needed to post more about chocolate, since my blog title obviously endears me to chocolate.  Then I found this chocolate carnival and knew I needed to link up and give it a try!!

So I thought I would post 10 things I love about chocolate!

You don’t NEED much to satisfy that craving, yet it is so easy to indulge in more!

It’s so quick and easy to grab just a bite here and there of chocolate

I live in a town with a chocolate factory.  I can often be found sitting at my daughter’s soccer games catching a glorious whiff of chocolate!!!

As a child I remember my mom keeping a stash of Nestle Chocolate Chips in a kitchen cupboard, and somehow she never got to making the chocolate chip cookies but the bag was often empty.  I now understand why that happened and have determined my affinity for chocolate must be genetic!  🙂

This Texas Sheet Cake recipe has been a favorite of mine since I was a child….more proof that my love for chocolate is genetic.

Here is a perfect example of smart, wise people and people who are leaders that eat chocolate-

The French Leader Napoleon insisted that wine, from the Burgundy vineyard called Chambertin, as well as chocolate be available during military campaigns. Due to its precious nature, the distribution of chocolate was limited to himself and his senior military advisors.

Chocolate comes in such great NUTRITIOUS varieties how can you not love it, chocolate covered raisins, chocolate covered strawberries, dark chocolate is just full of antioxidants…….veggies and chocolate are all good for you!

Chocolate Chip pancakes and sausage can make a quick easy dinner!

Americans eat an average of twenty two (22) pounds of candy each year, or approximately 2.8 BILLION pounds annually, split almost equally between candy and chocolate. That is far less than most Europeans consume. – Therefore it’s very important to keep eating chocolate to support the American economy during tough times

Jesus and Dark Chocolate….how can you go wrong with that combination.

For more chocolate posts and recipes visit, Stop and Smell the Chocolates!

Happy Chocolate Eating!


Not Me Monday


Oh what fun these Not Me posts are!  Click on the button above for more Not Me posts.
It was Not my son who was diagnosed with the flu on Thurs. but  was then outside with out a shirt on and wearing shorts on Friday afternoon working on his fort!!!   It is Not me who thinks Tamiflu must be a miracle drug.


It was Not me who walked out on the deck Sat. morning to be greeted by 65 degree weather and raised my hands in the air and shouted hallelujah, no I would not do something so silly!
It was not me who took great pride and found such joy and peace in  completing 6 loads on laundry on Monday.  It was not me who was amazed at the feeling of relief to finish so much laundry.
It was not me who had a crazy Thurs. morning, and did not have time to make coffee at home.  So I did not stop at our local Dunkin Donuts, and could not understand their sale sign of 2 donuts + coffee=.99 cent coffee.  It was not me who thought it would cost $2, and it was not me who was a dollar short when I went to pay.  But it was not the clerk who was kind enough to say to this frazzled mom, “don’t worry about the extra dollar!”  So it was not me that left Dunkin Donuts with a smile on my face, a nice cup of coffee and 2 donuts that I DID NOT quickly consume with in seconds!!!  I had a serious Homer Simpsom moment!

Thankful Thursday


There is much to be thankful for and each week it’s great to take a moment to reflect upon ALL there is to be thankful for!

I am thankful for the wonderful christian family practice that we all go to.  First of all it is literally 3 min. from my house and secondly it is a great example of God’s love and care through the doctors and nurses who work there.

I am thankful for my cool iCal that keeps me so much better organized.  It’s right on my laptop, I can sync it to my iPod, and can print out copies for my family.  Next to my bible this is my most valuable possession! 🙂

I am thankful for the Girls Alive lessson I taught this week on  being pure.  They are 5th and 6th grade girls.  So the topic was Pancakes and Purity.  We made yummy pancakes and poured PURE maple syrup over them.  We then tasted another genaric syrup filled with all kinds of artificial ingredients.  We talked about how kids often like the artificial ingredient syrup more.   I compared  that syrup to  how their lives can become if they are not pure in their heart for God.  Their life becomes filled with artificial ingredients ( i.e. love of popular clothes, use of bad language, gossip, etc..) and  they become more likable to other kids, but may loose their pure hearts in the process.  It was a fun lesson, and I am thankful for God’s wisdom in teaching the lesson.  And I must say the pancakes were also very tasty.

I am thankful for a snow day on Monday, but I am also thankful for the spring flowers I am starting to see pushing up through the ground! 🙂

Spring is coming!!

Click on the button above for my thankful hearts.


Why I love “You Tube”

In a random weird, crazy, fun mommy moment, I started to sing this song out of the blue.  My kids immediately  gave me “THAT” look.  You know the look, the “are you for real mom, get a grip and stop singing that stupid song” look!  But being the obnoxious, fun mom that I am, I continued to sing it.  I  then went to You Tube and suddenly I had the  video below!

I  was able to let my kids enjoy the song  loudly blasted through out the entire house.

Yep, that is the kind of mom I am!  🙂

Won’t you sing along with me…..”here’s the story, of a lovely lady”……… I know some of you know all the words just like me!

The Brady Bunch Kids Opening

Life Lesson to remember – Have  fun with your kids, be silly with them, even if they give you “THAT” look! 🙂