Not much of a blogger lately

……..due to the fact that my brain is not functioning up to it’s normal capacity.

These are the kind of thoughts I am having lately

  • God is holy, but next would be my son’s baseball socks

  • I am wondering why I am suddenly craving Tastycake Tandy Cakes lately……haven’t eaten them for years, and now I have at least 2 a day

  • Why doesn’t anyone in my house put a new roll of toilet paper on the…..what do you call that thing…….you know that little plastic bar with a spring in it that holds TP in the holder… I told you things were bad!

  • Why can’t someone invent something to make laundry disappear

  • baseball…….baseball…, home runs, pitch counts, double plays

  • Does cereal count as a balanced meal?

  • How many days until school is out?

  • Why do weeds grow more on Memorial Day weekend when I am away?

So as you can see, not real profound thoughts lately!

I had a fun weekend, SportTman had a baseball tournament at the beach, and we celebrated The Inventor’s 12th birthday at the beach!  Here are a few random pics from the beach and baseball tournament.

Birthday Girl at the beach

birthday girl

5 crazy 14 year old boys heading into the frigid ocean at 8:30 at night, after playing baseball all day.

heading into the ocean

SportTman pitching

t pitching

The Inventor did a great job of running the electronic scoreboard, got to love a girl who knows balls, and strikes and is starting to understand the difference between a curve ball and a change up!

Madi keeping score

After 7 games over 3 days, his team were the champs of the tournament! 7-0!


This is what happens when you play baseball ALL weekend….you have to do your homework in the van on the ride home.

doing hw

Tired of the busy thing?

So, are you getting tired of me complaining about how busy I am these days?  Well if you aren’t, I’m tired of hearing myself complain!  This weekend was particularly crazy, 5 soccer games for The Inventor ( 4 were part of a tournament) and  4 baseball games for SportTman, plus NUMEROUS other commitments….my head was spinning!  And I do have this “problem,” I hate to miss any of my kids events.  People often say to me, just stay home from one of their games so you can get something done at home.  But I keep telling myself, they will only be at this stage of life once, and I want to be there to support them.  I can have clean floors, and a picked up family room in 5-7 years, but for now….let’s embrace their activities!  And as much as I complain, I do LOVE being part of all they do!  🙂
So with all this chaos around my this weekend, I think that is why the church service on Sunday just spoke to my heart!  The weird thing about it is, I am not sure what it is that ministered to me, the message was good, the worship inspiring.  But I think it was the warmth, care, and kindness of God’s people that really ministered to my weary heart.   Such a simple gesture, a friend putting their arm around me to say “how are you?”  Friends gathering to pray for one another, being with God’s people and seeing them pour out their hearts to God, it was ALL  such a refreshing break from the cares of this life.
Yes, God’s church is truly a refuge in the storm.
And as I was driving from church to a soccer game, I heard this song on the radio.  And my heart just melted as I reflected on God’s power, care and love. Yes, it is good to be a part of the family of God!

There truly is a peace I have come to know…………..

Chris Tomlin – “I Will Rise”

Works For Me Wednesday – Creative Toys

I know I have not been a real faithful blogger or a blog visitor lately…..this is what happens every spring!  Between soccer, baseball, outdoor yard work, and the 22 days left until school is out this is what happens.  But come summer, I will be back to visiting and blogging more, and I even have a few blogging changes coming that I am excited about.

But for now I am participating in yet another Works For Me Wednesday. As my kids are getting older they don’t really play with toys anymore, but let me just tell you about some of their best “toys” over the years.  These have been things that usually cost us nothing…. cost nothing….is it possible!

I have learned to give the kids things that I was thinking about throwing away, “just to see what they would do with it.”

For instance, I gave them the box our microwave came in, and this is what it ended up looking like a few days later.

cool fort

I have also given them things like old buckets, they filled them with mud “soup” made with fresh leaves and berries.   They have turned an old broom handles into painted light sabres,  a bulletin board into the backdrop for a homemade dart board, old yarn that was braided and looped to hang from The Inventor’s ceiling, old fabric left from a project was turned into several small purses with the use of some fabric glue, a bucket with a hole turned into a great water toy…….I think you get the idea.

There are so many household items that kids can use to play with.  And by giving them these trash “treasures” this allow their creative, problem solving skills to flourish ( yes, I know that last statement was spoken like a true teacher!)

This post was inspired by the latest use of my mom’s beloved garden cart.  She had used this at her house for some time, and then gave it to me.  I often used it to haul food down to the woods when we have parties or campfires.  But it had gone unused for sometime until the kids brought it back to life in this wild way. Now, it is hanging in our tree and is used as a “car swing”, complete with a steering wheel, that was the broken wheel of the garden cart. I love their creativity, and it’s a hit with the neighborhood kids………..and I of course just need to get over the fact that I have a garden cart hanging in my tree!!!

cart in  the tree

What Facebook doesn’t tell you……

Like so many of you I have become a Fan of Facebook, I spend more time there than I do blogging sometimes!  Ugh, true confessions there.

While Facebook can be fun, it often leaves you guessing and wanting more info.  For instance, I posted this as my status yesterday.

“Sandy has gorilla glue stuck all over her fingers.” Now for the rest of the story…..I was helping The Inventor make a homemade drum for a school music project.  And as I was helping her glue the embroidary hoop into place, I was hurrying and just pretty much let that lovely glue get all over me!  Luckily if you put in a google search for, “how to get lots of gorilla glue off you hands.”  It says it wears off in a a day or two, and I am happy to report that is true!


Here are other FB status updates…….

“I nap, therefore I function!” Now for the rest of the story……..I am the queen of the 10 min. nap.  I come home from school most days feeling like I can not take another step, or even think about cooking dinner….but after that 10 min. nap ( I set the timer to wake me up in 10 min.) I feel like I could harvest dinner from the field and cook it over an open fire……well maybe that’s a little extreme!  But I do feel so much better after the short nap.

“Sandy is thankful for Angie” Now for the rest of the story…….Angie is the dear friend who cleans my house every other Tuesday!

“I went into a store for one item and actually came out with just one item!” Now for the rest of the story…….yes this actually happened to me!  I went in for cream cheese, and came out with just cream cheese……shocking I know!

So now you know, what Facebook does not tell you!  What about you, any interesting status updates?

Works for Me Wednesday


Today is a frugal Works for Me Wednesday.  Being the yard sale queen that I am I am always looking for ways to be frugal!  However, I must admit that as my days get busier, it is harder for me to be as frugal as I used to.

But here is an easy, and cheap way to get rid of smelly sports cleats so your little budding athletes can keep wearing them!

The Inventor had a soccer game in the pouring rain this past Sunday, and let me tell you, if you are not familiar with the wet cleat smell, it is worthy of evacuating a building over this smell.  I have experienced this smell many times over the years!

The easiest way to get rid of it is to :

Wash the cleats, and then allow them to air dry. While they are drying stick 4-5 dryer sheets in each cleat.  The dryer sheets help to absorb the smell that does NOT come out even after they are washed!  So the dryer sheets are the cheapest way I know to get rid of that smell!

And that little trick has kept my kids feet smelling great over the years, and has prevented numerous home evacuations due to toxic fumes!!!!!


Not Me Monday


Not me Monday is always a fun way to let loose a bit and reveal all those funny little family secrets. 🙂

So stop by My Charming Kids and join in on the fun.  And while you are there please continue to pray for MckMamma’s dear little boy Stellan.

  • It was not my 14 year old son who sneezed on the way to school this morning, and then proudly exclaimed, “Mom do you know what one of the coolest things is about spray painting the fort blue yesterday………I  have blue boogers!”  Wow, that is a proud mom moment!  Can I just tell you how very cool he thought that was!
  • It was not me who stood in the pouring down rain to watch The Inventor’s soccer game on Sunday….did I mention that it was pouring!!
  • It was not me who actually revealed my real age at Texas Roadhouse when the family took me out for my birthday dinner on Sat. night.  The waitress said, “what age do you want to be?”, and I actually said my real age!  What was I thinking I could have been 29 again!
  • It was not me who texted my daughter all day during the school day while she was on a field trip to Washington DC.  I know it’s not very professional of me, especially since students are not allowed to have cell phones at school.  Don’t tell anyone, I was so slick, no one knew what I was doing!
  • It was not me who on my own accord with no prompting got on the bottom level of a pyramid with my Girls Alive group of girls.  Think 10-12 5th and 6th graders on the top!

God’s Perfect System

I can’t believe it has been a week since I have posted…..ugh, this happens to me this time every year!!  We get so busy, but then glorious summer arrives and things get better, and then I become a blog-a-holic again.  I am so thankful as a full time working mom, that I can be a full time SAHM every summer!  🙂


We all got up at 5:00am this past Saturday morning to head to SportTman’s baseball tournament in Md.  Drums had programmed the GPS the night before for the remote baseball field that SportTman would be playing on at 8:00am.  We started on our early morning journey and listened carefully as our GPS muttered out, “please drive to highlighted route.”  It was at the point, I asked Drums if he printed out the directions to the field.  “Why should I print out the directions we have this GPS to tell us exactly how to get there”, he responded.   I quickly responded, “what if it doesn’t work right, or what if  you put in the wrong address by accident,  how can we just TOTALLY trust and rely on this thing.  We should have a back up!”

But Drums tells me that he trusts the GPS, and he is sure he put in the right address, and said we will be just fine.  But  I just kept worrying and thinking I should have printed out the directions, just in case.  I had such trouble totally relying on this GPS alone!

And that is the same problem I have with TOTALLY relying on God!!  I always worry about the “what ifs” of life!  But as I was reminded this past weekend as the GPS got us to the exact spot we needed to be, I can TRUST God with everything.  It is so hard for me to put aside MY worries, fears, anxieties etc and rely totally on God.  But the GPS this weekend reminded me that God also has His own GPS, it’s God’s Perfect System.  And that is something I am learning each day to totally trust in!!