Friday Fave Five

Wow hard to believe it’s Friday already!

I had a fun week, how about you?

Some favorites this week included :

#1  A trip to the National Zoo in Washington DC with The Inventor and my niece.  It was a hot day, but we endured, and got to see LOTS of animals.  I once again stood in awe of how each animal is so unique, God is an amazing creator!

zoo pic


#2 I decided to have a fun biking work out with my son on Thurs.  We rode bikes down to the high school weight room for him to lift weights……and yes much to his joy horror, I lifted some too!  I cranked some of those weights all the way up to 50lbs. with 15-20 reps.  Whoa!  LOL.  We then biked to his dentist appointment and then home.  It was a great work out, just trying to keep up with SportTman on all the hills was enough to do me in.  But I loved it!  I realize that I tend to be a bit competitive. 🙂

#3 Finally after years of complaining about the wallpaper in our downstairs bathroom, I did it!  I got rid of it!( Hallelujah chorus should start singing now!) Here are a few before and after shots.  Since SportTman is the main one who will use this bathroom, I hung up a bunch of baseball related pictures.

towel rack old bathroom

peeling old wallpaper

new bathroom

dream it do it

#4 Corn on the Cob….need I say more

#5  Some much needed down time this summer.  It gives me sometime to focus on the other 3 R’s

Relax, Renew, and Revive my weary heart.  Summer has been a good time for me to refocus ( another good R) on the things of the Lord.  I get so busy and I often loose that focus, and don’t take the time I should for the Lord.  So this summer has been good for me, to spend time at the feet of Jesus instead of in defeat!

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Friday Fave Five


I always enjoy Susanne’s Friday Fave Five, she is a gracious host and so positive in her Fave Five, so please stop by her blog for a visit. 🙂

We had a great week, summer is good for this busy mom!

#1  I continue to enjoy my blueberry and watermelon addiction.  I am going strong in this department and have become a “regular” at the local farm produce stand.  I know I am a regular there since the farmer the other day, said,”what is your name, we see you here so often I need to learn your name.”  See I told you.  🙂

#2 OK, more baseball,  if you are sick of hearing about baseball from me just skip to #3.  SportTman got to play for our state’s State Games.  They are like a Olympics for the state.  He made the team for our region and played on the 9th &10th grade team ( he is going into 9th).  They play against 10 other regions in our state.  And his team won the gold medal, they were undefeated  for the entire tournament.  It was cool to play against teams from all regions of our state.  And beside winning the gold medal, the other cool thing, it was only about a 45min. drive for us.  Other teams had to stay  in hotels, but the big event was close by for us!!  It took place Tues, Wed, and Thurs. of this week, so you can see where I spent my time this week.  Enjoying baseball and getting a sore bleacher butt!  LOL

T and Curt with medal

#3 – I finally began the process of getting rid of this wallpaper in our bathroom.  And to my relief, for the most part it peeled off so easily, in nice big sections!!  Soon this bathroom will have a whole new look and no more early 80’s wallpaper.

Madi peeling wallpaper

#4 – This simple picture taken on my deck- it’s simple, but it speaks summer to me.

deck picture

#5 – Got to visit my parents for the day on Monday.  I really don’t see them enough, and it’s nice to have time and freedom in the  summer to visit with them.  The Inventor came along and enjoyed lunch and precious time with her Grammy.

How was your week?

Did I ever tell you about the time I lost a $100 bill?


It was several years ago and I stopped at a yard sale on my way to the grocery store.  My kids were little, I was a SAHM mom at the time, and money was tight.  I had a $100 bill that I put in my pocket ( I know stupid move, it should have gone right into my purse and wallet).

I was heading to the grocery store, but being the frugal mom that I was I could not resist stopping at a yard sale.  While browsing the yard sale and keeping an eye on my kids, I some how got distracted, and as I went to get my keys out of my pocket, I dropped the coveted, needed, $100 bill with out realizing it!

I got in the car, and headed to the grocery store….BUT about half way there that still small voice called out to me to check for my $100 bill.  And as I checked my pocket, suddenly panic began to surface, and I freaked, it was GONE!!!!  I turned the car around, in movie chase scene style and headed back to the yard sale.

I meekly said to the woman having the sale, suppressing my panicky voice the best I can, “Did you by any chance find a large sum of money?”  She then gets this funny look on her face that did not bring me any comfort.  She says, “yes I did, I saw the money on the ground next to a woman and asked if it was hers.  The lady replied she must of been careless and dropped the $100 bill, and said it was hers!”    Ahhhhhhh, that liar, bum lady just took MY money!  I was distraught, we needed that money!  I gave the lady at the yard sale my phone number just in case, the liar lady had pangs of guilt and returned to the yard sale.

It was at that point I asked the Lord for wisdom as to what to do, and in a fluke move of desperation I arrived at the doorstep of our local township police station, both kids in tow,  I told  my story to  a kind cop  who listened, took my phone number and said, “I’ll see what I can do.”  Thinking nothing would come of it I went home to sulk.  But I also felt that I had to do everything I could do to solve my crisis and leave the rest up to the Lord!

About 45 min later………….I got a phone call from the police officer.  He didn’t say much, but just asked if I could stop down at the station.  I arrived with in moments, and he told me this story.

” I went back to the yard sale and talked to the lady who had the sale.  She described the car to me that the woman who took the bill had been driving.  It was an odd colored car and I had just noticed it for some reason at a yard sale I had passed on the way over.  I left right away and went to the yard sale where I had spotted the car…..and it was still there!  I inquired as to whose vehicle it was.

The lady who owned the car, walked up to me and said immediately, “I was going to take it back.”

“Take what back?” the police man inquired.

“The $100 bill, I was gonna take it back.”

The police officer then smiled at me, and said
“sure she was going to return it!”

He also reminded me that this kind of thing never happens and that I am fortunate!

I thanked him many times and my kids hugged him!

But ultimately I was thankful to the Lord for providing for me.  Since that day I have learned a lot from that  incident

#1 I should do everything I can possibly do, but in the end it is the Lord who provides and guides.  I often say in  referring to that incident, I did everything I could possibly think to do and left the rest up to the Lord.

#2 – Get bills in 20’s!

#3- Never put big bills in your pocket!

Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not on your own understanding Proverbs 3:5

Help for kids who want to EAT ALL the time!

Works for Me Wednesday – For Lots of fun tips and ideas visit We ARe That Family.

Problem – There is help for all you moms out there who have kids who want to eat all the time!  Tired of “Mooooooooom, there is nothing to eat!”  Or “Mom, what can I eat, I’m starved? (even though they just ate 15 min. ago)

Solution – The infamous Snack Basket

snack basket

This has become an institution in my house.  Someday this raggedy old basket will be passed down to the next generation with fond memories of summer eating!

How it works – I started the snack basket when my kids were little after getting tired of hearing them say “what can I eat” all the time.  I told the kids anything in the snack basket can be eaten basically anytime.  Anytime you say????  How can that be……EASY…….just fill it with basically nutritious snacks.  If you start it early they will never realize this trick and by the time they are my kids age they will be so used to the snack basket they won’t complain.   It’s important that us moms stick together on our tricks, tactics and plans to get our kids to eat well.   But it’s also important that our battle plans for these things remain a secret.  Do not leave this page accidentally open on your computer where children may read of our secret operations.

And I must also confess, on occasion I stick some good ole junk food in the infamous snack basket, just to keep the trooops in line and happy!

The Snack Basket is something that really Works for Me!!!

Friday Fave Five

If you could see me now I would be doing the happy summer dance!  As a teacher and a BUSY mom, summer is such a reprieve from the crazy storm of life.  This is the first week I have really started to chill out and enjoy the benefits of the summer break!

So for those of you who are wondering what a teacher does in the summer….here are some of my favs this week.

And for more Friday Fave Five, please stop by and visit Susanne at Living to tell the Story. Her blog always contains uplifting posts and a warm heart. 🙂

I was turning the whole family BLUE, by buying 10lbs of blueberries.   We ate them, I froze them,  we ate 24 blueberry muffins in less than 24 hours,  made blueberry sauce  to pour over ice cream and I made this lovely blueberry pie!  I know this picture is not a  glamor looking pie, the kind you see in cooking mags.  But how else should a homemade blueberry pie look!  It should look eaten and enjoyed, cuz that’s how blueberry pies should look in the summer!

blueberry pie

I also froze lots of blueberries for future consumption.  Please also note the the cool reminder a smart desperate mom stuck on the sink with masking tape for the summer.

blueberries to freeze

I  enjoyed taking The Inventor and a few friends to a nearby lake 2 days in a row.  It’s not a swimming lake, it’s a fishing kind of relaxing, peaceful kind of lake.   The Inventor was quite thrilled to do some fishin’ with a net!  It’s the best kind for a kid whose parents are clueless about fishin’  Regardless, my multi-talented kid caught 3 small fish with the net. I think she got that skill from me since I once owned a net when I was 6.  She was thrilled,  and the fish are now living in our creek.  Please don’t tell anyone from PETA.

M catching stuff at lake

m with net

checking out the fish

flowers at lakeI must also contrast the lovely picture above with this picture.

outhouse truck

While sitting in my comfy chair and reading at the lake.  I heard a strange noise behind me.  I turned to find the outhouse cleaning truck there.  Wow, after spending so much time in such wonderful facilities during baseball season I have always wondered……..well you know you have wondered it too…….how do they…..uh….how does the…….well you know what I mean.  And now we all know, that cool little pipe works like a giant vacuum and sucks the blue goo stuff right into the truck.  Where it goes from there, shall remain a great mystery!

Another Fav this week is some much needed Me time!  Here I am A-L-O-N-E in my house!  This never happens.  I was home for almost 2 glorious hours!  Ahhhhhh, it was nice, don’t I look happy!  Please note I took this glam shot of me pointing the camera at my face having no idea what I took.  Please also note, I wear no make-up most summer days, and you can tell in this picture….but who cares, I had 2 hours alone at home!!! 🙂


Another good thing is my handsome landscaper trimmed our bushes.  Our bushes in the front of the house were almost as tall as Shaq, they needed a serious trim.  So Drums went to work on ’em today, and they look so much better!

C trimming bushesI am thankful for such a nice, relaxing week. Summer does this mamma good!

Hope you are enjoying yours also!

Reasons why your kids should play competive sports – WFMW

M playing soccer

Do you have young kids just starting into the world of competitive sports?  Or are they already little sports lovers?

Since I have 2 sport playing kids I thought I would write about the benefits of playing sports.  I know there can be some negative connotations about competitive sports these days.  And let me assure you I have seen first hand some of the ugliness of pushy and competitive parents, kids with bad attitudes, etc. But in the big picture of it all……my kids have learned many life lessons and wonderful friendships through playing competitive sports.

Lessons learned in no particular order;

    1. The power of learning good time management skills.  My son tends to be a bit of a procrastinator.  And until middle school this really did not have any negative lasting effects.  But during his middle school years, he had to learn how to balance his time better.  Being on sports teams forced him to manage his time ( And this was much to mom’s relief).  He struggled a bit at the beginning but managed to make the highest honor roll all through his middle school years……..and I attribute it to him learning those critical time management skills from balancing sports schedules, and school!

    2. Kids learn how to work with other kids and be part of a team.  It’s all so similar to the biblical concept of being part of one body and all working together.  The same concepts apply to sports.

    3. Friendships are gained and bonded together through long weekend tournaments, fun team pool parties, practices and even a little goof off time.  When both of my kids started middle school where they have 4 different school coming together into one middle school,  the transition was easier since they knew so many more kids through their sports teams.  They have more diverse friendships and are not caught up in cliques as much.

    4. Fitness becomes a habit and hopefully a life long pursuit for them.  I played competitive sports as a kid and still enjoy being active due to the habit developed when I was young

    5. SportTman and The Inventor are very fit kids, so I don’t feel so guilty about letting them enjoy somegood ole junk food on occasion!  🙂

    6. I have heard this said many times, that playing sports keeps the kids out of trouble.  At first I thought that was silly, but I now see a great deal of truth to it.  Sports require a great deal of personal discipline and this carries over to their personal lives.  And personal self discipline is a great characteristic to develop!!  It also keeps them busy, that they don’t have time to just “hang out around town.”

    I am thankful for my kids interests in competitive sports, it’s been a busy ride, but a good one.

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    Works for Me Wednesday at We are That Family

    T pitching

    Grilled Ham Slices

    Works for Me Wednesday day is hosting a recipe edition.  You can’t go wrong with summer recipes.  We eat LOTS of fresh watermelon, blueberries, corn on the cob and use the grill a lot during the summer.  So I thougtht I would share my all time favorite grilling recipe!

    It’s for grilled ham slices, it’s E-A-S-Y and so distinctly yummy!  This recipe on it’s own is famous, it appeared in  Taste of Home magazine  and made the 2008 Taste of Home cookbook.  And where did I come up with such a great recipe……where else, but from my mom!!!  🙂


    ~Grilled Ham Slices ~

    Marinade 3 bone in fully cooked ham steaks ( or if you buy a small ham, you can slice it and use it in this marinade)

    1 1/2 cups orange juice

    1/2 c. cider vinegar

    1-2 tablespoons of ground cloves

    1 tablespoons of molasses

    2-3 tablespoons of ground mustard

    2-3 tablespoons ground ginger

    Combine the first seven ingredients in a small bowl.  Add marinade into a large resealable plastic bag.  Add ham. Seal bag, turn to coat.  Refrigerate 1-2 hours.

    Grill ham steaks 8-12 minutes until heated through.  Baste frequently with remaining marinade.


    Also, just posted yestereday on great summer activities for kids, Click Here to see the post for pratical, fun ideas.  I am a teacher so sorry if they actually include a little learning in the fun!  Imagine that!!  🙂