What is it?

What is this?


A.  A hard bed

B. A hard bed where coffee drinkers sleep

C. A place where a family gathers for meals

D. A closet

E. A place where everyone in the family puts their junk when they walk in the door!!!

Why does this happen?  Does this happen at your house?  Where is your family dump? 🙂


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth says:

    Ours starts right at the door…then proceeds to the coffee table and if we still are hanging onto something it gets dumped on the dining room table! You are not alone! Busy lives!

  2. What is C & E?

    I’m sorry to say that the dumping place in my house IS anywhere one happens to be at that particular moment in the space/time continuum. 😦

  3. faith says:

    sure does…the bench in the kitchen and the family room coffee table…ARGH!

  4. Too funny my friend! Yes, we have those place in our house. Ours is right inside the front door. I’m always trying to clean out that area. Oh, the life of a mother 😉

  5. You are in good company.

    and. um. Is that a snowman coffee mug? I actually have that exact mug! Although, mine is in a box in the attic and has been since . . . St. Patrick’s Day.

    It’s Christmas in July, right?

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