Dear Summer,

To my dear friend Summer,

Where are you going?  I can’t seem to find you with all the Back to School sales, and the starting of several schools in town, I have lost sight of you!  I just want to let you know I really appreciate you!  You have been good to me.  You bring a calming spirit and peace to my crazy household filled with chaos.  I enjoy visiting you on my deck, I see you when sleep in a bit, I love the fresh watermelon and corn on the cob you bring, I enjoy the time you provide to visit with friends and vacation with family.

I just wanted to let you know you will be missed!  Can you please just spend a few more days with me!

Thank you!

Your BFF for life,


canoe pic


Thanks for all the kind words.  But as you know all good things must come to an end!  I’m glad you enjoyed having me around, I was afraid you would be ticked at me for all the steamy, hot, disgusting, humid days I sent your way lately.  So I am flattered to hear you still speak so highly of me!

I want to introduced you to my friend Fall.  He wanted to remind you of a few things I think you will enjoy; apple cider, those delicious pumpkin cookies, crispy, cool evenings, fallen leaves, football, cozy sweatshirts and jeans and the beauty of the turning leaves in the woods behind your house.  Now doesn’t that give you something to look forward to?

Before you know it I will be back, I come back the same time every year, and I will be around the rest of the week.

Your friend,


Fresh Air Fund Fun

I haven’t been around blogging as much since our Fresh Air Fund young man The Questinator arrived at our house for his 7th summer!  If you are not aware of the Fresh Air Fund, it’s a program that takes children away from their NYC/Bronx/Brooklyn homes for 14 days to spend the summer in the country.  It has been a great experience for our family, and for The Questionator.  It’s amazing to see him grow each summer, when he first arrived at our house 7 years ago he had a big head of hair, and was so afraid of the wild lions( squirrels and an occasional raccoon) that lived in the jungle ( woods) behind our house.

He didn’t like the bugs, he couldn’t ride a bike, he had never gone barefoot, never shot a basketball or played mini-golf or eaten fresh watermelon or corn on the cob.  He had never gone to the beach for the day, camped in a tent,  shot a BB gun, or climbed a tree.  He also never prayed regularly or attended church.

Well as you can imagine, we have worked to change so much of this over the years!

And this summer was no exception.  He got to sleep under the stars in the the Catskill Mtns of NY.  He literally laid out  on the deck of my brother’s place, and he and everyone else slept out under the stars for the night.  As soon as he got back to NY he set up a Facebook account, and I noticed that he listed” looking at the stars” as one of his favorite activities. That just warmed my heart. 🙂

Here is the aftermath of the late night star gazing.

sleeping on the deck

The Questionator also loved jumping in and swimming in the pond on my brother’ s property.  When he first came 7 years ago he would have been so fearful of swimming in a pond with living things.  But over the years, that fear has subsided, and he was quite content to spend hours in the pond!

jumping in pond I and T

He really enjoyed trying out something that he has NEVER done in the Bronx before!  And SportTman was happy to let him take over part of his job!

mowing the lawn

He also loved being part of our neighborhood gang and having an airsoft gun war with all of them.  He just can’t walk outside and play, so simple things like walking out our front door to a yard means a great deal to him.

airsoft battle

He enjoyed a trip to Dairy Queen and a round of mini-golf.  His shot even got better as the game went on.

mini golf

This young man is truly part of our family, and once again we had a great visit with him. We have also seen spiritual growth with him.  When he and SportTman were little Drums or I would pray with them each night before bed.  This time we noticed they prayed on their own before bed, and The Questionator initiated it! I would secretly sit on the steps and listen to the 2 of them pray……so endearing!

We are thankful for the Fresh Air Fund and bringing The infamous Questionator to our house each summer!

whole family

Friday Fave Five

Wow it has been an entire week since I posted.  This past week just flew by.  We were busy with our Fresh Air Fund young man The Questionator.  He left this morning and we are bummed, but so happy to have had him here with us!

My Favorite Five things this week………

We went to a local farmer’s market on Tues.  It’s only open on Tuesday, and it’s huge!  I really enjoyed a slice of FRESH peach pie, with homemade, creamy whipped creme, made by some local Amish farmers.  I can not describe how yummy it was and it so hit the spot on a hot, steamy day!

The Inventor started Jr. High Cross Country this week.  It is her first time running cross country and so far it has been a very positive experience for her!

Fun times at my brother’s place in the Catskills of NY.  It was a  great place to “play outdoors.”   The kids all camped out in a tent, and then slept out on the deck under the millions of stars that can easily be seen there.  The kids also had fun swimming and jumping in the pond.  It was a great experience for The Questinator.  Here is a pic of my brother and SportTman jumping into the pond……pretty impressive for the old guy,  my brother!!!!  🙂

jumping in pond B & T

The next morning after sleeping out on the deck the night before.

sleeping on the deck

Our 22 year old central vac died awhile back, we finally bought a wonderful Bissell Pet Eraser Vacuum.  I love this vacuum, it really sucks!  Ok, I had to say that.  It also picks up what seems to be thousands, maybe millions of air soft pellets that I find all over our house.  I love the sound of those little suckers being sucked away in the black hole of the vacuum, never to be heard from again.  Dare I say I am enjoying vacuuming!?!?


And for those who wonder where the air soft gun pellets all come from, maybe this picture will help you to see where they are coming from .

air soft T

How was your week???

For more Friday Fave Fives, please stop by and visit Susanne at Living to tell the Story.

Friday Fave Five


I am really enjoying participating in Susanne’s Friday Fave Five this summer.  What a great way to end the week, by reflecting on your favorites.

It’s been a great week.

I even enjoyed my annual visit to the gynecologist, yes you read that right.  I got to talking to the Dr. and found out that she is a christian, I have always liked her, even though she is a gynecologist, but now I think she really is a treasure.  And it makes that nasty  trip a bit more tolerable, especially since I go every 6 mon., since i have had some abnormal pap smears.

Our Fresh Air Fund boy who has visited us for the last 7 seven came for his annual visit this week.  He has really grown, and it is so great to see him.  He is becoming a bright, and kind young man. Yesterday he got to try something he has never done in the Bronx before.


Workers put a whole new roof on our house this week!  A hailstorm/tornado back in March did enough damage to our 22 year old roof that our insurance company paid for a new one!!   We had prayed for a way to pay for a new roof and God sent a hail storm.  🙂

working on roof

The Inventor and I rode our bikes about 4 miles into our town for breakfast the one morning.  It was a fun, summer adventure, and we enjoyed a simple breakfast together in town.  Did I mention that I live in the coolest town!  I must also mention the ride home is mostly up hill, that is why we had a “simple breakfast!”

I made pancakes and bacon on the griddle on our outdoor gas grill on the deck.  It is one of our favorite relaxing things to do in the summer.  We all then enjoy breakfast together on the deck.  This time we even invited the lone roofer who was still working today to come and join us! Here is a picture that includes our Fresh Air boy, The Questionator.  He was loving the pancakes so much he didn’t even put his fork down to smile. 🙂

eating on the deck

MckLinky Blog Hop Photo Fun

I do love to take photos! So when I saw the MckLinky Blog Hop this week was for photo fun. I knew it was time to hop in.  I have so many pictures I don’t know how I can pick just one or two.  🙂  Do you know I have over 8,000 pics on my computer right now…..yes I know, it’s time to burn them to DVD or back up! 🙂

We are a baseball family and this is one of my favorite shots of SporTman sliding back to 2nd base

sliding back to 2nd

I also like the peaceful feeling of this picture.  It just speaks simple, summer fun to me.  The Inventor catching fish at a nearby lake.

M catching stuff at lake

Also on of my latest favorites is in the vacation post below…..SportTma and his friend jumping “off” the mountain!  That was a fun, vacation moment!

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I’m back, and back with lots of linky love!

Yep I am back from a week’s long V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!!!!  I know you didn’t even know I was gone, that is what makes blogging so mysterious. 🙂

I had a wonderful, awesome, great, fun, RELAXING vacation.  Can you tell I am still excited about it!

For those of you who read my blog regularly like sweet Mimi( who takes the greatest pictures of her kids!) at He and Me and 3, you know I am a busy momma!

I was reading about Faith’s summer vacations at Gold in the Clouds and really felt the same way she did, about having a time of rest.  She said that God is in the restoration business, and I thought to myself if I am so busy, I can so easily miss His restoration Power!   But I am also smart enough to know that everyone needs some down time, and a time of reflection, renewal, and time to refocus.  And that is just what this vacation provided for us.

I am thankful for time to get away with my family.  We traveled to the Adirondacks in upstate NY.  It’s a perfect example of God’s marvelous handiwork!  We visited Ausable Chasm, a beautiful example of God’s beauty.  We also went tubing down a river with pretty impressive rapids, and yes I screamed as I went through them on a tube!

We camped together in a tent, and played lots of ping pong, ate smores, and survived a rainy night in the tent.  We then made our way to a motel on Lake George.  We hiked a 4,000+ mountain and did lots of kayaking.  I even read a book, nothing like Linda at Mocha with Linda, she is such an avid reader, but I was happy to get A book read!

We loved the beauty of the area, we were so far North at one point we were close to the Canadian border, I thought about hoping the border to visit my favorite Canadian blogger, Susanne at Living to Tell the Story

There were so many of you that I missed reading this week, I always appreciate the spiritual insight and encouragement I get from Alicia at Confessions of a Snowflake, and my dear friend Beautiful Grace.

But, before you know it I will be back and school along with my other fellow, special ed teacher blogger, Beth at Walk a Mile. But for now enjoy some of our vacation pictures. 🙂

SportTman and a friend jumping “off” the mountain

Ty and Ty jumping off the Mtn.

At the Ausable Chasm, we walked and drove over that bridge.  And yes I am afraid of heights!


kayakingThe kids had so much fun swimming at the base of this waterfall

Swimming in a waterfallThe top of Cascade Mtn.  I loved going up, coming down took me forever with my torn ACL knee…but I DID IT!

top of Cascade Mtn.Breakfast while camping

breakfast while campingView from the grounds of our motel

view from motel


Conviction Sunday

Drums and SportTman were up at 5:30am this morning to head to a baseball tournament.  I awoke at 6:00am and pulled myself out of bed to see if they needed help with anything………ok,  ok, so that wasn’t my true attitude.  My thoughts were more like this.  “I am sure they don’t have everything they need.  I bet they will forget the drinks and ice.  I better make sure they have snacks, they won’t remember that either.” Yep, I was busting on them, thinking they could do nothing with out great mom/wife around.  Feel pretty haughty and cocky, I realized they did not have the gatorade in the cooler with ice, or have any snack packed yet.  I of course took care of it with quite an attitude of complaining.  I was actually feeling mad at them for being so incompetent.

BUT, and this is what I just love about the  holy spirit, it’s gentle, yet prodding, and faithful.  The fellas left at 6:15, and I attempted to go back to bed.  Picked up my bible first for a morning devotion and these words just leaped off the pages and into my heart.

3Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. 4Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.  5Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.  ~Philippians 2:3-5

Wow I was a PERFECT example of how not to live out this verse. As my kids used to say, it’s ok it’s opposite day!

Well it is not opposite day and I am thankful this morning for a refreshing change of heart.  I can not tell you how many times my husband has been there to help me out in situations, and I must say he does have such a servant’s heart.   I have read that verse MANY times in my life, but today I am thankful for the way it changed my heart and hopefully my actions.

God’s word, applies to our lives today and everyday!