If I only had a brain………


I woke up the other morning at my usual 5:42 am….why it is 5:42 exactly nobody knows for sure! 🙂 But as soon as I awoke I noticed both my eyes felt really strange. At first I thought maybe I had pink eye, then I thought they just felt really dry.  I rubbed them, washed my eyes out a bit, and it was still no better.  My vision was a bit blurred and I was a tad concerned as to what was going on.  I also noticed something really odd, I could see quite well.   I wondered to myself if God performs healings while we sleep just to humor us on a busy morning.  I was quite perplexed as to why my eyes felt horrible and why I could see so well.  I got in the shower, some how thinking that would fix my situation.  After all the shower can fix everything in the morning. 🙂

After I got out of the shower, still feeling dry, foggy, weird, eyes….I decided to put my contacts in……………yep you probably figured it out by now………it was then, and only then, when I reached for my contact case and found it EMPTY, that I realized I had slept with my contacts in all night!

What a ding dong I am, and the funniest part about it is I had NO clue!

So this post is just something for all you young 30 something readers to look forward to when you become a 40 something girl, you will see how your brain turns to mush and this is simply a new NORMAL!  Just a little something to look forward to.

Run the Race

M at the start

I have been so immersed in The Inventor’s cross country races lately that it seems that I even dream about running!  I some how relate everything to running and races. 🙂  I even found myself at the busy grocery store last week, thinking I had to “beat” the lady in front of me with the fully loaded grocery cart to the check out line.  And let me tell you, I cruised right past her, and into the check out line in no time. I left her in the dust baby!

See I told you, I have issues!!! 🙂

As was the case on Sunday while teaching my favorite Jr. High Sunday schoolers, I read them this verse;

1 Corinthians 9:24

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.

It related to the lesson, and it must have also related to my life.  I just kept thinking about that verse all day!

The Inventor has run many races lately, and in each one, I know she gives it her all!  She runs to win.

It got me thinking about my life, I run lots of daily races/activities, do I always run to win.  Do I put my whole heart into something?  Or am I running just too many races, that I am too tired to run to win?

I tend to think that I do an ok job of balancing all “my races.”  Sure, I grow weary in the races at times, but I think I usually give it my all!  But that is ONLY because several years ago as a means of survival I had to learn to say NO to certain races(activities)!  I had to learn that even though all those races looked like something I wanted to do, or thought I should do, or I felt guilty that not enough people would run so I would have to.

I  soon realized I was not running my races well, I had too many races(activities) and I was suffering from fatigue and overworked muscles!

But now I have learned that it is ok to say no to certain commitments and to keep my priorities lined up so I can “run in such a way to get the prize.”  Are you doing your best in all you do?  Or are you over committed, fatigued and weary?

Trust me as an experienced “racer” it is good to say NO to certain races(activities), and I am thankful for God’s reminder this weekend to say NO to things.   So I too can have enough energy, strength, and motivation to run to win in all I do!!

Runners to your mark, set…….GO!

15 place today



It was a beautiful fall day in my neck of the world today, so I headed out to plant 50 spring bulbs back in our woods!  I was enjoying my quiet time in the woods planting bulbs, until……….the attack of the gigantic, gross worms!!!!  Ewwwwww!  I noticed that the one area I was digging in the dirt looked a bit different, it was broken up into little pieces.  I thought it odd, but just dug away to plant my bulbs.  But as I dug, suddenly 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, then 6 HUGE worms came squirming out of the earth.  They looked like mini snakes to me, I then realized the weird dirt was really worm poop……ok, the official term is worm “castings.”  ( I goggled worm poop and that is what it said, “castings.”  Now my post must sound more scientific!)    But after I cleared the area of the “castings” and picked up the worms with a shovel and threw them as far as my mom muscles could throw a worm being flung from a shovel.

I then began to plant lots of daffodil bulbs in the former worm sanctuary.  I thought to myself I am going to bring some spring beauty to this former worm haven.

And then it hit me, that is what God does to us.  He takes our disgusting “castings” and plants something new and beautiful in our hearts!  So next spring when I see those daffodils arise from the dirt, I will smile to myself and thank God that he can make such beauty in the midst of something so nasty!!!!!



Now that I have a son in high school and a daughter in middle school, I have begun to notice a few signs that I am a true mom of teens.

I said to my classroom aide “BRB” (texting talk for be right back) when I had to leave class for a moment to go to the bathroom.

I took the kids to McDonalds for a fun breakfast last Sat. morning and I literally knew half of the teens who worked there!

I notice SportTman watching me more as I drive, and asking a lot of questions about my driving skills and road wisdom.

I am competent at the beginner level of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, and proud of it! 🙂

I am tripping over size 13 men’s sneakers and size 9 women’s sneakers.

These are just a FEW of the things I have noticed this past week.

Friday Fave Five

Say it isn’t so….Friday already!

This will be a quick post since I am tired….it was back to school for this teacher, so I am worn out tonight.  And my feet ache, and I have blisters from wearing real shoes! 🙂

Please stop by and visit Susanne for more Friday Fave Five fun!

So the faves for this week

  • The Inventor got a young lady haircut!  She went from elementary school girl to middle school girl in an instant after her new shorter cut.  She was even able to donate her hair to Lock of Love.  We had talked about cutting her hair all summer, and I finally got around to it!  It does look nice on her.

  • The first day of school for teachers was Tues. and the first day for the students was Wed.  It was a hectic first day for me, there were lots of bumps in the road.  But we survived, and the next day was a better day for me and my special needs students.  Who I must add, were all quite excited to be back at school!

  • SportTman started high school this year.  ( seems like I was just watching him wave with such enthusiasm as he drove away on the bus to kindergarten!)  He attends the same public high school that Drums and I teach at.  Lucky kid isn’t he! 🙂  It has been fun to see him during the school day.  It’s also a great opportunity for secret mom covert spying on him an his friends!

  • We enjoyed one last big breakfast on our deck on Labor Day.  There is nothing like pancakes, fresh Vt. maple syrup and bacon to start off my last full day of summer!

breakfast on the deck

The first day of school went well for my kids, and that made me a happy mom!

Actually I must admit, I don’t like this pic of the 2 of them, but it was the best one I took that morning.  But I got that cherished first day of school picture that all good moms need to have.

first day

How was your week?

Pulled into the wrong driveway?!

finished total house

I arrived home the other day, tired, I pulled into my driveway with lots of stuff from Costco, and groceries from my favorite discount grocer. And for a split second I actually thought I had pulled into the wrong house. After living in this house for 14 years, how could I even think that!?

As I had written about in my Friday Fave Five, our house has undergone a total home makeover! We had a horrible hailstorm/F-1 tornado in our area back in March. The hail did enough damage to our 22 year old roof to justify a whole new roof compliments of Allstate. And we were able to get most of our siding, and shutters replaced also. Truth be told I had really gotten quite sick of our country blue shutters ( think late 80’s color) and creme siding. I secretly dreamed of new siding, but knew it would never happen. The roof on the other hand we desperately needed, we had been nursing the old roof along while we figured out a way to pay for a new one! But on that stormy day in March everything changed!

So now we have a house that looks TOTALLY different on the outside! I have gotten so many compliments on the house from the neighbors, and I must admit I do love the new look.
But you see, that is all it is, just a look. It’s still the same messy, busy, laundry filled house on the inside. With a floor clamoring to be mopped, a kitchen filled with good food and love, a basement that caters to fun family times, and an unfinished section of the basement that smells horrible because of the two pet bunnies and guinea pig that live there. It’s still our home filled with special memories, and times spent together. The inside is the heart of our home.  And that has not changed.

It reminds me of this verse from 1Samuel 16:7

7But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”

This world puts a great deal of emphasis on that outward appearance.  How you dress, your hair style, the latest fashion and home trends are a big profitable business.  Regardless of media’s constant emphasis on how you look and how your house is decorated, I can take great comfort that in the big picture of it all, it truly does not matter!  After all, God looks at the heart!!! 🙂  And the heart of my house is what happens inside that cool looking exterior.  The inside of our home is what we are working to  build for eternal purposes! 🙂


Friday Fave Five


It’s Friday again, and time to reflect on this past week.  It’s been busy, but exciting around my house this week!

We started last week with our house looking like this

start of house

And like this

start of house #2

And we started this Monday doing this

M and I painting

After lots of sweat, and hard work, our house looked like this on Tues.

finished total house

after garage door

So our new exterior on our house is one of my biggest favs of the week.  And I must tell you, it was compliments of a hailstorm/tornado that bombarded our house back in March.  We desperately needed a new roof, and God sent a hailstorm to help us pay for it. 🙂

Another Fave was The Inventor running her very first cross country race.  Her first race ever had 154 7th and 8th grade girls lined up on the starting line.  And as a 7th grader, she finished 11th!  She was the first girl for our school district.  And let it be known, I cried when I saw her finish so well in her first race.  For those of you who don’t know, I also used to be a runner.  So it just touched my heart to see her do so well!

1st CC meet!

Ok, Ok here is a true confession, I have been a blogger for over 2 years now and I FINALLY set up Google Reader so I can quickly and easily read all my favs.  So look for me to be a better blogging friend in the next week or two.  Google reader is so easy…why didin’t I do it sooner! 🙂

I loved riding bike into my town and to the school I teach at.  SportTman and I rode into town.  It was a great workout, and of course we did what every smart mom does with her 14 year old son after she just rode 5-6 miles, we stopped at my favorite coffee place for a doughnut!!

School starts next week, and I am so thankful for a fun, and relaxing summer!

How was your week dear friends?

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