Friday Fave Five

I really enjoy posting my Friday Fave Five each week.  It  keeps my thinking positive, and focused on those little things or even bigger things that bring a bit of joy my way each week.

As for this week, there were several Faves!

I love this CHEAP, yet great smelling body wash.  How could something so cheap smell so good.

I made these yummy homemade (not from a box!) brownies this week.  Here is a pic of the batter, cuz sometimes the batter is just as good as the brownie!  Please take note of the 2 spoons next to the brownies!  🙂  Yep, I used those to test the batter, ah, to ah, test to make sure I had included all the ingredients.  Someone had to do it! 🙂  And as you can see, when I make brownies I make them for the nut lovers and the non-nut lovers in my house. 🙂

My son, SportTman ( so true to his name) got moved up to play some Varsity basketball this week.  The kid was so excited to play with the “da big boys!”  He even ended up scoring 4 pts and got in the game for 4-5 min.  Pretty impressive for a ninth grader.  The guys on the team were so kind to him, when he made his first point of his “varsity career” they all stood up and cheered for him.  (He is the one in the white uniform)

I downloaded Toby Mac’s new song “City on it’s Knees” to my iPod this week.  It’s a great song, I listened to it at least 4 times in a row on my power walk on Tues. 🙂

It’s Friday and the kids and I are heading to our fav coffee and bagel shop for a quick breakfast this morning.  Love the place, and it helps get Friday morning started right! 🙂

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Stay Warm dear friends, it’s a cold one here!

It’s the little things

I was sitting in my tiny little laundry room matching socks yesterday.   I was pondering if I should call  eHarmony to come find a good match for all my single socks!

As I was matching socks, I was also sipping my delicious hazelnut coffee.  The coffee somehow seemed to make the dreaded task somewhat more enjoyable!  It was then in the midst of my matching frenzy that I was reminded that it is those little things in life that can mean so much.

A little coffee some how makes matching socks a bit more tolerable.

A kind word, an assuring hug, a note of encouragement, a few moments of alone time, chocolate, fresh flowers, homemade cookies, a new candle, prayers of God’s people.

Little, Simple things.  Little things with a BIG impact.  Sometimes it is just those little things that can make a BIG difference in someone’s life.

Celebrating, and noticing the simple, little things in life today!

What little things in life can just make your day???

Friday Fave Five

I can’t believe a week has gone by and I have not posted at all.  It has just been that busy around here.  I have several blog post going through my mind and will work to update more next week.  And  get out and read more of your wonderful blogs! 🙂

Some favorites this week include;

I took a bunch of The Inventors friends ice skating last Sunday afternoon.  We went to a nice outdoor rink.  We had a blast.  I used to ice skate for hours when I was a kid on the pond behind my house.  So ice skating is ALWAYS a favorite of mine!  Actually if the truth be told, I will let you in on a little secret…… time I actually skipped school to go ice skating at a nearby lake with a bunch of friends!  We hid our skates in a big old evergreen tree near school, and left after 2nd per. 🙂  Ah memories!

I just love to eat clementines.  So easy to peel, so good for you, and so delicious!

Ping Pong is another favorite.  I am horrible at it, but we got a ping pong table for Christmas and it has become such a family favorite!!  SportTman and Drums have such fun, loud, competitions, and I enjoy learning to play and being silly with my kids while playing.  Trust me the old” learn to laugh at yourself” rule applies to my ping pong playing! 🙂

The news from Haiti has been horrible, but I have appreciated this blogging family’s insight.  They are missionaries to this devastated country and their insight has been personable, moving, and insightful. Their website also gives such thought into how we can pray for the Haitian people.

And last but not least, I made chocolate chip cookies the other day, not because  I wanted the cookies………but I craved cookie dough!  Yes I did make some cookies also, but the dough was great.  And that was Wed. so I have not died of salmonello! 🙂  Cookie dough, you just can’t go wrong with that one! 🙂

How was your week friends?!  We have off school Monday, so I am looking forward to reading your post this weekend!

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Friday Fave Five

It has been a long, unstable hormonal, not sleeping kind of week.  When I went to bed last night I was not planning to blog, I just didn’t feel like writing a FFF post.  I was  feeling rather frustrated.

But alas, this morning, I awake to a 2 hour school delay.  A true delight for any teacher.  So this morning I embark upon my day with a much better attitude, and can reflect upon my week reminded of the many blessings, not just focusing on the pain in the butt things that came my way.

Favorites this week included.

Homemade hot oatmeal.  I  had this for breakfast almost every day this week.  A little brown sugar ( ok, so it’s a lot of brown sugar) and some raisins.  Delicious,  a great way to start off a cold winter morning.

I went for my annual mammogram this week.  It was a smashing good time. 🙂  But I love technology.  I was in and out in 15 min.  So simple!!!

Basketball.  I love watching SportTman play for his JV team!  He is the starting center, and is having a great season.  I enjoy watching him play with such determination and effort.

I got an  portable iPod player for the Christms for my kitchen from Drums.  I LOVE listening to the music on my iPod while I cook, and clean in the kitchen.  It certainly brings a bit of joy to the chores of life when I can crank up some of my favorite tunes!  How can you have too bad of an attitude about loading the dishwasher while listening to Hillsong, Casting Crowns, Kutless, Tenth Avenue North, Third Day, and good ole KJ-52

2 hour delay is my other favorite of the week.  It certainly helped my attitude this week!

How was your week dear friends?

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Well, Well, Well, tomorrow is Monday

Monday, Monday, back to school tomorrow.  My alarm clock has not seen 5:42am for almost 2weeks.  But tomorrow it is back to reality.  Christmas Break will be over.  Hold on I need to get a tissue…..sniff, sniff!

I have really relaxed this break.  It was so needed!  I got to enjoy lots of my favorite R words;

relax, refresh, renew, revive, reminisce, restore, and recharge.

Watched some movies, including The Three Stooges, and the classic The Sound of Music,  played Bananagrams with The Inventor (not sure if she is that good, or I am that bad!), played ping pong with SportTman, got addicted to Twitter, exercised some, went out to breakfast with Drums, started reading Sarah Palin’s book “Going Rogue”, watched more movies, and ate lots of junk food!

Yes it has been good, and a constant reminder to me to find time to relax and recharge.  It’s a crazy life we live, but it’s also important to simplify things, keep the priorities the main things and enjoy being a family!  My kids are embarking on those rocky teen years, and so far I really like them.  But I never want to loose the focus of family time TOGETHER!  Christmas break gave us all just that…TIME TOGETHER.

So tomorrow at 5:42am, as I struggle out of bed, into a cold house and make a beeline for my coffeemaker…….a small smile will envelop my face as I reflect on such a WONDERFUL vacation!!

Here are a few pictures from vacation………

My kitchen table, this is how it looked during SportTman’s 15th birthday party air soft gun party.

Me…after the party! Trying to look like the cool, air soft gun shooting  mom that I have become! 🙂

Our summer Fresh Air Fund young man got to come and enjoy Christmas break with us.  He lives in the Bronx and Greyhound brought him to us for a week.  He even got to come to our school with SportTman for a day!

Here are he and SportTman enjoying spaghetti in our basement!  And The Inventor with Sir Isaac ( that will be his blog name) out in the snow, after a fun snow ball battle!

Trying something new

I have been quite addicted to Twitter lately.  It took me awhile to figure it all out…..but now that I am getting it I love it!  As a result I have found tons of new blogs I like.  Including Elizabeth Esther.  She is starting a new blog carnival called Saturday Evening post.  The goal is to pick a family-friendly favorite post from the last month.

So I thought I would give it a try.  My favorite post from Decemeber is this post about the Nativity that still stands in my town.  I live in the coolest, most quaint town around.  And right in the center of town is a lovely, traditional Nativity.  It just touches my heart every year to see it there, so that is why it is one of my favs. 🙂

It’s a cold, frigid day today and I am looking forward to staying home and reading some blogs!  A nice way to start the new year.  I think I will also start a pot of beef stew in the crock pot and make some cornbread to go with it.  Wish you all could join me! 🙂

Happy New Year dear friends!