Friday Fave Five

I missed joining this fine and fun group of ladies last week.  But I won’t miss it this week!  For more Friday Fave Five, please stop by and visit Susanne.

Well I guess one of my Faves is a snow day today.  It’s 8:30 and I just woke up! It’s always nice to not have to rush out the door in the mornings!  Sipping coffee and reading blogs on a snow day.  Nice!!!!

Last weekend was fun, The Inventor had a sleepover with 5 other girls.  Of course we had the sleepover while Drums was away playing drums for a Mission Fest and SportTman was on a Winter Retreat.  I enjoyed having the silly 12 &13 year old girls over.  They made pancakes and french fries at 1:30 am, “decorated” one of the girls in tons of rolls of TP, dipped their hands in a hot parrafin wax hand spa,and watched the movie “Up.”

These YUMMY, simple “homemade” donuts are always a fave on a cold and snowy day.  In my opinion you can NEVER go wrong with hot, fried dough, rolled in powdered sugar or cinnamon and sugar!  The recipe simply requires a tube of refrigerator biscuits.  Cut out the middle of a biscuit ( I just use the lid of a vitamin bottle, it’s the perfect size), fry in about 2 cups of oil, then roll while still hot in powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar. Trust me, you WILL eat them as you are rolling them in the sugar mixtures, so hard to wait for these!

Coffee is always a favorite for me.  I have been enjoying this Green Mtn. French Toast coffee immensely as of late!

Last night I was helping SportTman write a short paper on the influence of the Monroe Doctrine on foreign policy.  And since Drums, the social studies teacher, was NOT home.  I had to limp my way through the internet to help him out.  I love the MANY great reference sources available on the internet!  The days of the ole World Book Encylopedia are LONG gone!  Loved this site and this one!   Our school district has a membership to both of these sites through the school library.  So research was made simple!  And let me tell you, I now know all you ever wanted to know about the Monroe Doctrine!

Are they different? You bet!

I have been blessed to have both a boy and a girl.  The Inventor is currently 12, soon to be 13 and SportTman is 15.   As you can see from the picture above, they are both such lovely children!

I have noticed a “few” differences between them over the years, and just recently heard these things around my house.

The Inventor, ” Mom, have you seen my TEAL shirt?”

SportTman, “What is TEAL?”

The Inventor, “It’s a shade of green, with a bit of blue in it.”

SportTman, “Then just call it greenish, w/ some blue!!!!”

At bedtime

I sat and talked with The Inventor for over a half hour, I had gone in to say good night, and what followed was a usual lengthy bedtime discussion.

I then went down to say good night to SportTman, he simply said “Good night Mom” and he was off to sleep!!!


Then Inventor sets her alarm and gets up each morning at 6:00, her clothes are laid out the night before, she lingers in the bathroom, and has her school stuff all laid out and ready to go each morning.

SportTman, gets up at 6:30, takes a quick shower, gathers his clothes from the floor, or clean laundry basket, looks helplessly around his floor for his school books.  And scurries out to the car, often still putting on his shoes!

I love them both, and love how God created each child so unique and special!

God truly did make

Girls and Boys

Men and Women

Husband and Wives


All for His purposes!

Not Me Monday

It has been a while since I participated in a Not Me Monday.  But after the week I had, I knew it was time to confess my Not Me-isms. 🙂

So, Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

It was certainly not me that wore my contacts in the opposite eyes for an entire week.  Wondering all week, what was wrong with my eyes, and my contacts!  Finally after some investigating I realized the boxes were labeled wrong.  I had really thought my eyes had suddenly gotten worse…….but apparently it was just my brain that was the problem not my eyes!

It was not me that bought this gigantic container of Jelly Belly jelly beans at Costco, and sat on the couch for almost 45 min. trying every flavor in the container and mixing and matching jelly beans to make new combos.  What fun! 🙂  Wow, and what kind of adult would do that for 45 min.?!?!  Not me of course!

It was not me  who got so excited the night before our recent BIG snowstorm, that I actually got up several times that night to check on the progress of the storm.  A tired, old mom would never do such a silly thing as that! 🙂

It was not me that called my son from the basement on my cell phone, to tell him to come downstairs for something!  No that would be so lazy of me!

It was not me who jumped from the top of what the snow plow plowed into the end of our driveway, into a big 3 ft drift like I was jumping into a swimming pool.  No I am much to old for something crazy like that. 🙂

Snow Days and Being a Working Mom

I am a working mom.  There are times, I wish that I did not have to work!   I stayed home with the kids for 5 years, and I am so thankful for that time.  But now with a 15 year old and soon to be 13 year old, I am working.  At times it’s HARD, I get tired working all day, come home to LOTS of activities, dinner, laundry, etc.  I feel bad that sometimes I just don’t have the emotional energy to “be there” for my kids.

However, I have found little tricks (like a 10 min power nap, and regular exercise, and an occasional pick me up stop at a dear little bakery that happens to be right on the way home from school) that seem to help.  BUT, as a working mom, I can not even begin to tell you how thankful I am for my job.   I am a special ed teacher, I teach at the same school SportTman attends, Drums also teaches there.  And in 2 years, The Inventor will also attend “our high school.”  Being all together, just makes this working thing so much easier.  The Inventor walks down to the high school each day after school, SportTman comes to my classroom and we all drive home TOGETHER.

I see SportTman many times through out the day, I see him with his friends in the hallway, and at lunch. How many moms get to be in their kids HS all day?

So even though there are times when I get so frustrated with having to work,  I love teaching at the same school my kids attend!

I also LOVE having  snow days off together!!!  We are working on day 2 of being off of school due to a blizzard.

Yes I did use the “B” word, and yes it was an impressive blizzard!

So we have all been home together, having fun, watching movies, eating homemade chocolate chip cookies and playing in the snow!  It’s nice to have a job where I can be OFF with the kids and don’t have to worry about getting to work on the days schools are closed.

So even though there are THOSE moments when I just want to quit my job, in the big picture I am thankful for my job.

And I can’t resist posting lots of those crazy snow pictures! 🙂

SportTman in his fort, in the midst of the blizzard!

Digging out!

Making snow angels!

In the fort with SportTman

Friday Fave Five

Hello Friday Fave Five Friends! 🙂

Favorites this week include;

A trip to the dentist.  I know what you are thinking, a trip to the dentist is a favorite???   But it is, since my dentist and his staff are the greatest.  It’s a warm and friendly Christian practice.   Their care, concern and conversation makes such a dreadful appointment so much more tolerable.

This one also doesn’t sound like a fav…..SportTman injured his knee at basketball practice on Monday night.  It’s somewhat of a serious injury, he is going for an MRI.  But one of my faves about the whole ordeal is the local Orthopedic Dr. that we went to see, is a big fan of our high school’s basketball team.  So he was quite willing to see SportTman and even saw him briefly in the trainers room during a game on Tues. night.  He has been very helpful in getting my boy seen right away.

Cereal, it’s been a busy, and hectic week and we actually had cereal for dinner the one night! 🙂  No crock pot, no fancy homemade soups, no yummy chicken dinners……..just good ole cereal.  I was a happy and content mom that night.

This is another weird one, but it’s just been that kind of week.  I always go to the grocery store Friday after school.  Been doing it that way for years.  They are calling for large amounts of snow to start in my neck of the woods tomorrow afternoon, so I decided to get my weekly shopping done Thurs. night.  I went to a smaller grocery store, literally 3 min. from my house.  There were no crowds, no lines, and my shopping experience was actually somewhat relaxing.    The only problem is they have smaller carts at this store, and I needed more room after I filled it with my usual 6 gallons of milk!  🙂

And lastly, we had a 2 hour delay on Wed.  I LOVED it!  So relaxing for me.  And I must give a blog shout out to my dear bloggy friend Faith who has had NO school delays or much snow this year!!  And she lives North of me.  Praying for snow for you Faith! 🙂 Go visit her and send her lots of snowy wishes.

No pictures in my post this week… boring……but like I said, it’s been that kind of week!

Here’s to a snowy weekend and homemade soup.

For more Friday Faves, please visit Susanne in cold, snowy Canada!  Also check out her blog to see what  a hoar frost is, and it’s beautiful !!! 🙂


Isn’t it nice how a simple 3 inches of snow can just slow life down for a moment!  We had a glorious 2 hour school delay, and it was so nice to just ease into the day.  Sleep in a bit, sip some coffee while I read the newspaper, do a little evil laundry, (sorry but laundry is always evil to me), take in the morning at a slower pace.  I even enjoyed a morning devotional at this site.    Snow can just bring a busy life to a screeching halt, so tonight I am thankful for the slow snowy morning.  They are calling for more snow this weekend, I am actually really looking forward to it.