A New Life

I have thought many times over the past 25 years of walking with Christ….that Jesus died not only for our sins, but also to bring dead people back to life.   He rose and conquered the grave on that glorious third day.  So has my life been transformed and changed.

I know to many of you think I look like a nice, christian mom………oh, but if you knew me in college,  you would see the true miracle of a life transformed!

I was the big party girl on campus, I was the girl who organized a party on the roof of my dorm, I pulled people through my first floor window into my dorm room for parties, and I was the one who secretly shut down the dorm elevator so we could have a quick party in there!  Oh my!

But I was also the girl who secretly stalked a shy girl on my dorm floor.   I noticed her quietly carry a bible down the dorm wing faithfully every Tues. night at 6:50pm.  I know I shocked her one night when I asked where she was going.  And she meekly replied, Campus Crusade for Christ, and then I asked her if I could come along!!

Yes, me the girl with the roof party!! 🙂

But over the course of 3 years, God transformed this wild girl into a woman with a heart for Him.  It was a process, but I was forgiven and free.  A new life for me.

With Easter approaching this weekend I often find myself reflecting on that old me.  I still stand in awe of how God can transform, forgive, and love a sinner like me!

I once was lost, but now am found….Amazing Grace!

Friday Fave Five

I always enjoy reading everyone’s Friday Fave Five each week.  What a great group of ladies, if you haven’t joined feel free to visit Susanne and play along!!

Faves this week included;

This pic of my mom and I.  My parents came for a visit and my Mom and I got to go out and enjoy lunch together.  We enjoyed lunch at a cute place in town called the Chocolate Cafe!  Really can’t go wrong with a place with a name like that!

Also loved this pic of Drums and I.  We took it in a flurry as we were heading out the door for SportTman’s basketball banquet.

Also took this Fave of SportTman and I before the banquet.  It’s so weird when I look at it and see my little boy, is actually quite huge!

And with spring here my kids are enjoying being outside so much more.  The Inventor, captured this dare I say cute, creature in our creek the other day.  I just love how my girl pulled a frog from the muddy muck of our creek and brought it up to the house to show me!

I gave blood on Wed. of this week.   The whole experience was not real fun, I actually felt a bit faint this time.  Probably because I did not eat much beforehand.   But it makes my favorite list, because I know it’s a great thing to be able to donate blood.  It truly is a life giving gift!

Spring revelations!

I realized that if it is  warm enough to dry sheets on the deck…..then it’s time to put away the snowman flannel sheets!!

I realized that after ALL the snow melted that I STILL have Christmas lights on the bushes and the door floodlight is still out.  Wow, the flowers are peeking through the ground right next to the floodlight!  Oooops!

And I found this in the garage the other day, the snow shovels were next to the hedge/bush trimmer.  It’s time to PUT THOSE SNOW SHOVELS AWAY!!!!

Spring is hereEnjoy and embrace the beauty of the season!!

Friday Fave Five

Beautiful Spring is here!  How about in your neck of the woods??

I have the windows open as I sit to type this……..nice!

I must admit I have been a horrible blogger the last month, things have just been too busy for us!  But as you can see from my first fave of the week, I am thinking things may get a bit better!!! 🙂

One of my favorites this week, was unexpected time at home ALONE!!!  It turns out that both of my kids started spring sports and have practice right after school.  So after school I come home to an empty house for a little over an hour.  It has been a nice way t to ease into our busy season of life!

Our family also joined the local rec center.  The center recently completed some rather extravagant renovations.  It now has a top of the line weight and cardio area.  And I must admit, even this, “I must be OUTSIDE to get a good work out in!”  girl likes this INDOOR facility.  I have been a workout maniac for 2 weeks now.  I am enjoying it.  And I am certain I will soon be able to show off my buff muscles and stomach six pack!

I made this simple change in our front foyer…..winter to spring!

I found this in our front yard the other day….another sign that spring is on the way!  Baseball is always a fave of mine!

I have been devouring this sweet and salty kettle popcorn all week!  It’s quite a YUMMY/ addicting snack!  Wish you could join me for some!

For more Friday Fave Five stop by and visit Susanne.  She is ALWAYS a great host!


I hate shopping!!  There I said it!  I know you will all stop reading my blog now that you realize I am a lesser of a women.  I do like chocolate, but shopping……nope!  Hate it!

So today when I knew I needed to take The “growing taller by the second” Inventor out for new clothes, I dreaded it.  But after seeing how obscene her shorts have become due to the big growth spurt, I knew I must head out for a shopping trip.

So after a LONG day of school, we came home, changed clothes and went shopping together.

First stop was a local main street store that sells cool stuff geared just for tween girls!  The Inventor bought these trendy little rubber band bracelets that form into animals, cars or other fun shapes when you take them off.  Why I did not think of this trendy little invention is beyond me.

But after that we got down to business.  New shoes for track season, new jean capris, several shirts and camis, shorts and 2 fun T-shirts from Five Below.  And a new pair of school shoes for me.

We enjoyed dinner together at Sonic and ok…..here it comes………um…..yea………..I had a nice time with The Inventor tonight.  I realized that this evil chore was enjoyable because of the precious time The Inventor and I spent together chatting about boys, clothes, songs, God, and even the mention of purity in relationships came up.  It was all so natural  a few tidbits to treasure in the Sonic parking lot, a bit of heavy conversation in the dressing room at Aeropostale.

It was a reminder to me to meet my tween (soon to be official teen!) where she is at, do the things she enjoys, spend that quality time talking and building a relationship….listening to her, praying with, and spending time with her.

It was good, I am far from a shop-a-holic.  But I am looking forward to shopping with my daughter again!

When I got home and was reflecting upon our night, I was reminded of this verse.  I took a few liberties with it. 🙂

~~6 These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. 7 Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. ~~  And when you are out shopping and enjoying dinner with your daughter!

Deuteronomy 6:6-7

Friday Fave Five

Wow, I know I say this almost every week…..this week sure went fast!!!!

It’s been a busy basketball week at our house!  SportTman living up to his name, got to play on the Varsity team in the District basketball game at a huge indoor arena.  The first game on Sat.  his team lost miserably, but they put my freshman boy in for some playing time.  And he did great!  Played the entire 4th quarter, scored 6pts, and had several rebounds.  Such a great experience for him to play at that level as a freshman.  The team went on to play 2 other late games this week ( we got home well after 11:30 both  school nights, so if my post doesn’t make sense you know why….), and won one and lost the other.  But they now qualify for states.  And he gets to be part of the team for that too!  Big excitement….but I must admit I am one tired mom!!!

Another fav happened in my classroom this week.  I made pancakes with my special needs students.  It was a rare opportunity to do something fun.  Each student had the opportunity to pour their own pancake onto the hot griddle, and add either chocolate chips or sprinkles.  It was tons of fun, and a great opportunity to teach those critical life skills my students need.

The family joined the local rec center this past weekend.  We LOVE it!  There is a beautiful new fitness area, with LOTS of tech savvy exercise equipment……enough to inspire this workout mom.   The kids love the pool and the new gym.  It’s turning out to be a great family activity.

I see shades of green……or at least bits of brown grass.  I love each season, and after the record snowfalls of this year, I am looking forward to spring flowers, and green grass.

New York Style bagels at my favorite coffee shop.  We stopped in on Thurs this week.  I just LOVE these bagels!  Hard crusty outside, soft inside……Mmmmmm!

How was your week?  For more Favorites stop by and visit Susanne.