Hello Summer

I  have noticed a few things this summer

SportTman is quite content to eat frozen pizzas all day long

I still hate doing the laundry

Dinner always tastes better when eaten on our deck overlooking the woods

Watermelon is addicting……but so are fresh milkshakes!

The Inventor loves to clean!!!  🙂  She can be rented for a small fee……

If my son goes to basketball camp all day and then 2 hours later plays in a baseball game………don’t go anywhere near him when he takes his cleats off after the game.

Bonus!!  Any idea where this family picture was taken??  I will give much more info on the picture by Saturday, possibly Friday.  Clues are coming so check back……

Friday Fave Five…..already!?!?

Hey wait one minute how can it be Friday already?  I had planned to write at least 2 blog posts this past week……….uh….what happened?

My first week off of school and it flew right by, but I must say it has flown at a slower pace than the usual pace around here.  And I do promise to post the most awesome Whoppie Pie recipe that I had mentioned here.

As a matter of fact those yummy Amish treats made my list again this week.  I had stopped at a local produce stand and the dear Amish women made a point to show me the “FRESH BAKED” AMAZING LOOKING  whoppie pies that she was selling.  As I wiped the drool from my chin, I promptly bought six of them!  And yes they were SO good.

A simple little camera makes my list also.  We have a nice camera, but I wanted one I could keep in my pocket/purse for everyday use.  So I used some birthday money I had and bought a cute little Sony Cyber Shot.  It should get a lot of use on our upcoming trip (more on that next week!)

I have always been a bit of a back to nature kind of girl.  So as I was exploring our woods with SportTman, I was thrilled to find several wild black raspberry bushes.   We picked a bunch the other day.  Wow with a little sugar on them, they are scrumptious!!

This is a fun yard sale gem that I am thrilled with.  As I mentioned above we will soon be taking a trip and flying.  My kids have never flown, and it’s been 15 years since I have flown.  We don’t really have much luggage, just big duffel like bags that we always use.  Which work fine, except when you have to haul them through an airport.  So the Inventor and I were thrilled to find those nice suitcases on wheels with the cool handle.  We got one for $5 and the other one for .25!!!  So I will be taking my $5.25 luggage through the airport looking real good! 🙂

And my last Fave Five, is simple……S.U.M.M.E.R!!!!!!

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Friday Fave Five

Well it has been a glorious week for this teacher!

My number ONE favorite of the week was;


I am also enjoying my simple, little herb container garden.  I planted dill, rosemary and chives.  They are thriving and I just love stepping out onto the deck to cut a bit of fresh herbs for the things I am cooking!  I feel like a cool, pioneer kind of women! Ha Ha

SportTman broke his pinky finger diving for a baseball in center field.   It makes my Friday Faves since he has a huge baseball tournament coming up in Omaha, NE in 10 days,  I wanted to be sure he could still play so I took him to a sports orthopedic specialist.  He made this funky cast for him so he can still throw a baseball this week, and he thinks he will be ready for Omaha! Phew!

My woods is another favorite.  Drums just mowed the weed field that it had become, and it looks lovely!!  I just love to spend time out there praying, relaxing, checking out the wildlife, picking berries, walking the little trail we made etc.  We have all been back there so much more now that it has been mowed.  This is the view from our deck.

The Inventor and her friends also make my list this week.  They got out of school early their last day of school and took over my kitchen while I was still at school.  Well did I come home to a wonderful treat.  They cooked a delicious dinner of twice baked potatoes with cheese, bacon and onion, blueberry crepes and a fresh salad and a homemade blueberry milkshake!  It was so good, and they even cleaned up!!  Wow….I love those girls!

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Been jammin!! – Freezer Jam

I just LOVE strawberry season!!  Fresh strawberries are in abundance where I live in farm country!

So every year I make lots of strawberry jam…….unfortunately I did not have a lot of time to make my usual 12-15 pints of jam.

So I bought ONE quart of strawberries and made 4 pints of jam…….it took about 30 min. from start to finish!


Have you made freezer jam before?  If not let me show you HOW simple it is!

First start with this – ONE quart of strawberries

Wash, cut off the stem and mash.

Add 4 cups of sugar (yep 4 cups!!) – Let the berries and sugar sit for 10 min.


Boil 3/4 c. of water and a packet of Sure Jell

Pour the sure jell mixture into strawberry mixture, stir well and there you have it Homemade Strawberry Jam!!

In case you are wondering why the jam upper right side container is almost empty….well what do you expect I made the jam 2 days ago!!

And it is SO delicious!!  It makes great PB and J sandwiches, great on toast and biscuits in the morning……and my all time fav, it makes a wonderful topping for vanilla ice cream!

I am off to enjoy some on ice cream right now.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

THREE more days!!!!

Three more days until ScHoOl is OUT for the summer!!!!!!!!

Oh I can almost see it………..

Lazy mornings reading the newspaper and drinking coffee on the deck

Reading a few good books (any good suggestions?)

Exercise on a regular basis

getting a few home projects done

Make strawberry jam

Eating LOTS of fresh fruit


And time to READ blogs!!!!!!!

I can’t wait!!!

Friday Fave Five

Friday is FINALLY here………Actually as a teacher I am really counting the days until the last day of school more than I am  Fridays 🙂

This week went fast with having Memorial Day off!

And at our household the last 3 years Memorial Day weekend means baseball tournaments! 🙂  SportTman got to play at our local minor league stadium for a night game as part of the tournament he was in this weekend.  That was exciting for him and me, BUT what was truly nice, this was a local tournament and we did not have to travel.  It was nice to “be around’ this past weekend!

Strawberries!!!!!!!!  I love ’em!  So much so, The Inventor and I stopped at an Amish farm EVERY day this week to buy a fresh picked quart of strawberries for $3.25.  Needless to say we are all quite addicted to strawberries!

Track and Field Day for my students! It was a steamy and HOT day, but we had a BLAST!  My special needs students got to participate in a ton of running and throwing events against 3 other schools.  I brought SportTman and 6 other volunteers along for the day.  It was a memorable day full of fun and smiles!  I apologize for blocking out the student’s face, but with confidentiality I must, but I think you get the idea….my student was booking down the track for the 50 meter dash, with SportTman and another buddy beside him.

A book makes my Fave this week…..yes a book!!  I read a book!

I love to read, but just don’t take the time.  But I WON a great book from Mocha with Linda a few weeks ago.  It’s a riveting read of a 17 year old girl who tries to take her own life by lying across railroad tracks as she hears a train approach.  She survives this nightmare, and loses both her legs in the process.  The book tells of her struggles with depression and living life with out her legs.  BUT it is also a powerful testimony of a life transformed by Christ.  Great book!

Life In Spite of Me by Kristen Jane Anderson

Sports Bras…..I know a silly favorite, but I love them!  Wish they were invented when I was in high school and playing sports.

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