Friday Fave Five

Friday again! 🙂  So nice to reconnect with so many of you last week! 🙂

We started this past week of with a bang…….literally!!!!  A bang to the head.  SportTman got a concussion at the youth group barn party! He was throwing a football with friends and went back for a pass, someone came up behind him and jammed a finger in right above his eye.  Eye was fine, head was not!  SportTman and I spent 5 hours bonding together at the emergency room on Sunday night!   He still feels some of the ramifications of the nasty blow to the head, I mean eye.  It all seemed like such a bizarre way to get a concussion!  He will be out of sports for another week.

But it made my Friday Fave Five, since I am so thankful it was not worse.   Here he is enjoying a visit from Hubs and the Inventor in the ER.

I also cut loose a bit the other day….things have been a little stressful at our house as of late.  So I decided I needed to get out and play!  I actually jumped in a leaf pile with The Inventor! 🙂  I have such fond memories of jumping in the leaves as a kid, and love the smell of a leaf pile. 🙂  So I just jumped in, felt great!!! 🙂

Candles this time of year.  There is just something about  a simple Pumpkin candle lit on a fall night that brings a calmness to our house!

These vitamins!!!  I have been taking them daily for several years, and I am convinced they do give this active, busy mom the energy to get through the day!

And the prayers of ALL of you dear blogging friends!!  Means the world to my family as we walk the path of a very unexpected journey that lies ahead for us.  Many of you have sent me a note on fb or emailed me asking how to pray……THANK YOU!!! 🙂

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Friday Fave Five

Ah yes Friday!  Pretty excited about it being FRIDAY this week!

What a week it has been!

Started with a dead battery at SporTman’s baseball tournament over the weekend.  I was about an hour from home and wasn’t sure what to do.  I called AAA, and they arrived with in 15min to help.  They determined it was in fact a dead battery, so they were able to put in a new battery right there on the spot!  About an hour later I was back driving the vehicle.  And to think I had almost dropped my AAA membership recently!

I am also thankful for a dear blogging friend Lisa at Lisa Notes.  As I posted in an earlier post our family is struggling with an unexpected crisis right now.  And dear Lisa has been praying for us and sent several helpful books to me in the mail!  It’s women like Lisa that make me just love the blogging community even more!!

Another dear friend stopped over the other night with a bag full of yummy goodies.  God must have known I needed a little encouragement and she sent a friend loaded with yummy pumpkin whoppie pies, and some delicious coffee and a ton of other treats!

A power walk outside tonight under the full moon, is another favorite.  It was a beautiful night, with a slight cool fall breeze.  It did this mom good to get out for a walk!

And last and certainly not least… family is the greatest.  As I have mentioned our family is dealing with a tough health issue right now ( so sorry I just can’t blog about it quite yet, but do email  or facebook me for more info).  Well my entire extended family came for a visit.  Made my weekend!  So nice to feel so supported!

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Hubs is a Cheerleader!

Every year for the past 3 years or so, dear husband has become a cheerleader!  Every football and basketball season our local high school cheerleaders have a father/daughter night for the cheerleaders.  And every year for a variety of reasons some of the girls don’t’t have a dad around to cheer with them.  So they asked one of their teachers……….my husband!!

Can I tell you just how pathetic the dear man looks as a cheerleader! 🙂  He can play drums, but he certainly doesn’t have the moves for cheerleading!  But he does it each year with a good attitude and has fun with it!
I think he also sees a greater purpose in all of this, we are part of this great community we live in, and we strive to be a light to our local school district.  To “be there” for people and for the students.   Drums and I both teach for the local high school that our kids attend, we are an integral part of this town, and  we strive to make a difference for Christ…….even if it means being a cheerleader! 🙂  Being a light in the darkness is what God has called us to, our prayer is that God will use us here in our town!

Also, I must tell those of you who are regular readers here at Jesus and Dark Chocolate, our family could really use your prayers right now, we are enduring an unexpected crisis that I just can’t blog about at this time.  Please feel free to email me or send me a private message on facebook and I can tell you more.  But do pray for us……we need it!!

Friday Fave Five

It has been a long time since I have done a Friday Fave Five…..and YES I have missed doing it!!  I have also missed reading all the wonderful ladies who participate each week!

And what an interesting week it has been.  This pic is one of my favorite…..can you guess why??  It was taken during my drive home from school on Thursday.

Well………. due to all that rain and flooding…..We Got OUT of school early on Thurs. That was a wonderful and unexpected surprise!

On Monday I came home to a NEW sink installed by my new favorite handyman!  You know you must be a mom when you get all pumped and excited about a new sink and faucet!! 🙂

I am also enjoying my summer flowers that evolved into a nice fall flower display.

And since I got out of school early, I enjoyed making chili and cornbread for dinner, and a fresh, warm apple crisp for dessert.  It was nice to have TIME to cook and not feel so rushed!!

I am also savoring my Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice coffee that hubs makes for me each morning!!

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