THANKful for Thanksgiving!

We had a very nice relaxing Thanksgiving break!  My family, descended upon  our house for Thanksgiving Day.   It was a fun, NORMAL day!  🙂

Normal, I am realizing lately how much I relish NORMAL!

Normal means a day free from being consumed with thoughts of Alzheimer’s and the pending destruction of this horrible disease on our family.

Normal means just that!  Being a family, enjoying time together, being silly, serious, sarcastic, sporty, and doing things together that we have always done.

Normal this time of year means going to Tyler’s basketball games, taking the kids to youth group, eating dinner together, watching movies together on Friday nights, eating Pizza and popcorn on the weekends, having Madi’s annual Christmas cookie party, celebrating Tyler’s 16th birthday soon, putting the tree up, eating candy each night from our “countdown jar.”  Normal things we do every December!

Many people have said to me, “Oh Sandy with so much going on you shouldn’t have everyone to your house for Thanksgiving.”  “You shouldn’t have to cook that day!”

But I thought, Oh yes, please let me do those things! Cooking the turkey and fixings on Thanksgiving day has been something I have done for years.  It makes our disrupted life seem NORMAL when we can do the things we have always done.  I had a great day cooking and hanging out with my family.

I have also noticed my kids are less stressed by all of this when we strive to keep up our regular busy schedule.

So I am thankful for Thanksgiving Day this year!  It was a memorable and fun day!  That is why I have stuck random pics of our great NORMAL day through out this post! 🙂

So many of you have asked how you can pray for us………..please keep these things in mind as you pray.

Curt is now home, no longer at school.  Pray for him that he will keep active and busy.  Pray as he adjusts to his new routine.

Pray that somehow God can use our situation to bring glory to God during such a rough time.

There is SO much information to sort out for the future.  We met with a lawyer on Monday afternoon, and he was VERY helpful.  But there is so much to do to plan for our future financial and health care needs of our family.  It’s a bit overwhelming at times…..ok, it’s overwhelming lots of times! 🙂

Pray for the kids, they seem to be doing ok.  Madi has her moments where the stress of such a fearful diagnosis in her dad will suddenly captivate her and take over.  She often has trouble falling asleep at night.  Please pray she can get to sleep each night.

Pray as we all adjust to living with a new normal.  Sometimes I get so sad seeing Curt struggle to do certain tasks.  It just breaks my heart sometimes to see this.  But this is our new normal, and pray as we learn to live with it in a positive way.

Thanks dear bloggy friends, thanks church friends, thanks school friends, thanks old friends, and thanks dear, sweet family.  I can assure you we could have never come this far with out all your hugs, prayers and encouragement!

Well that was a hard day…..

Yesterday was a tough one!!!!!

Curt shared with each of his classes that he was taking a medical leave and would not be returning to teaching after the Thanksgiving break.  He told the students the last 5 min. of each class and I was fortunate enough to be able to run down to his classroom and be with him when he told the students.
It was so endearing!  Many of the students cried as he told them.  At the end of class many of the girls would so sweetly ask him if it’s ok for them to hug him.  The guys did the cool man hug thing with him.  He received several quickly scribbled together cards, laced with such poignant and endearing words.  Even 2 of his all time worst students gave him the kindest cards, filled kind and gracious words for their teacher.  By the end of the day many students were lined up at his classroom door to say good-bye, even students from previous years  started showing up.  One sweet girl came down and said she wanted to help him and offered to wash his chalkboards.
And of course there was LOTS of junk food gifts from his fellow faculty members…..that should reveal something about my sweet husband’s eating habits to you! 🙂

Me and my sweet hubby on his last day with the students!

It was a tough day, but it also showed me how Curt has impacted so many students lives!  And somehow I am praying that God will use all of this for His glory….I don’t get it…but I am confident in God’s plan!
I have gotten SO MANY sweet emails and messages on facebook from so many people.  Thank you all, we are all touched by such love, care, concern and prayers!!!!  🙂  You all make walking this tough road so much easier.

FridayFave Five/Early Onset Alzheimer’s

Well today is the day  hubs is telling the staff at school all that is going on with him medically.  He will not be returning to teaching after Thanksgiving break.  He has been a public school high school teacher for 25 years!
Back on Oct. 1st, Curt (Hubs real name) was diagnosed with Early Onset dementia, most likely Early Onset Alzheimer’s…….he is 46 years old!  Not the age you usually have in mind when thinking of Alzheimer’s is it?

Does our family look like the type of family you think of when you think of Alzheimer’s?!?!?!

It is obviously an unexpected journey we are now on……and we are all adjusting to living with a new normal.

But this is Friday Fave Five and let me tell you I do have some favorites!  I have noticed that the little things mean so much to me. When I am overwhelmed, discouraged, or just plain exhausted, God sends some encouragement my way.

After a long day this past week helping Curt after school to get his grades uploaded and turned in.  I was drained…..BUT, a friend had made dinner for us that night!  Can I tell you how overjoyed I was to NOT make dinner that night.

SportTman was in need of a graphing calculator for Algebra.  They cost over $100, and I was not real keen on spending the money for one.  Well………………about an hour after he told me he needed the calculator, I was cleaning out Curt’s desk at school and guess what I found!!!!!  The exact calculator that he needed………….a student had left it behind several years ago.

The Inventor was in need of some winter clothes, we stopped at a local consignment shop after school on Wed. and $50 later she had 5 new name brand shirts,a zip up hoodie, and I got a lovely, and needed hip looking purse.   Wow God really provided for her……and me!

The Inventor had a rough morning last Sat.   Spending time talking with her dad, just made her sad and reflective about the future.  She is the one who is really struggling with this.  She had a hair appointment that morning.  The women who cut her hair had NO idea what is going on…..but after the stylist finished drying her hair she asked if she would like it “styled and curled”  Well you can imagine what any 13 year old girl would say!!  And here is the result………….my girl was thrilled, and it brought some joy to a tough morning!

A renewed appreciation for the little things in life that I would often overlook in the past.  I now cling to those little things, and see them as a glimpse of the way God is with us during our storm of life.  It’s not always easy walking this unexpected journey, but knowing I am not walking it alone provides a peace amidst the storm!

We so appreciate all your prayers as we live with a new normal.  Curt will not be working after Thanksgiving, it will be so weird to not have him at school with me each day. We have taught together at the same high school our son attends for years.  It will be a big adjustment for all of us.   Pray for us in the unknown future that lies ahead for us.  THANKS!!!

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Been a bit stressed

I was thinking about writing a serious blog post about our family and things we are going through lately……but as I sat to write I realized my brain must be in Attention Deficit Disorder mode and I kept getting so sidetracked by these random thoughts of the day…………………….

Why is menopause called MEN-o-pause?  Why are men involved in it??

The moldy things growing in my containers in the back of the fridge, should I actually wash those disgusting, moldy containers out or just throw them out?!?!

How do other moms get socks to match on a regular basis?

Do I have to cook dinner tonight?

My fleece lined sweat pants are the most cozy comfortable pants in the world to come home to after a long day!

Geez…….How long has it been November!!!????!!!!

I love making baked potatoes……E.A.S.Y

I have a headache and I keep thinking of these yummy raspberry frosted brownies I had the other day.  Not sure what the connection is there……..

So there you have it….nothing insightful, nothing spiritual….just my mushy brain after a day at school! 🙂

And I am ok with that!  Some days are just like that, and THAT IS OK!  I am learning to live with a new normal, and I am learning that God has his hand in all of it, even if it’s days like today!

Hubs is planning to stop teaching and go on medical leave sometime after Thanksgiving, I am hoping sometime next week, that I can finally blog about all that is going on!

Friday Fave Five

What an interesting week……actually all weeks have been interesting lately.

The Inventor and I enjoyed some bonding time together on Tues., we stayed home from school napped and watched TV all day!!  Ok I was trying to make is sound positive, actually we both had the stomach flu!  I didn’t have it as bad as my dear daughter did, so I am thankful I could be with her during the day.  She was on the mend and  back to school on Thurs.

One of my dear special needs students had a major heart surgery on Wed.  We have all been thinking of him and praying for him.  I am thrilled to report he is doing well!!
Stop by his care page site and let him know you are praying for him
I had tons of staff and students take a picture holding a “we miss you” sign and sent it into the hospital for him.  Here is one of my favs of hubs and I at school. 🙂

I made the easiest dinner the other night, it was delicious yet so simple.  I bought some yummy ham steaks on sale for 1.00 each, poured maple syrup over them and baked for 30 min.  I also threw in 4 baked potatoes that cooked while the ham did.  It was all SO EASY and was an instant hit with the family!

My students made 2 pumpkin pies for Halloween last Friday.  I must say they turned out so well, and the smell radiated through out the building.  Everyone wanted to visit our class room that day!
The prayers of friends and family continue to make my favorite list.  I am hoping to soon be able to blog about all that is going on in our life.  It’s a tough road that lies ahead for us, and your prayers are what will carry us through.  Thanks!!!

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