Ah yes Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Jesus and the celebration of several days off of school for this weary teacher! I must confess that I was pretty darn excited to win 2nd place in the “who can sleep in the longest”  family contest on Sunday the day after Christmas.  Yep this mom … More Christmas…….

How did you know??

People often ask me how did I know something was wrong on with Curt.  Alzheimer’s is so unusual in the way it affects people.  Each one is so different!  And Curt being so young, obviously  the last thing we thought was going on was Alzheimer’s!! Curt started complaining 3-4 years about “losing it!”  I of … More How did you know??

Friday Fave Five

For those of you who are new to reading Jesus and Dark Chocolate, most Fridays I write a Friday Fave Five post.  This is a time to reflect upon my favorite big or little things of the past week.  And as I sit in my comfy chair listening to Christmas music, with my softly lit … More Friday Fave Five