Baseball Beef Stew

This was one of my Twitter posts this week. Can I just tell you how great that beef stew tasted!  For those of you who are not enduring a very cold spring, then you may not be able to fully understand the depth of this bone freezing cold that has penetrated this area!  It may … More Baseball Beef Stew

I hate mornings

I recently reset my alarm clock to 5:30am.  The reason, I wanted to hit the snooze 3 times instead of 2 before I get up.  Tell me that makes a lot of sense.  But that is my mentality these days!  Every school morning for the last 5 month I feel as if I am stuck … More I hate mornings

Friday Fave Five

I am back doing a Friday Fave Five! 🙂 And in some ways I must say it was a rough week, due to an annoying migraine that consumed my day on Tues.  I was pretty much plastered to the couch for the day! But there were plenty of favorites this week.  There are times when … More Friday Fave Five

Frustrating Friday

Yesterday was my big day…….no students at school, I was so hoping to get lots of needed paperwork done in my classroom!  But I ran into a problem………this was the first time in a very long time I was alone for the day.  Alone with my thoughts! Wow and didn’t those thoughts, emotions, worries, and … More Frustrating Friday