I don’t know……….

I thought to myself today that I should update my blog since it’s been awhile…………… our days have been filled with these 2 sports.

But aside from being consumed with sports, I have just been feeling pretty “I don’t knowish.” 

I know you are probably thinking wow, Sandy is so profound and expresses herself so eloquently!

But I just don’t know what to think…………

I don’t know about the future or what it holds for us

I don’t know how long it will be until Curt will get worse

I don’t know if I have any more patience left with in me on certain days

I don’t know what to make for dinner

I don’t know how to fix Alzheimer’s and just make it all better

I don’t know how to encourage Curt on some days

I don’t know how to file taxes

I don’t know how to use a chain saw to cut up the tree that fell in our woods

I don’t know how to stop feeling so overwhelmed some days

I don’t know how to plan for the future

I don’t know…….I don’t know what to think about even next year….how much different will it be

I don’t know if Aricept is really working

I don’t know if I am doing the right thing with all of our legal paperwork

I don’t know how to throw a lax ball with a lax stick

I don’t know how to start the whole recruiting process for Tyler for baseball

I don’t know how to encourage my kids on how to walk this journey

I don’t know if I can smile and answer for the 5th or 6th time as to who the game is against today.

BUT… I do KNOW this

I know who holds my unknown future.

Matthew 6:34 reminds me…….

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow,

for tomorrow will worry about itself.

Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Ecclesiastes 7:14

14 When times are good, be happy;
but when times are bad, consider this:
God has made the one
as well as the other.

Matthew 28:20

Surely, I am with you always!

The Lord IS my shepherd ~ Psalm 23:1

Hudson Taylor once wrote

“~Not was, not may be, not will be, THE LORD IS my shepherd.  He is on Sunday, He is on Monday and through every day of the week.  He is in January, in December ( and during the busy spring sports season), and every month of the year.  He is when I am at home and in China. He is during peace or war and in times of abundance or poverty~”

Yes, I do KNOW something after all…………:)

The ABC’s of our life……

A = Alzheimer’s, an unexpected diagnosis of Early Onset Alz for my 47 year old husband.

B = Baseball dominates our life these days!  Tyler is playing varsity baseball for our local high school.  It’s been so fun and exciting to watch him play.  He’s off to a great start so far this season, he is currently batting .565…..not bad for a sophomore!

C -Coffee  I don’t know what it is about this brown beverage, but it soothes my tired soul every morning.  I am currently indulging in Green Mtn. French Toast.

D = dog pee and puke…..yep, both have been all over the carpet at different times this week

E = Exceptional friend who has been cleaning my house for me for 2 years…..she went beyond the call of duty and cleaned behind my fridge with out me even asking her.  She went where no one has gone for a long time!

F = Friends continue to bless our family and encourage us….daily!

G = Goldberg…..Rube Goldberg that is!  Do you know who he is?  Well my daughter’s 8th grade Rube Goldberg group project has taken over our basement for the last 3 weeks.  Today is the day their project will finally turn off the light switch….and it all starts with a marble rolling down a wedge.

H = Help from friends.  Several friends at church have offered to make us meals lately.  Such a blessing during this busy sports season for this overwhelmed mom.

I – I need  more understanding and patience. I am finding I am needing lots of this lately in relating to my sweet husband

J – Just can’t believe some days that my husband has alzheimer’s

K – kindred spirit…I have found many others who are battling the evils of alzheimer’s through a group on Facebook called “Memory People”

L = Lacrosse!!  Madi is loving this sport, and that makes me happy!!  She actually had a couple assists in her last game…..not bad for a girl who had never even picked up a lax stick 2 months ago!

M= My boy Tyler just got contacts.  For all his great athletic feats, he is a bit less coordinated when it comes to  putting the contacts in.  But I am certain he will get it!

N =New driver, Tyler still has his learner’s permit, but he is doing so well with driving, and I love it when I am the passenger, and he drives.  I am actually quite relaxed in the car since he is doing so well.

O = Orthodontist!!  I am not liking our orthodontist lately.  He took off Madi’s  braces, only to say exactly one day later, she needs to have them put back on and have 4 teeth pulled.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  WE have a consult with an oral surgeon next week.

P = PILES of laundry….It’s never ending!

Q= Quiet….I must be old, because I am really starting to enjoy the quiet of a beautiful spring day, or a quiet house.

R -Rest…”Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest ” Matthew 11:28

S- Simplify!!!  Since Curt was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s we have cut out many of the busy things we used to do.  It has caused me to simplify more and focus more on family and hubs!

T- Taxes…Curt has always done our taxes…even last year when the symptoms of Alzheimer’s were starting to be revealed.  It took him a long time to do them last year, but he did it…..this year we went with H & R Block for the first time.  But Curt did a great job of getting all the needed documents together for this!

U – University of Md.  We all traveled to Md a week ago to get a tour of the Univ. of Maryland’s baseball facilities.  Tyler’s summer baseball team got to meet the coaches, see their team locker room, watch a game, hang out on the field during BP….all a GREAT experiences for my tall son who aspires to play Division 1 baseball!

V – Very content even during this storm of life……it must be God, because in my normal, hormonal, human brain it doesn’t make sense!

W- When does Summer vacation begin!!!????

X -What the heck start with X that I can relate to my life…..um……Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region..yes I know where this is do you?

Y – Yellow flowers are blooming in my woods, it’s so pretty!

Z – Zero things……..that is how many things I got crossed off my “to do” list this week!!  Ugh….it’s so crazy with baseball games and lax practice to get things done. But tonight everything was canceled, so as soon as I post this, I am off to conquer the list and some laundry! 🙂

~Sorry for the lack of updates lately…..I am just so busy this spring.  But do keep praying for us, I really believe it is what carries us and provides joy even in such unfamiliar & unpleasant times!!! ~

Thanks dear ones!!