I know it’s been forever……..

Yes it’s been over a month since I posted on this blog of mine…….

And why do you think I have not posted………………

                             I have just been way too busy this month.

My mind is on overload and I just couldn’t possibly add any more info in.

I saw  a t-shirt the other day that read;

“In my next life I plan to have more memory installed!”

Geez if I could just get a memory upgrade I think I would be better! 🙂

Let me give you a small example of what was on my mind this week……….

What can I have my students make for their Memorial Day picnic at school, plus an IEP to write and a busy week at school.
Why do we have SO much laundry…wondering if Tyler can just wear a dirty baseball uniform ( decided he could not)
I have no clean clothes to wear to school, no black summer flats for school and no time to shop.  (found a pair of shoes at a local consignment shop that will work!)
I must call about getting an estimate for a tree to be cut down in our woods
Worried about Curt driving part of the way to a Phillies game with a friend. (It all went well!!!)

I must schedule Tyler’s driver’s test….oh crap, I am a week late…..so now he will take the test a week later.  Ugh….hope he is not too mad. ( he handled it pretty well!!)
Do we have everything ready to meet with our lawyer on Tues to go over all our legal papers?
Why am I getting home from a baseball game at 11:45pm on a school night?
Tyler is pitching in a playoff game….why am I so nervous?

What do I serve at Madi’s surprise party on Friday…..how do I get her out of the house
What colors should I put on Madi’s special birthday cake for her surprise party?

….laundry still piling up!
Geez did the lawn mower blade really just break……….

Just a few of my many thoughts this week.

But did you notice something…….my thoughts have not been dominated by this wretched disease, early onset Alzheimer’s.  Our life must go on.  And in some ways that is a mixed blessing.   It is horrible to have this disease menace, taunt and infiltrate our lives.  But we must keep on, keeping on.  And kudos to Curt he is doing fairly well with keeping up with all the commotion of our days.  I know he actually relishes his down time at home during the day.  Since he gets much more tired than he used to, the time alone during the day has been good for him.

And yes there continue to be such simple blessings along these uncharted waters of Alzheimer’s.

We got approved for social security and Curt will start receiving a check from social security next week!!  The whole process only took about 2 months!!!!!

The kind, and generous ladies of our Sunday school class have been blessing us with a meal once a week.  And I must admit the meals have been so helpful……more than I thought they would be.  I am so excited to not have to THINK about what to cook once a week.  And of course I can rush home and simply eat the scrumptious dinner with out any preparation!

A dear friend who I have never met keeps sending me devotions, chocolate, and a cute little plaque with the timely words of Matthew 11:28  ~Come to Me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.~

Tyler had a great Varsity baseball season, you can also read about it here.  I became obsessed with batting averages, ERA’s, RBI’s (Tyler broke the school record for single season RBI’s, it was 32, he had 35)…..all served as a good diversion for both Curt and I.  I would often joke that Curt may not remember what he had for lunch but he could remember how many doubles, triples, and home runs Ty had this season! 🙂

Madi and her BFF”S had great fun at her little party on Friday night.  That was a blessing to this mom!

Praying for us?? 

First of all THANKS!!!

Here are a few requests at this time;

This summer!!!!!!  Lots of things revolve around the summer

Tyler has 7 major baseball tournaments on long weekends this summer…we will be traveling to places like Ohio Univ., Univ of Cincinnati, UVA, Univ of Md, Va Tech, Wake Forest and Marrietta, Ga.  That is a lot of driving and not being home.  I am a bit worried on how this will all work.  Curt will have to adapt to new situations at each hotel/place we go (often harder for him), I will be doing a lot of driving ( not my thing)….plus it’s a lot of traveling!!  But as my big baseball boys pursues playing Division 1 college baseball this is the way to go.

I am looking for a place for a nice beach vacation in Aug.  I am thinking after all the baseball tournaments we will need a nice family vacation and some down time.  Most places I have looked at are a bit out of our price range ( over  $1,000) for the week.  Pray we can find a place! I really want a place that we can hang out together as a family and have FUN together.

Pray that God will give Tyler and Madi wisdom on how to deal with their dad!  This is becoming a bigger issue.  To them he is still their dad, and as their dad he needs their respect.  Problem is with all his shortcomings as of late….it’s a hard balancing act.

Pray for Curt also, he manages quite well overall, but he is becoming more frustrated as his shortcomings begin to have a greater effect on him.  I see him struggling more with short term memory issues, struggling more with verbally expressing himself and finding the right word for things.   Like instead of asking for the rake while mulching today, it was the red thingy.  Oh I could go on about how this disease affects him….but that is for another day!

Pray for me…..for my sanity! 🙂  Some days I can balance it all, some days its harder!

Pray for a follow up appointment at Johns Hopkins ( and yes I still need to schedule it!)

There are more requests…..but I am hoping to post again sooner.  No more month long furloughs!  

Thanks dear friends…..we are truly blessed because of so many of you!!!