Flood Fun

So we got a little rain around these parts.  Ok, a lot of rain, 8-12 in. worth.  Don’t believe me…..well here is one of my favorite places to ride bike.
Yep….see what I mean.  A.L.O.T of water! 🙂  So what do you do when your Governor declares a state of emergency, school is closed for 2 days, and endless friends have basements full of water.
You help out your friends and strive to make the best of it!  I came home from my first day of school tired and weary.  It was a long day.  My kids of course came home excited and full of energy.
Our creek had flooded and they wanted to tube down it!!
WHAT?????  I pondered?  You have got to be kidding.
Before I knew it, they were pumping up our inner tubes and gathering the neighborhood kids, I knew they meant business.
And as any decent mom does, I worried about the dangers of entering the wild current of the overflowing creek.  So I hiked back with the kids into the jungle of our rainforest looking for the Nile River to tube down…..a.k.a our creek.
We found the Nile,  and I soon found myself up to my knees in the angry waters taking pictures.  I trekked for what seemed like miles in the rain with the kids, watching them tube down the creek.
And before I knew it, I realized I was having FUN!  It had been years since I had been stream stomping! 🙂  Despite being so reluctant at first to go anywhere except to a couch with a blanket and a soft pillow, I was now prancing through an overflowing, wild stream like I did in my youth!

I guess that is how my attitude always is, I try to make the best of any situation.  If I don’t like something, or it seems to hard, I see it as a challenge and go after it.
That was me….until Oct. 1st, 2010, when Early Onset Alzheimer’s entered our world.
This situation with Curt has been a tough one to make the best of.  My usual positive, optimist attitude doesn’t always comply with my volatile emotions.  It seems almost daily I rise to the challenges of living with this disease….and living with 2 teens. 🙂  But some days I don’t rise to well, there are days I am beaten down, frustrated and overwhelmed!  My feisty fighter attitude seems to have been washed down the stream in the flood.
I miss my husband.
I miss the competent, leader that he was for our family.
Actually, There is so much that I miss about him.
I am sad for our future.
HOWEVER…..my story doesn’t end here. 🙂
There is HOPE in this storm of life. And that is what carries me on this journey.
It’s words like this:

“I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.  Psalm 91:15

Do you see the word in?  Troubles will come and God will be with us in troubles!
It’s also songs like this one that inspire and strengthen me on this journey, in these troubles.

Sure it’s hard, but as Curt often says for those who know Christ and seek after Him, the journey ends well! 🙂  Yes……there is Hope, Goodness, and Love on this journey. For Almighty God is with us IN our frustrations and difficulties.  There is a Godly peace in the storm of life.
We may be beaten down and frustrated, but we do not despair.  For there is Hope!
  And that is something that  brings out the optimist side of me. 🙂

Thanks for your ongoing care and prayers for our family,