Well things at our house as of late have gone from bad to worse.

Yep, there, I said it bad to worse….so be prepared this is going to be a discouraging, depressing kind of post.  It had to happen, there had to be a kink in our armor of life, and I think I finally found it.

It’s called Alzheimer’s anger and it ain’t pretty!  I have seen glimpses of it for a few months now, but I could always reason my way out of Curt’s insulting demise.  But this time it was to no avail.  It is amazing the assault this disease has on the brain!  It  slowly steals away your logic and higher order reasoning skills.   The worst part is it leaves you thinking you are still the same logical, wise adult you once were!

This past Friday was the start of this unexpected anger assault.  By Sat. morning it was rising with a furry.  I made the mistake of trying to reason with Curt, which only led to greater frustration on my part and more anger on his part.  But somewhere in the midst of my trying to reason this through, he said he was going to call the police on me for assaulting him.  It was a sad, yet revealing statement, because it was at that point I realized he had really lost the ability to reason and I needed to change my approach from here on out.

I also realized that Curt will ALWAYS be the WISE, insightful man I married, and the man that was spewing anger, and irrational words at me was the disease speaking to me NOT the man I married!

Things got worse as the weekend went on, and even continued into the school week. I ended up being late for school the one morning because he woke up and was so upset with me about not telling him that there were seven stages to Alzheimer’s and was worried the kids would play their music too loud at the computer despite the fact that we now have headphones for them.  He was confused and mad.

But  this disease is so unpredictable, we had some great moments in between and things seemed so normal……well as normal as normal can be. 🙂

We have tried to make things a bit calmer at our house, which isn’t always easy if you know our goofy, loud, humorous family….but we are trying.  I am praying that will bring a calmer spirit to Curt.  But I see this as another step on this dismal journey….I can assure you we are not enjoying it, but I can also assure you that as God does  allow such difficult moments, He is there with us through out it. I read somewhere that if God sends us over rocky paths, He will provide us with sturdy shoes.

Well I can assure you I now have some pretty sturdy shoes! 🙂

(Actually they are Tyler’s stinkin, huge, size 14 boots!!)

Thanks for the prayers, emails, and texts this past week friends!

Busy start to the new year…….

Basketball games, lacrosse games and practices, Eagles football game……..yes it’s been a busy start to the new year for us!  And in some ways the busy stuff is a mixed blessing, the kids and I are so caught up in the day to day chaos, that we don’t have time to focus on the perils of living with Alzheimer’s!

We had the best start to the new year, we got FREE, yes FREE tickets to the Eagles vs the Redskins game.  A dear friend worked it out for us, and the seats were the best!  No nosebleed section for us….phew!

Now some of you may be shocked to see me in an Eagles jersey, I know this may be hard for some of you, knowing that one of the first songs I learned as a child was “Hail to the Redskins!”  I grew up in the DC area, I grew up with a disdain for the Eagles, Giants and the Cowboys.  But this day was one of those moments in life where you look beyond the entrenched football rivalries and you support your husband!  He has been a long time Eagles fanatic and this day was for him! 🙂 It was a fun day, the weather was ideal for Jan 1st and hubs team the Eagles won!

Madi has also been busy becoming buff girl…..she is doing a strength and conditioning program for Lacrosse and playing indoor lax.  Unlike Tyler, Madi has floundered a bit in finding a sport she loved.  She just started girls lax last spring, but has really come to LOVE it!  And it’s neat for all of us to see those skills continue to grow and improve!

Tyler is having a blast playing hoops this year, and I must say Curt is enjoying every game.  He sits near the court and takes pics while chatting with his new lady friend.  Now don’t take that the wrong way, his lady friend is one of the player’s grandmas.  But the two of them have forged a fun friendship this season.  Curt took this pic of Ty (#30) stuffing the leading scorer in the league! Ha not in our house! (ok,sorry competitive mom moment, I’m moving on now!)

So life for us is good, not always easy, but good.

Our local basketball parents club had a slogan a few years back…it simply said

“It Ain’t Easy”

This year the slogan is, “Every Day, Every Play”

Yep, we work hard every day, it ain’t always easy, but we press on!