Moving on from the Ugh!

~Thanks to  many of you who came to our rescue after my depressing Ugh post!  That rough week was/is just another step on this uncharted journey called Alzheimer’s.~

Things have improved from that dreadful week.  I think I had to learn to handle the situation differently and make sure Curt DAILY takes his meds.  I see now that blow up was a “perfect storm” of a lot of things going wrong.  It will probably happen again…..and again….and again.  It’s never going to be easy or fun, but I do feel that at least I will be better prepared next time.

And once again we were blessed by many of you during the last week or so.  I think it’s so cool when I would get a text or email from someone who will say, something like

~God has really laid you guys on my heart this week, and then I went and read your blog, and now I see why~

A few dear friends brought us a meal or two, and that sure helped my sanity.  This may sound funny, but I have found that with so much going on, I can make the big decisions that are needed for running the house, finances, calendar, future planning etc etc…..but it’s the simple decisions like what kind of cereal to buy, or what to make for dinner…… that I can’t make and become brain dead and indecisive!

I often think if the kids didn’t play sports, I would not be as busy.

BUT, the sports thing is also a blessing in many ways.  Curt LOVES going, it keeps him occupied and he likes to take pictures at the games.  It’s good for him to get out.

At this point he is home all day ( since he can’t drive anymore) usually using the computer most of the day, and occasionally stopping to make something to eat.  His cooking skills pretty much consist of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a bowl of cereal.  Occasionally he will heat up some leftovers.

This disease is not an easy one, as I continue to see Curt’s skills diminish.  Even today,  as he was playing pool with Tyler and his brother who is in town from Florida, I realized He really can’t play at all anymore. 

The great irony is Curt who taught Tyler to play and love the game, was being coached and helped through the game by Tyler.

I know it’s going to be a tough road for us, but after all the lovin, texts, prayers, hugs, support, care we received the last 2 weeks, I am thankful we are not walking this alone!

I am going to leave you with a video of the other thing that has caused me great stress lately! 🙂  Tyler’s basketball team!  They are not like normal teams who win by several points or loose by several points.  No we tend to either win by one amazing buzzer beater or lose by one!  Here is a great video of one of our many buzzer beaters this year.  Tyler is #30, you can catch a glimpse of him a few times.

I also think you will love seeing our supportive student section singing the national anthem!