Hello Summer!

I know it’s been awhile since I have updated this blog of mine.  April and May pretty much spun through our lives like a tornado, leaving a wasteland of chaos.  I must admit April and May were 2 of the worst months of my life ever!

Really up until Curt’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s we really had a pretty good life, sure there were bumps on the road, but not giant sinkholes!

But this past April and May really did me in.  Tyler and Madi kept a busy schedule with Madi playing lacrosse and Tyler playing baseball.

I was out most nights with their games.  We also refinanced our house which required a ton of paperwork (something I was so unfamiliar with, since Curt was always the great financial guru and I was blissfully clueless!).  There were other financial matters to attend to along with our taxes, I had never done that before either. Caring for Curt and his needs has become more of an issue, as well as the needs of two busy teens!  But if that wasn’t enough to send me over the edge, this is what finally did me in. 

The anger issue!! 

Towards the early part of May and pretty much all through the month Curt continued almost daily to rant and rage.  It was horrible and so not him.  Of course all of this anger was directed at me, he called me horrible names, cussed me out, and just would not let it go, it would go on and on.

Thankfully, his leg swelled up out of the blue and that gave me a good reason to take him to the doctor. Before that he refused to go.  I then secretly clued the doctor in to what has been going on and asked if she could prescribe a med.  She did, and things slowly and thankfully began to get better.  Trust me I am SO THANKFUL for that.

Alzheimer’s is a pitiful disease,  I slowly watch Curt loose so many of the abilities that made him great.  Curt never really plays drums anymore, has trouble getting dressed on his own,  has difficulty eating, he walks so slow since his depth perception is off,  and he really can’t even throw baseball or pitch to Tyler anymore…. it’s all sad to watch.  But throw the anger in and I could barely pull myself out of bed some mornings.

I started a new “workout” during April and May, wake up, pray, RUN to the Keurig machine for coffee! 🙂

BUT…….there is good news amidst all of this gloom!


THANK YOU to so many of you that have helped to support us these last several months!  We have been blessed with so many meals, I really don’t think I could have made it with out those meals.  We probably would have eaten cereal every night. 🙂  There were nights I was so mentally exhausted just thinking about what to make for dinner was difficult!  So thank you dear friends who helped out!!  I wanted to thank everyone personally, but some how I feel I may have forgotten some of you, but please know how much we appreciated it!

Also, we received a few gift cards for places to eat, that too was helpful, I didn’t have to feel guilty about ordering out on those nights when I couldn’t cook!

There have been so many other little ways we have been blessed a few of my sweet blogging buddies sent me encouraging words through the mail, my sweet neighbor always seemed to have a special way of helping at the right time, a woman I barely know gave us a lawn mower we really needed to mow the woods behind our house. The timing of the lawn mower was perfect!!

I would often receive a text or a facebook message from someone with encouraging words, their timing was always perfect…..God knew!

Yes, God knew, God knows! 

He knows this is hard, He knows I just want to stay in bed some days and do nothing.  He knows how to meet our needs in His perfect timing!!  Thank you friends for getting me through April and May, thank you for being used by God to walk this journey with us and give me strength when I have none!  God knows and His timing is good! 🙂 

We made it through the school year!  This picture signifies the official start of summer in our house.  Every year for the past 10 or so years, we head out to this huge smorgasbord near our house for a mammoth breakfast the day after school ends!

We are heading off this summer for a ton of traveling with Tyler’s baseball team, we are heading to exotic destinations like Cincinnati, Oh and Atlanta, Ga and Richmond, Va and Myrtle Beach, SC.  So please pray for safety and that Curt can handle this break from his daily routine.  I am just not sure how it will all go for him!

Also a big praise is we did find a local neurologist for Curt, he was very helpful and I feel like I have a go to person to help out when things get tough!

Thanks dear friends for walking this journey with us!!