We need to leave at 7:15am today!!!!

I yelled to the kids this morning, “we need to leave by 7:15, I have a meeting at school at 7:35 and I can’t be late!” It was 6:45am, and I still needed to eat, pack SportTman’s lunch, find some clean pants in my laundry mess for my son, and try to find 5 min. to drink a cup of coffee and read glance at the morning paper. I then did as every wise mom does, gave a 10 minute warning and a 5 minute warning, so the kids knew I meant business. So at 7:15 I expected to see the kids in the van and ready to go. I grabbed my coffee, lunch and laptop bag and headed out to the van. I said to “prompt daughter” sitting ready in the back of the van, “where is your brother?”

SportTman was still getting ready!  Finally about 7:19, while we are waiting in the van in the driveway, he comes out. In my most wise, calm, motherly angry, mad, yelling voice I told him, I meant 7:15 and not 7:19 ( trust me, this is NOT the first time this has happened, we are always waiting for him! Our “commute” to school is only about 5-7 min.). So I told him, he could not use his Nitendo DS for the rest of today and he owed me a dollar. He immediately complained, whined, yelled and of course said “it’s not fair.” I told him he doesn’t have to pay me the dollar or hand over the Nitendo if he came into my meeting and told everyone why I was late! He didn’t pick that option. 🙂

But as we drove on to school together, his tone calmed, the mood in the car became more lighthearted, and when I dropped him off at school in front of his friends, he says back to me, “Love ya Mom.”

I just love that long-legged, size 12 shoe wearing, baseball, basketball, soccer playing 13 year old….yep through it all he is my son, and I am thankful for him!

A Few More Traditions

After a fun day yesterday making painted glass ornaments with The Inventor and a silly night out shopping with SportTman, I am getting back to down to the business of the week ahead. I just cooked chili and a family favorite, ham and noodle casserole to serve later this week. This way when things get crazy, I already have a nice, dinner DONE.

Just wanted to list a few more traditions.

#1 We do special family devotions the month of Dec. Each family member is responsible for leading the devotion. We have done plays one of the kids wrote, played a game of scategories with a christmas bible theme, played a homemade board game with Christmas bible related questions, hunted for objects related to the Christmas story etc…. Just last night The Inventor shared her Christmas devotion and built a little stage. She devised a role of paper on two wooden dowel rods, she pasted pictures that related to the Christmas story and then read the story as she moved the scroll with the paper to the bible verses. It was so creative, she even stuck 2 small flashlights into the box that would shine right onto her scroll. (Do you see why I call her The Inventor!) This has been a fun tradition and it’s so rewarding and heart-warming to allow the kids to come up with their own devotion!  I thought it would help if you could see a pic of her invention!  🙂


#2 – We have a countdown jar, we fill it with 100 pieces of candy ( 1 for each family member for 25 days) and eat a piece every night after dinner, it’s empty on Christmas day.

#3- We picnic in front of the Christmas tree on Friday nights.

Enjoy the Christmas season with your family!

So tell me, what traditions or special things do you do with your family at Christmas?

Christmas Traditions

Oh I am a traditionalist! I love my Christmas traditions and my children are now at a fun age to truly appreciate them ( SportTman is 12 and The Inventor is 10). MomRn2 is hosting a Christmas Traditions listing of everyone’s favorites. I definitely wanted in on this one. So with out further adieu I humbly present our favorite Christmas traditions.

  1. Every December we find time to watch the sappy, yet ever endearing movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” We snuggle up with lots of popcorn and watch this charmer of a movie every year. It just doesn’t seem like the holiday season with out it.
  2. I place a small gift box under the tree every year with a large nail in it, and write on the box, “The Greatest Gift.” It’s nothing fancy, just very symbolic
  3. When the kids were younger we would have them get in their jammies, slippers and grab a favorite blanket and go look at Christmas lights. I would bring hot chocolate and a few homemade treats along. They no longer get in their jammies to go look at lights, but we do still enjoy looking at decorated homes while enjoying the treats.
  4. We draw “special angels” the first Sunday of Dec. The family member whose name is you draw is now your special angel for the month. You do kind things for the person ( feed the dog for them on their day, leave special candy treats for them to find, do a chore for them), but you must remain anonymous. We reveal special angels on Christmas Eve.
  5. When the kids made a decision to accept Christ into their lives, we bought each of them a special Christmas ornament. We wrote the date of their decision on the ornament. Now every year they place their special ornament on the tree first, and discuss it meaning with us, and what Christ means to them personally. It has served as a great reminder of that personal commitment.

Ok that is all for now, …………I have more to post, but will have to wait until tomorrow night.

Merry Early Christmas to all!!