Friday Fave Five

This week soared by and the trees are budding, the birds are singing and the flowers blooming. We have all been relishing the record high warm temps, and making every opportunity to get outside! One fave this week included a 8 mile bike ride in the country with hubs.  It was a beautiful day, and … More Friday Fave Five

Friday Fave Five

Wow, I know I say this almost every week…..this week sure went fast!!!! It’s been a busy basketball week at our house!  SportTman living up to his name, got to play on the Varsity team in the District basketball game at a huge indoor arena.  The first game on Sat.  his team lost miserably, but … More Friday Fave Five


Exercise, Exercise, come on everybody do your exercise! ( What is that song/saying from, I remember it from somewhere in my childhood ???) So ladies who exercises regularly, or semi-regularly, or once a month, or who even thinks about exercising? Thinking is at least a start! Drums had an old college roomate who used to … More Excercise!

Big decision…..

Nap or exercise? Check back later to see what I end up choosing 🙂 If you guessed exercise you are right! The nap was tempting, but it was a beautiful day. So I got on my ugly stylish orange biking shirt, and rode several miles out in the hilly, manure smelling farm country near my … More Big decision…..


Two days ago I came home from school fully feeling the evil effects of the dreaded monthly curse. I wanted more then anything to take a nap…….until bedtime! But as many of you moms know, you can’t always just lay down and take a 7 hour nap. Thus began the battle between  “Dee Serve” and … More Fitness