The ABC’s of our life……

A = Alzheimer’s, an unexpected diagnosis of Early Onset Alz for my 47 year old husband.

B = Baseball dominates our life these days!  Tyler is playing varsity baseball for our local high school.  It’s been so fun and exciting to watch him play.  He’s off to a great start so far this season, he is currently batting .565…..not bad for a sophomore!

C -Coffee  I don’t know what it is about this brown beverage, but it soothes my tired soul every morning.  I am currently indulging in Green Mtn. French Toast.

D = dog pee and puke…..yep, both have been all over the carpet at different times this week

E = Exceptional friend who has been cleaning my house for me for 2 years…..she went beyond the call of duty and cleaned behind my fridge with out me even asking her.  She went where no one has gone for a long time!

F = Friends continue to bless our family and encourage us….daily!

G = Goldberg…..Rube Goldberg that is!  Do you know who he is?  Well my daughter’s 8th grade Rube Goldberg group project has taken over our basement for the last 3 weeks.  Today is the day their project will finally turn off the light switch….and it all starts with a marble rolling down a wedge.

H = Help from friends.  Several friends at church have offered to make us meals lately.  Such a blessing during this busy sports season for this overwhelmed mom.

I – I need  more understanding and patience. I am finding I am needing lots of this lately in relating to my sweet husband

J – Just can’t believe some days that my husband has alzheimer’s

K – kindred spirit…I have found many others who are battling the evils of alzheimer’s through a group on Facebook called “Memory People”

L = Lacrosse!!  Madi is loving this sport, and that makes me happy!!  She actually had a couple assists in her last game…..not bad for a girl who had never even picked up a lax stick 2 months ago!

M= My boy Tyler just got contacts.  For all his great athletic feats, he is a bit less coordinated when it comes to  putting the contacts in.  But I am certain he will get it!

N =New driver, Tyler still has his learner’s permit, but he is doing so well with driving, and I love it when I am the passenger, and he drives.  I am actually quite relaxed in the car since he is doing so well.

O = Orthodontist!!  I am not liking our orthodontist lately.  He took off Madi’s  braces, only to say exactly one day later, she needs to have them put back on and have 4 teeth pulled.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  WE have a consult with an oral surgeon next week.

P = PILES of laundry….It’s never ending!

Q= Quiet….I must be old, because I am really starting to enjoy the quiet of a beautiful spring day, or a quiet house.

R -Rest…”Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest ” Matthew 11:28

S- Simplify!!!  Since Curt was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s we have cut out many of the busy things we used to do.  It has caused me to simplify more and focus more on family and hubs!

T- Taxes…Curt has always done our taxes…even last year when the symptoms of Alzheimer’s were starting to be revealed.  It took him a long time to do them last year, but he did it…..this year we went with H & R Block for the first time.  But Curt did a great job of getting all the needed documents together for this!

U – University of Md.  We all traveled to Md a week ago to get a tour of the Univ. of Maryland’s baseball facilities.  Tyler’s summer baseball team got to meet the coaches, see their team locker room, watch a game, hang out on the field during BP….all a GREAT experiences for my tall son who aspires to play Division 1 baseball!

V – Very content even during this storm of life……it must be God, because in my normal, hormonal, human brain it doesn’t make sense!

W- When does Summer vacation begin!!!????

X -What the heck start with X that I can relate to my life………Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region..yes I know where this is do you?

Y – Yellow flowers are blooming in my woods, it’s so pretty!

Z – Zero things……..that is how many things I got crossed off my “to do” list this week!!  Ugh….it’s so crazy with baseball games and lax practice to get things done. But tonight everything was canceled, so as soon as I post this, I am off to conquer the list and some laundry! 🙂

~Sorry for the lack of updates lately…..I am just so busy this spring.  But do keep praying for us, I really believe it is what carries us and provides joy even in such unfamiliar & unpleasant times!!! ~

Thanks dear ones!!


THREE more days!!!!

Three more days until ScHoOl is OUT for the summer!!!!!!!!

Oh I can almost see it………..

Lazy mornings reading the newspaper and drinking coffee on the deck

Reading a few good books (any good suggestions?)

Exercise on a regular basis

getting a few home projects done

Make strawberry jam

Eating LOTS of fresh fruit


And time to READ blogs!!!!!!!

I can’t wait!!!

Dear Sandy

Dear Sandy,

Hi remember me…..your blog???    I’m here patiently waiting for you to acknowledge me!


Feeling abandoned @ Jesus and Dark Chocolate

Dear Jesus and Dark Choc,

Yes I know I have been so busy, if you were checking in with me at Facebook and Twitter you would see that.  I’m sorry.  Look, tomorrow we can hang out and spend time together.  And remember………summer vacation is 38 DAYS AWAY!!!  You know you and I are tight all summer long!!!  See you Friday!

Love always,


Gone Fishin’

Fishing season around here is quite popular.  I always thought fishing was a dumb sport, never sure how it qualified as a “sport” in the first place.

You sit in a comfy chair, throw some string in the water and WAIT.  Not too tough!

Then this weekend it hit me!!!  As I drove by a stream and noticed mostly men out fishing.


Think about it ladies………

You sit in a comfy chair

Work on your tan

Chat with friends

Throw some string in the water for awhile and just let it sit there

And you get to sit more and WAIT.

Just sit and WAIT.  Chat with friends some more….maybe bring a little coffee along

Sit and chat some more, wait

Work on the tan

Drink some coffee

OMGosh I have been so foolish for missing this opportunity for so long!

Do you hear me ladies, this is our opportunity for fellowship a  chance to get out of the house.  Don’t people fish for hours!?

Fishing is suddenly looking so much more appealing to me.

Who knows I may leave behind the laundry, cooking and yard work next weekend and Go Fishing!

Won’t you join me! 🙂

Things heard around my house yesterday….

Drums – “Honey where is the salt shaker?”

Me- “Out in the car”

The rest of the story- I took my air popcorn maker to school to make popcorn with my students on Friday, I also took the salt shaker, and I had left it in a bag in the car.   Drums expression was priceless when I told him the salt shaker was in the car!

SportTman – “mom where is the thermometer, I want to take my temperature?”

Me- “I don’t know…….yelling to daughter,” honey do you know where the thermometer is? “

The Inventor – “It’s outside under my swing!”

The rest of the story, both kids have been suffering from the swine flu, apparently The Inventor was answering the door while taking her temperature.  She went outside to get the mail, stopped at her swing and left the thermometer there.

Drums – “Honey I’ll do the dishes for you!”

Me – “hallelujah!!!”

No explanation for that one!  I love my husband!

Both kids are on the mend now, and hubby and I have been swine flu free so far.  But it made for a crazy week and weekend.  But life seems to be returning to some degree of normal at our house.

If I only had a brain………


I woke up the other morning at my usual 5:42 am….why it is 5:42 exactly nobody knows for sure! 🙂 But as soon as I awoke I noticed both my eyes felt really strange. At first I thought maybe I had pink eye, then I thought they just felt really dry.  I rubbed them, washed my eyes out a bit, and it was still no better.  My vision was a bit blurred and I was a tad concerned as to what was going on.  I also noticed something really odd, I could see quite well.   I wondered to myself if God performs healings while we sleep just to humor us on a busy morning.  I was quite perplexed as to why my eyes felt horrible and why I could see so well.  I got in the shower, some how thinking that would fix my situation.  After all the shower can fix everything in the morning. 🙂

After I got out of the shower, still feeling dry, foggy, weird, eyes….I decided to put my contacts in……………yep you probably figured it out by now………it was then, and only then, when I reached for my contact case and found it EMPTY, that I realized I had slept with my contacts in all night!

What a ding dong I am, and the funniest part about it is I had NO clue!

So this post is just something for all you young 30 something readers to look forward to when you become a 40 something girl, you will see how your brain turns to mush and this is simply a new NORMAL!  Just a little something to look forward to.

Dear Summer,

To my dear friend Summer,

Where are you going?  I can’t seem to find you with all the Back to School sales, and the starting of several schools in town, I have lost sight of you!  I just want to let you know I really appreciate you!  You have been good to me.  You bring a calming spirit and peace to my crazy household filled with chaos.  I enjoy visiting you on my deck, I see you when sleep in a bit, I love the fresh watermelon and corn on the cob you bring, I enjoy the time you provide to visit with friends and vacation with family.

I just wanted to let you know you will be missed!  Can you please just spend a few more days with me!

Thank you!

Your BFF for life,


canoe pic


Thanks for all the kind words.  But as you know all good things must come to an end!  I’m glad you enjoyed having me around, I was afraid you would be ticked at me for all the steamy, hot, disgusting, humid days I sent your way lately.  So I am flattered to hear you still speak so highly of me!

I want to introduced you to my friend Fall.  He wanted to remind you of a few things I think you will enjoy; apple cider, those delicious pumpkin cookies, crispy, cool evenings, fallen leaves, football, cozy sweatshirts and jeans and the beauty of the turning leaves in the woods behind your house.  Now doesn’t that give you something to look forward to?

Before you know it I will be back, I come back the same time every year, and I will be around the rest of the week.

Your friend,


Life and Times of Me

I got home from school on a beautiful Thurs. afternoon and knew even though my schedule looked VERY busy that I really need to get a nice bike ride workout in. So I attempted to squeeze it in during a 45 min. empty time slot I had.  Thinking that it looked nice out, but that I would be cold, I dressed in a sweatshirt and sweatpants.  Now try to get a mental picture of what I am going to present to you here……..
I’m heading out on my bike, about 5 min. into the ride I knew I overdressed.  I was sweating away, so I did as any trendy 40 something momma biker does, I rolled up my pants above my knees cuz I was hot!  I happened to glance down and notice that I was still wearing my brown dress socks from school, with my lovely black sweatpants. I must also note at this time, in my rush this morning I could not find my nice girly brown dress socks, so I wore my husbands!
Feeling like a real athletic dork, I pressed on not wanting to go home to change!
As I got farther out into the county relieved that no cars had passed me for the last 10 min.  I decided that…… (this is fair warning for those who did not grow up with brothers may find my actions offensive, you may want to stop reading this post.)
I decided that I needed to hawk a good loogie, ok for those who are not familiar with 14 year old boy language that I  often hear these days………. I needed to spit.  And for those of you who grew up with sisters only and may find that offensive,  see if this sounds better…I needed to discharge some saliva.  So just as I  discharged some saliva I heard a car go by.  I looked up to see my neighbors, and as any women who was just seen by her neighbors riding her bike with hot pink headphones in her ears, discharging saliva, her pants rolled up and gorgeous brown dress socks showing for all to see.  I did as any good women would do……I waved!
I arrived home 25 minutes later to find that my children and a large neighborhood gang of 6 kids had ordered pizza and had it delivered to SportTman’s fort in the woods.  Nice I don’t have to make dinner tonight!  🙂
I realized in that moment on my bike that as long I’m serving Jesus, being a good wife and mom, being embarrassed really doesn’t matter much anymore I don’t have time for it!  Life is about priorities, and riding my bike was a priority.
But even more important,  is that I am striving to  live a life that honors God, even if I look like a dork doing it. Sure there are those times when I end up doing goofy things, forgetful things, embarrassing things, but in the big picture, it really doesn’t matter much in this life.
I strive to have my priorities, actions, and time reflect  Him on a daily basis….even if I am wearing hubs brown dress socks!



As I lay in bed last night and could not sleep, I got to thinking about chocolate!!  I think I was hoping if I thought about chocolate before falling asleep, I would then have great dreams of working at a chocolate factory or living in a land flowing with chocolate!

Instead I decided that I needed to post more about chocolate, since my blog title obviously endears me to chocolate.  Then I found this chocolate carnival and knew I needed to link up and give it a try!!

So I thought I would post 10 things I love about chocolate!

You don’t NEED much to satisfy that craving, yet it is so easy to indulge in more!

It’s so quick and easy to grab just a bite here and there of chocolate

I live in a town with a chocolate factory.  I can often be found sitting at my daughter’s soccer games catching a glorious whiff of chocolate!!!

As a child I remember my mom keeping a stash of Nestle Chocolate Chips in a kitchen cupboard, and somehow she never got to making the chocolate chip cookies but the bag was often empty.  I now understand why that happened and have determined my affinity for chocolate must be genetic!  🙂

This Texas Sheet Cake recipe has been a favorite of mine since I was a child….more proof that my love for chocolate is genetic.

Here is a perfect example of smart, wise people and people who are leaders that eat chocolate-

The French Leader Napoleon insisted that wine, from the Burgundy vineyard called Chambertin, as well as chocolate be available during military campaigns. Due to its precious nature, the distribution of chocolate was limited to himself and his senior military advisors.

Chocolate comes in such great NUTRITIOUS varieties how can you not love it, chocolate covered raisins, chocolate covered strawberries, dark chocolate is just full of antioxidants…….veggies and chocolate are all good for you!

Chocolate Chip pancakes and sausage can make a quick easy dinner!

Americans eat an average of twenty two (22) pounds of candy each year, or approximately 2.8 BILLION pounds annually, split almost equally between candy and chocolate. That is far less than most Europeans consume. – Therefore it’s very important to keep eating chocolate to support the American economy during tough times

Jesus and Dark Chocolate….how can you go wrong with that combination.

For more chocolate posts and recipes visit, Stop and Smell the Chocolates!

Happy Chocolate Eating!


Not Me Monday


Oh what fun these Not Me posts are!  Click on the button above for more Not Me posts.
It was Not my son who was diagnosed with the flu on Thurs. but  was then outside with out a shirt on and wearing shorts on Friday afternoon working on his fort!!!   It is Not me who thinks Tamiflu must be a miracle drug.


It was Not me who walked out on the deck Sat. morning to be greeted by 65 degree weather and raised my hands in the air and shouted hallelujah, no I would not do something so silly!
It was not me who took great pride and found such joy and peace in  completing 6 loads on laundry on Monday.  It was not me who was amazed at the feeling of relief to finish so much laundry.
It was not me who had a crazy Thurs. morning, and did not have time to make coffee at home.  So I did not stop at our local Dunkin Donuts, and could not understand their sale sign of 2 donuts + coffee=.99 cent coffee.  It was not me who thought it would cost $2, and it was not me who was a dollar short when I went to pay.  But it was not the clerk who was kind enough to say to this frazzled mom, “don’t worry about the extra dollar!”  So it was not me that left Dunkin Donuts with a smile on my face, a nice cup of coffee and 2 donuts that I DID NOT quickly consume with in seconds!!!  I had a serious Homer Simpsom moment!

Why I love “You Tube”

In a random weird, crazy, fun mommy moment, I started to sing this song out of the blue.  My kids immediately  gave me “THAT” look.  You know the look, the “are you for real mom, get a grip and stop singing that stupid song” look!  But being the obnoxious, fun mom that I am, I continued to sing it.  I  then went to You Tube and suddenly I had the  video below!

I  was able to let my kids enjoy the song  loudly blasted through out the entire house.

Yep, that is the kind of mom I am!  🙂

Won’t you sing along with me…..”here’s the story, of a lovely lady”……… I know some of you know all the words just like me!

The Brady Bunch Kids Opening

Life Lesson to remember – Have  fun with your kids, be silly with them, even if they give you “THAT” look! 🙂

Not Me Monday


For more Not Me Fun click here

It was Not Me that has been listening to the Journey songs that my 14 year old son downloaded.   It’s not my son that likes the same music as his mom!!

It was Not Me that was so excited to get out my best paper plates and paper cups and serve the subs we ordered for dinner one night last week.  Can you all say “EASY dinner, always makes the mom happy!”

It was certainly Not Me that waited to the last minute on Wed. to plan a lesson for my Girls Alive class I teach, and ended up “recycling” a lesson I taught from Jr. High Sunday School 2 weeks earlier.

It is not me who secretly wants to get better at playing Rock Band.

It was Not Me that despite being so tired one night last week, made a batch of fresh, homemade chocolate chip cookies, simply because I craved cookie dough.

It is certainly Not Me that needs to find out why my jeans feel so tight lately!

Oh, and it was not me that was so hungry at the grocery store last Friday after school that I went back to the sample of this delicious, creamy, Cabot cheddar cheese 4 times!  Good thing my kids were not with me.

And it was Not Me that in my haste and rush to get to school last week, suggested to my son that he eat some Laffy Taffy and Gummies for breakfast.  I certainly did not tell him that the sugar would energize him at school that day.  Oh that would be bad parenting, and I would not do that….especially since I am a teacher!

Happy Monday!