Life goes on……

“The thing Margo told me about, is that here now?” “What thing?” “The thing, you like it” “Oh you mean the weekend?” “Yes when does that start? We never had weekends when I grew up in Ohio so this is new” “Yes it starts TODAY!!!”  🙂 So went the conversation between Curt and I this … More Life goes on……

Oct. 1st

The day passed in our house pretty much unnoticed.  There was no mention of it, I actually didn’t realize it until a few days later. Then it occurred to me, It’s been 2 years since those dreaded words were spoken to Curt and I in a Dr’s office on Oct 1st, 2010….. “Curt has dementia, … More Oct. 1st


See those hands?? They are mine. So……….. if those are my hands, it must mean…… I am UNDER the dock! You know there must be a good story with this one! When we were at the beach we all enjoyed kayaking in the inlet behind the house.  Since it’s an inlet, there would be a … More Determined

It’s been a year

Oct 1st a year ago was when I first heard those dreadful words, “Curt has dementia, most likely Early Onset Alzheimer’s.”I had known in my heart for some time that something was wrong with my dear husband, I had basically come to the conclusion on my own that he had Alzheimer’s.  But when the doctor … More It’s been a year

FAQ Interview

Ok warning on this blog post……I really don’t know what got into me when I wrote this! 🙂 Today I am sitting down to chat with Sandy on how life is going for her these days Jesus and Dark Chocolate Blog – So Sandy, how are YOU doing with all that is going on ? … More FAQ Interview

Been a bit stressed

I was thinking about writing a serious blog post about our family and things we are going through lately……but as I sat to write I realized my brain must be in Attention Deficit Disorder mode and I kept getting so sidetracked by these random thoughts of the day……………………. Why is menopause called MEN-o-pause?  Why are … More Been a bit stressed