Friday Fave Five

Well it has been a glorious week for this teacher! My number ONE favorite of the week was; SCHOOL IS OUT FOR THE SUMMER!!!! I am also enjoying my simple, little herb container garden.  I planted dill, rosemary and chives.  They are thriving and I just love stepping out onto the deck to cut a … More Friday Fave Five

The Great Outdoors

I know I have written before about how my kids  LOVE to play outside.  I have often said, some people  have “outdoor dogs”, I have “outdoor kids.”   We are so blessed to have a woods with a creek behind our house.  Over the years playing in the woods has evolved into many things……..fort building, … More The Great Outdoors

Welcome Spring!

Spring has finally arrived in our neck of the woods! I love spring and its beautiful flowers. To celebrate the arrival of spring I went around my house and took a bunch of pictures that represent spring at my house. So please pour a glass of lemonade, and enjoy a cyber spring day with me. … More Welcome Spring!

Why is it so hard for a 13 year old to find someone to play with?

Ok, I am not one to vent about things on my blog, but the day has come! My son, SportTman is 13, he is not into “going out” with girls yet, he does not spend endless hours on the computer “I-M ing” his friends, he only has a Play Station 1, so it’s not a … More Why is it so hard for a 13 year old to find someone to play with?