Running the Race

Back in the days of one flavor of Gatorade, I was a high school and college athlete.  Those were the days when orange Gatorade was the greatest thing out there, trainers at high school sports were non existent, college coaches wrote hand written letters to recruits, and we wore really cool polyester sweat pants to practice.

Yep I played soccer and ran track back in those days.  Actually for my elementary years I was the only girl in the boys soccer league.  Yep that was the 70’s before the days of Title IX.  I remember the thrill of getting to play on my first all girls soccer team in 9th grade!

But my main sport back in the day was track.  I ran the 100, 200 and 400 (ok back in the day it was the 100, 220, and 440).  And the race I remember the most was the grueling 400.  It was a sprint, one lap around the track.  But honestly how can you sprint one lap?  So you had to train and come up with a strategy on how to attack that race.  Go out hard, stride the back stretch, keep good form, and finish strong coming out of the last turn.   It was the finish strong part that was the hardest.  How can you finish strong when your legs felt like jello!

track team soph year

The biggest part to finishing strong was training hard.  Running 100 and 200s to work on speed and running 450’s and 600’s to work on that endurance piece.  I remember training so hard at times that I actually threw up once after a race and once during practice.


But the thing  I keep thinking about lately is in order to finish well, I had to train hard.


And train hard, and work hard……it wasn’t easy at times (um, remember the puking after practice!).  There were many times I didn’t feel like going to practice or running that 6th 200 of practice or 4 400’s then a break then 4 more.  I was dying out there…..but I kept pressing on, I kept working hard.

Over the years I qualified for the state track meet several times and I still vividly remember the finish line at that meet.  I remember coming out of that last turn with my eyes squarely  focused on THAT finish line.  It was at that moment with my eyes focused on the finish line, I would find out if all my hard work paid off….did I finish well?!?!

state ribbons 

I am drawn to the memory of that finish line a lot lately.


I am drawn to the memory of working hard to finish well


I am drawn to the memory of how hard it was at times, how I didn’t feel like working hard some days!


I am reminded about being weary and tired yet continuing to press on.


I am reminded of this bible verse, that I memorized in college shortly after I stopped running after tearing my ACL.

Hebrews 12:1-2

New International Version (NIV)

12 Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

I am not going to lie, it’s been a rough year!  A rough school year for this tired teacher, a long winter, and a year filled with many unexpected challenges and frustrations, along with Curt’s ongoing digression with Alzheimer’s.  Just this week, Curt asked me if I had a boyfriend?  He had no idea we were married.  He wants to “go home” at night, and gets so mad at me when I don’t take him home.  It’s hard.

But…….I am running the race, working hard, training hard and persevering.  I am fixing my eyes on Jesus. 

And my eyes are fixed on the finish line, because when all is said and done, how we run this race for Jesus is all that really matters.  The race may be hard, but may we all finish well!

Pressing on………..

family Easter






A Caregiver?

I remember a few years ago, shortly after Curt was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s going to an online support group for those who know someone with Alzheimer’s.  As I signed up I had to list if I was patient with Alzheimer’s or a caregiver.  I remember thinking, what?!? I was neither, I was Curt’s wife, he was my honey……I was NOT a caregiver.  I was so mad at this website, it forced me to sign up as a caregiver and I clearly was not.  At that point I really had no idea of the role of a caregiver or what that meant.

C and I Ice chair

Well…………almost 2 and a half years later I find myself feeling a lot more like a caregiver and less like a wife.  I help Curt get dressed each morning, put his shoes on for him, pour his cereal, pull out the chair for him to sit down on to eat, turn on the TV to ESPN (since he can’t use the remote anymore) and then head out the door for school each morning.  (Someone comes a little later to stay with him during the day while I am at school.)


At a basketball game

I put his seat belt on and buckle it when we go places, put his coat on and take it off for him,  cut up his food so he can eat it, help position him in bed each night (he forgets where to lay his head each night), help put the covers on him and the list goes on and on.

Yes, I have become a caregiver.

When we took our vows back on June 17, 1989 and I said those infamous words, “for better or worse and in sickness and in health”, I meant it.  Sure I wasn’t thinking about Alzheimer’s on that beautiful day in June.  But God had other plans for our marriage and now is my time to show LOVE to Curt by caring for him.

He is so sweet telling me every day as I walk out the door how much he loves me.  He also greets me at the door every day when I get home.  He feels safe with me, he feels cared for by me and I hope he feels loved.  I can assure I do have those moments when I feel like letting him go to sleep with his jeans and shoes on because I am just too tired to put his jammies on. 🙂  But, He is my honey and despite my new caregiver role, I will always be his WIFE for life!  I have learned as of late the true meaning of those words spoken on that hot summer day in June.

Mark 10:6-9 New International Version (NIV)
“But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female. ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

Family News


I have not updated this blog in some time now.  Things got really busy for us with basketball season.  It was a rough season for Tyler!  He broke his LEFT ankle in a scrimmage in Early December, his team was 3-7 with out him.  He came back, and played 10 games and his team went 7-3……but then in the midst of an important overtime game, in the first 30 seconds of overtime, Tyler came down on someones foot and fractured his RIGHT ankle and had to miss the rest of the season.  It was a heart breaker.  But my boy is a trooper and maintained a great attitude, well…. except for the first night after he broke it the second time, that was rough. 🙂


Note, the same boot he wore on the left foot is now on his right!

The night he broke his ankle was also a special night for our family.  Our wonderful basketball parents club did an Alzheimer’s Awareness night and raised about $1,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association and a little over $4,500 for a special fund set up to help pay for Care for Curt down the road.  Such a special night for our family, with such a unfortunate ending.  Yet ,we did feel so loved by the wonderful community we live in!  Our cool small town has been so very supportive of our family!


Presenting the $1,000 check to the Alzheimer’s Association

I just entered the spring sports info into the calendar for March, April and May……’s a bit overwhelming, Madi will play her sophomore season of Lacrosse and Tyler will play his senior season of baseball.  So your ongoing prayers for my sanity are appreciated!!  Tyler graduates in June (sniff sniff), Madi has her 16th birthday at the end of May…..oh I feel the spring chaos already and it’s a freezing, winter day. 🙂

~Thanks for your ongoing prayers, encouragement and LOVE for our family…..we are blessed!~ Sandy

Madi sign

Madi made this special sign for her BFF.

Life as we know it

I thought I would show you some pics that will give you a glimpse of life as we know it these days!

Tyler had a great set of games in Richmond, Va.  It was well over 100 degrees, but we learned how to survive in the heat!  I of course was wondering how am I ever going to get that uniform white again!?!?! (Note, after washing it 3 times with Oxi Clean it is still dirty!)

This cool, blue towel called the Frogg Togg is one great way to stay cool.  It’s a cooling towel, if you rinse it in warm water, the water evaporates and keeps the towel stays cool.  We also quickly realized sticking the Frogg Togg in a cooler of ice really helps also!  I bought one for myself and am making quite a fashion statement wearing it around my neck! 🙂

Poor Madi got sick on the Richmond trip.  Here she is shivering (just as she was getting a fever) at the Red Robin.  She is holding Tyler’s cheese sticks in her hand to try to warm up!  That was also the night the AC broke in our hotel room and Ty and I got little sleep, and poor Madi was cold and then burning up.

Ok, so not only was it hot as balls (ooops sorry, I have been hearing the 17 year old boys say that so much it’s starting to effect my brain also) in Va, but the field right behind us had just been sprayed with manure to help rejuvenate the grass over the summer.  It smelled horrible.  On a positive note, for those of you who live in Lancaster Co with me, you know it made me feel like I was at home.  Nothing like the smell of fresh manure to make you yearn for home!

So thankful for the team shade canopy!

The reason we do all of this crazy traveling!

Not sure how I feel about this picture.  Madi really seems to be enjoying being the only girl traveling with the team this summer.  The boys have been more than kind to invite her along with them at night when they go out. Mmmmmmm?? 🙂

Love this sweet picture!

This is what happens to me, after the heat, the driving, the long double headers, the packing of the car, the unpacking, taking care of all the details……I at some point just conk out!

After driving 9 hours to Myrtle Beach, we checked into the hotel and headed right to the beach.  It was beautiful!

Sweet Curt!  He works so hard to keep up with everyone on these trips. I write the room number of our hotel on his hand in sharpie so he can find his way back to our room.  He is struggling so much to keep up,and keep abreast as to what is going on and where we are going.  But he is enjoying this and I know he is glad he can take in Tyler’s games.  The other parents on the team have also been very helpful!

So thanks for the prayers, we are off to University of North Carolina tomorrow and then onto Atlanta.  We covet your prayers, it is what sustains us!

1 Peter 1:6-7

In all this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire —may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.


Calm before Spring

I can see it coming.  Pictures like this tell me it’s near. I see it on the horizon of our life.

Yep spring will be here before we know it.   I LOVE spring!  I love flowers, and truly relish seeing them begin to rise from the earth and bloom into something so beautiful.  It’s one of those little things in life I enjoy! 🙂

But this spring looks to be a bit crazy.  Madi is playing lacrosse and Tyler will have baseball.  When putting the sports schedule on calendar last week, I see there are some weeks when they have games the same day/same time and some  when someone has a game every day in that week.

To be honest it’s all a bit overwhelming.

Sports, household duties, some financial things we are taking care of right now, dealing with that anger issue that still lingers, rearing it’s ugly head at unexpected random moments, spring yard work, tons of paperwork to complete at school etc etc etc………

Curt is now so limited in terms of what he can contribute to the running of the household that it pretty much all falls on me.  So if you see me and I forget something you told me, just smile and remind me it’s ok. 🙂  I have forgotten some key things lately, simply because my brain is too full! But I am ok with that…it is how it is these days!

But as I am frequently reminded…take each day as it comes, don’t worry about the future.  Which I must admit can be hard.

But this devotion I read recently really hit home for me.  It’s from the devotional “Jesus Calling” by Sara Young. Um, yea you can see the section I starred in my book! 🙂

Keep your focus on My Presence in the present!  Yep, great point and a powerful reminder for me!

I am really choosing to focus on what is good not the struggles. 

Alzheimer’s is a wretched disease that we all confront as a family daily….but there are also some great things that happen to us also.  I am going to end this post with some of those good things.

This little gem sure has made my life easier!  I love the reminder app, I am constantly typing in little reminders for myself.  I am sure while you are chatting with me sometime you will hear my little reminder alert go off.  Just smile 🙂

Curt’s brother came for a long visit a few weekends ago.  It was a welcome diversion!

Oh and I must mention I devoured an entire box of these in 2 days! Not exactly a proud moment, but a good moment! 🙂

Thanks friends for your continued prayers and support!


Busy start to the new year…….

Basketball games, lacrosse games and practices, Eagles football game……..yes it’s been a busy start to the new year for us!  And in some ways the busy stuff is a mixed blessing, the kids and I are so caught up in the day to day chaos, that we don’t have time to focus on the perils of living with Alzheimer’s!

We had the best start to the new year, we got FREE, yes FREE tickets to the Eagles vs the Redskins game.  A dear friend worked it out for us, and the seats were the best!  No nosebleed section for us….phew!

Now some of you may be shocked to see me in an Eagles jersey, I know this may be hard for some of you, knowing that one of the first songs I learned as a child was “Hail to the Redskins!”  I grew up in the DC area, I grew up with a disdain for the Eagles, Giants and the Cowboys.  But this day was one of those moments in life where you look beyond the entrenched football rivalries and you support your husband!  He has been a long time Eagles fanatic and this day was for him! 🙂 It was a fun day, the weather was ideal for Jan 1st and hubs team the Eagles won!

Madi has also been busy becoming buff girl…..she is doing a strength and conditioning program for Lacrosse and playing indoor lax.  Unlike Tyler, Madi has floundered a bit in finding a sport she loved.  She just started girls lax last spring, but has really come to LOVE it!  And it’s neat for all of us to see those skills continue to grow and improve!

Tyler is having a blast playing hoops this year, and I must say Curt is enjoying every game.  He sits near the court and takes pics while chatting with his new lady friend.  Now don’t take that the wrong way, his lady friend is one of the player’s grandmas.  But the two of them have forged a fun friendship this season.  Curt took this pic of Ty (#30) stuffing the leading scorer in the league! Ha not in our house! (ok,sorry competitive mom moment, I’m moving on now!)

So life for us is good, not always easy, but good.

Our local basketball parents club had a slogan a few years back…it simply said

“It Ain’t Easy”

This year the slogan is, “Every Day, Every Play”

Yep, we work hard every day, it ain’t always easy, but we press on!

Friday Fave Five

It has been FOREVER since I have done a Friday Fave Five………and as I sip a little coffee on my deck this morning, I was thinking today would be a great day to do it!

Although I must say I really can not confine the Fave Five to just one week.  So please allow me to indulge you in Five Faves of the summer! 🙂

It really has been a memory making summer, with all the traveling we have been doing, this summer will surely be implanted in the archives of our memories for a long time.  It’s seems so surreal in a way that we can have such a fun, family time together, but on the other hand we are still dealing with the horrors of Alzheimer’s disease on a daily basis.  Sometimes life just seems so normal.  But those little things like helping Curt order from a menu ( he has trouble finding what he wants, all the info on a menu can be confusing for him), or showing him which way his debit card goes into the card reader at the gas pump, these things remind me of what we are daily dealing with.  And I share them with you to give you a glimpse of how this disease can rob your mind of such simple daily tasks!

But alas some faves from the SUMMER!

My favorite destination by far was Atlanta, Ga.  Such a modern city filled with much of that good ole southern hospitality.  Now I must admit even though I had a strong affinity for the city I did not relish driving the 8 lane beltway around the city! 🙂

We enjoyed the Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta.  You can see my boy running around the cool fountain with out a shirt on!

We also loved all the Southern cooking, and a visit to the Passion City Church, led my Louie Giglio and worship leader Chris Tomlin.  Let me tell ya, they know how to rock a church service!!  We all loved it! 

Here is a pic of Curt and I outside another fine southern restaurant called Mary Mac’s Tea Room….here you could enjoy such southern dishes as Pot Licker soup, Sweet Potato Souffle, Fried Chicken, Tomato Pie, and plenty of Sweet Tea.

Spending time with family was another bonus to all this traveling!!  Check out all the family members we got to see!!

Here is most of Curt’s side of the family together in Dayton, Oh.  Visiting with family has been such a special blessing and cherished time in the chaos of a busy summer.

And Tyler with both of his lovely Grandma’s!!  Got to love these grandmas so willing and eager to have their 6’4 giant of a grandson swing his sweaty arm around their shoulders or stand next to this smelly, sweaty boy!

And dear Madi out shopping with her Aunt at the Easton Mall in Columbus, Oh

I watched endless hours of baseball in some serious heat and 95+ degree weather.  But once you get over worrying about how you look, and just accept the fact that you are a sweaty mess, it’s all good.  I really do love watching the games!!  Love when Tyler does well, stress when he struggles, but wouldn’t miss a minute of it!

Love this picture Curt took of Tyler sliding home to score!! 🙂

Getting off the beaten path makes life so interesting also.  While in the Charlottesville, Va after a game one day we followed signs to a peach orchard that sprawled out on the top of a mountain.  We loved the views and the peach ice cream and cider!

And lastly…HOME.  I relish the downtime of time on our deck and relaxing in these chairs at home!!!!

For more Friday Fave Five please visit Susanne at Living to Tell the Story


My alarm on my phone went off loudly playing some catchy ringtone at 6:30 am yesterday.  I hit the snooze button…..weary and tired, not wanting to get up.  But then I remembered………..we are going HOME today!!!!  Suddenly, I was inspired, turned off the snooze, made a beeline for the coffee, then woke up the rest of the family.  Get up…..time to go HOME!!! 🙂

Yes it has been a crazy summer, so much traveling.  I have been in 9 states, some great American cities, like Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC and Columbus, OH.  Drove the 8 lane beltways around those great cities, endured construction, bad coffee, heat, and lots of McDonalds food (love their new Mango/Pineapple smoothie btw), and used lots of those tiny bottles of shampoo and conditioner!

But yesterday the motivation to get HOME is what got me going at 6:30am!

I have been gone for long, extended weekends since my last day of school on June 18th………But now we finally catch a break.  Don’t get me wrong, our travels have been fun in many ways, but also stressful…..surely not relaxing.  So today I am simply thankful to be home, enjoying the simple pleasure of watering my flowers on the deck, watching the birds at the bird feeder, sipping a cup of coffee on the deck, sleeping in my own comfy bed. 

HOME a refuge in the storm of life!

Yet, there is even a greater refuge than home………

This I declare about the LORD: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I trust him.

Psalm 91:1-2

And that Refuge is what keeps me going!!

More updates to come… that I am home, I hope to update this blog more often.  Lots of pics of our adventures and an update on how Curt is doing. 

Lessons learned on the Road…..

So as you know we have been on the road a great deal this summer for Tyler’s baseball team.  And first of all I am VERY thankful for this picture!

Yep that is my boy with his driver’s license!  With all the driving we are doing this summer, it’s so nice to have another “official driver!”

So what I have been learning on the road of life this summer……….

iPods are great for traveling.  Everyone can crank up their own music to pass the time!

Sheetz is taking over the East Coast!  I have seen more BRAND NEW Sheetz stores along the highways than you can imagine.  But I must admit their coffee ain’t too bad, so I am cool with their take over.

Arby’s is just too expensive for a decent lunch.  On the other hand McD’s is very reasonable and Madi and I love their salads!

Curt is doing amazing well with all this traveling!  So much change for my sweet Early Onset Alzheimer’s guy, but he is packed and ready to go on time (which is at 6:15 am some days!).

There are way too many trucks on 81 South through Pa, Va.

All hotels should have continental breakfasts!

It’s neat to see the 3 crosses this man has installed all across the highways of America!!

That no matter where I may be, it’s always nice to have my own pillow with me! 🙂

It’s fun to get off the beaten path a bit and see the small towns of America!  Look what we found while traveling through VA.

And much to my surprise, all this traveling is not too bad.  We are enjoying precious time as a family together.   I’ve had more one on one conversations with my kids while driving or just hanging in our hotel rooms together then I have in the last 6 months!

We are a family, through the good and the bad, we are a family!  I am learning this summer not to feel sorry for myself and our situation…but live this life and savor the time we have with Curt.  I can assure you that is not always easy, some days it’s so emotionally draining.  I hate seeing Curt struggle with simple tasks, like putting in the ear buds of his iPod the right way (another example of those elusive spatial issues that are so difficult for him), or not being able to get the plastic lid on his soda cup right.  I hate seeing his ability to reason diminish,  and I hate seeing the kids get so frustrated with him.

But we press on. We live. We savor.  And we ask God to guide us daily!

My dear sister in law sent this to me the other day.  It seems to capture the attitude I am working on.

I’m reading Holding on To Hope  by Nancy Guthrie..a book on suffering.  A lot of these issues you may not even deal with but this section encouraged me about your situation and I hope it encourages you in some way too.

Here goes:
    He (Job) recognized that the process of understanding, of answering the question “Why?” would not be complete in this lifetime –
that only in the life to come, in the presence of God, would it all become clear.  And Job kept walking in the darkness.
    Would you be willing to stop asking, “Why?” and begin asking, “For what purpose?”
    Would you take comfort and find confidence in knowing that although the purpose in your suffering may be unseen,
God does have a purpose, and part of that purpose is to display His work in your life?
    Would you look beyond this life and embrace the Redeemer, who will take the pieces of your life
 and transform them into something beautiful if you invite him to do so?
I am learning to stop asking Why! 🙂
This was taken at the top of a beautiful peach orchard, near Charlottsville, Va.  We were a sweaty bunch and Tyler had just come from a game.  But who could resist fresh peaches and a great view!

Summer Finally and We’re Off on our baseball adventures!

Summer Break, it’s finally here!  It is much needed and anticipated!

My last day of school was somewhat emotional……I cried a bit thinking of what a crazy, exhausting school year it’s been.  From finding out on Oct 1st of Curt’s diagnosis, to the decision for him to stop working, to being at school every day with out him.

Then as our entire school district was gathered for our end of the year meeting, I really teared up!  Curt was due to receive his 15 year award for being with the district for 15 years ( He previously taught in another district for 10 years).  As he went up to accept his award, the sweet colleagues, friends and employees of our school district gave Curt an endearing standing ovation, the superintendent gave him a hug and whispered in his ear that she continues to pray for him!  Well that was all I needed to open the flood gates of tears.  Actually it still brings me to tears as I type this.  It was a moment to cherish.  Such good people of our district!

Yet it was also one of those moments that didn’t seem real.  I stood so touched by the love and care of the friends of our school district, but also stood in disbelief that this is really happening to us.

Shortly after that, I found this neat framed print that seemed to capture the theme of our life these days. It simply reads “Remember the moments, not the days”  The days may seem long, but there are beautiful moments to remember.

But I barely set foot into summer, when we were out the door for our first of many baseball tournaments to Va Tech.  Curt and the kids picked me up at school after that emotional last day and I drove the fam to Va Tech.  After a long day I got a little goofy as we were driving through West Va.  I cranked up the country music and tried to take a little video while I drove.  Excuse the quality of the video, but the looks on the faces of Tyler and Madi are priceless.  They look so VERY mortified that we are their parents and we are acting this way!  Don’t ya just love being the parents of teens! 🙂  And do me a favor don’t tell the kids I posted this on my blog…..ha ha ha!

Curt and Madi outside the stadium at Va Tech

Our schedule is a bit crazy, we have  baseball tournaments scheduled at Univ of Md, Ohio State, Wake Forest, Univ of Cincinnati, and Atlanta, Ga for a week. And guess who hates driving….yep that would be me!  Curt usually drove us everywhere for years, while I read and napped in the car.  Well this summer I will be sharing the driving duties with Tyler… more napping for me.  Two thoughtful friends sent me Starbucks gifts cards……I already spent about 5 dollars off of one of them driving home from Va Tech!  So you can call me the “Car driving Caffeine Chick” this summer! 🙂

So our summer tour has begun, we are off to Univ of Md this weekend.  Look for pictures of our summer adventures.  Pray for lots of coffee, fun, and safety!  I promise I will post more on how Curt is doing next time.  Things have gotten a bit worse, and we are seeing more and more symptoms.  It is such an unpredictable and unforgiving disease!

I know it’s been forever……..

Yes it’s been over a month since I posted on this blog of mine…….

And why do you think I have not posted………………

                             I have just been way too busy this month.

My mind is on overload and I just couldn’t possibly add any more info in.

I saw  a t-shirt the other day that read;

“In my next life I plan to have more memory installed!”

Geez if I could just get a memory upgrade I think I would be better! 🙂

Let me give you a small example of what was on my mind this week……….

What can I have my students make for their Memorial Day picnic at school, plus an IEP to write and a busy week at school.
Why do we have SO much laundry…wondering if Tyler can just wear a dirty baseball uniform ( decided he could not)
I have no clean clothes to wear to school, no black summer flats for school and no time to shop.  (found a pair of shoes at a local consignment shop that will work!)
I must call about getting an estimate for a tree to be cut down in our woods
Worried about Curt driving part of the way to a Phillies game with a friend. (It all went well!!!)

I must schedule Tyler’s driver’s test….oh crap, I am a week late… now he will take the test a week later.  Ugh….hope he is not too mad. ( he handled it pretty well!!)
Do we have everything ready to meet with our lawyer on Tues to go over all our legal papers?
Why am I getting home from a baseball game at 11:45pm on a school night?
Tyler is pitching in a playoff game….why am I so nervous?

What do I serve at Madi’s surprise party on Friday… do I get her out of the house
What colors should I put on Madi’s special birthday cake for her surprise party?

….laundry still piling up!
Geez did the lawn mower blade really just break……….

Just a few of my many thoughts this week.

But did you notice something…….my thoughts have not been dominated by this wretched disease, early onset Alzheimer’s.  Our life must go on.  And in some ways that is a mixed blessing.   It is horrible to have this disease menace, taunt and infiltrate our lives.  But we must keep on, keeping on.  And kudos to Curt he is doing fairly well with keeping up with all the commotion of our days.  I know he actually relishes his down time at home during the day.  Since he gets much more tired than he used to, the time alone during the day has been good for him.

And yes there continue to be such simple blessings along these uncharted waters of Alzheimer’s.

We got approved for social security and Curt will start receiving a check from social security next week!!  The whole process only took about 2 months!!!!!

The kind, and generous ladies of our Sunday school class have been blessing us with a meal once a week.  And I must admit the meals have been so helpful……more than I thought they would be.  I am so excited to not have to THINK about what to cook once a week.  And of course I can rush home and simply eat the scrumptious dinner with out any preparation!

A dear friend who I have never met keeps sending me devotions, chocolate, and a cute little plaque with the timely words of Matthew 11:28  ~Come to Me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.~

Tyler had a great Varsity baseball season, you can also read about it here.  I became obsessed with batting averages, ERA’s, RBI’s (Tyler broke the school record for single season RBI’s, it was 32, he had 35)…..all served as a good diversion for both Curt and I.  I would often joke that Curt may not remember what he had for lunch but he could remember how many doubles, triples, and home runs Ty had this season! 🙂

Madi and her BFF”S had great fun at her little party on Friday night.  That was a blessing to this mom!

Praying for us?? 

First of all THANKS!!!

Here are a few requests at this time;

This summer!!!!!!  Lots of things revolve around the summer

Tyler has 7 major baseball tournaments on long weekends this summer…we will be traveling to places like Ohio Univ., Univ of Cincinnati, UVA, Univ of Md, Va Tech, Wake Forest and Marrietta, Ga.  That is a lot of driving and not being home.  I am a bit worried on how this will all work.  Curt will have to adapt to new situations at each hotel/place we go (often harder for him), I will be doing a lot of driving ( not my thing)….plus it’s a lot of traveling!!  But as my big baseball boys pursues playing Division 1 college baseball this is the way to go.

I am looking for a place for a nice beach vacation in Aug.  I am thinking after all the baseball tournaments we will need a nice family vacation and some down time.  Most places I have looked at are a bit out of our price range ( over  $1,000) for the week.  Pray we can find a place! I really want a place that we can hang out together as a family and have FUN together.

Pray that God will give Tyler and Madi wisdom on how to deal with their dad!  This is becoming a bigger issue.  To them he is still their dad, and as their dad he needs their respect.  Problem is with all his shortcomings as of late….it’s a hard balancing act.

Pray for Curt also, he manages quite well overall, but he is becoming more frustrated as his shortcomings begin to have a greater effect on him.  I see him struggling more with short term memory issues, struggling more with verbally expressing himself and finding the right word for things.   Like instead of asking for the rake while mulching today, it was the red thingy.  Oh I could go on about how this disease affects him….but that is for another day!

Pray for me…..for my sanity! 🙂  Some days I can balance it all, some days its harder!

Pray for a follow up appointment at Johns Hopkins ( and yes I still need to schedule it!)

There are more requests…..but I am hoping to post again sooner.  No more month long furloughs!  

Thanks dear friends…..we are truly blessed because of so many of you!!!


I don’t know……….

I thought to myself today that I should update my blog since it’s been awhile…………… our days have been filled with these 2 sports.

But aside from being consumed with sports, I have just been feeling pretty “I don’t knowish.” 

I know you are probably thinking wow, Sandy is so profound and expresses herself so eloquently!

But I just don’t know what to think…………

I don’t know about the future or what it holds for us

I don’t know how long it will be until Curt will get worse

I don’t know if I have any more patience left with in me on certain days

I don’t know what to make for dinner

I don’t know how to fix Alzheimer’s and just make it all better

I don’t know how to encourage Curt on some days

I don’t know how to file taxes

I don’t know how to use a chain saw to cut up the tree that fell in our woods

I don’t know how to stop feeling so overwhelmed some days

I don’t know how to plan for the future

I don’t know…….I don’t know what to think about even next year….how much different will it be

I don’t know if Aricept is really working

I don’t know if I am doing the right thing with all of our legal paperwork

I don’t know how to throw a lax ball with a lax stick

I don’t know how to start the whole recruiting process for Tyler for baseball

I don’t know how to encourage my kids on how to walk this journey

I don’t know if I can smile and answer for the 5th or 6th time as to who the game is against today.

BUT… I do KNOW this

I know who holds my unknown future.

Matthew 6:34 reminds me…….

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow,

for tomorrow will worry about itself.

Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Ecclesiastes 7:14

14 When times are good, be happy;
but when times are bad, consider this:
God has made the one
as well as the other.

Matthew 28:20

Surely, I am with you always!

The Lord IS my shepherd ~ Psalm 23:1

Hudson Taylor once wrote

“~Not was, not may be, not will be, THE LORD IS my shepherd.  He is on Sunday, He is on Monday and through every day of the week.  He is in January, in December ( and during the busy spring sports season), and every month of the year.  He is when I am at home and in China. He is during peace or war and in times of abundance or poverty~”

Yes, I do KNOW something after all…………:)

The ABC’s of our life……

A = Alzheimer’s, an unexpected diagnosis of Early Onset Alz for my 47 year old husband.

B = Baseball dominates our life these days!  Tyler is playing varsity baseball for our local high school.  It’s been so fun and exciting to watch him play.  He’s off to a great start so far this season, he is currently batting .565…..not bad for a sophomore!

C -Coffee  I don’t know what it is about this brown beverage, but it soothes my tired soul every morning.  I am currently indulging in Green Mtn. French Toast.

D = dog pee and puke…..yep, both have been all over the carpet at different times this week

E = Exceptional friend who has been cleaning my house for me for 2 years…..she went beyond the call of duty and cleaned behind my fridge with out me even asking her.  She went where no one has gone for a long time!

F = Friends continue to bless our family and encourage us….daily!

G = Goldberg…..Rube Goldberg that is!  Do you know who he is?  Well my daughter’s 8th grade Rube Goldberg group project has taken over our basement for the last 3 weeks.  Today is the day their project will finally turn off the light switch….and it all starts with a marble rolling down a wedge.

H = Help from friends.  Several friends at church have offered to make us meals lately.  Such a blessing during this busy sports season for this overwhelmed mom.

I – I need  more understanding and patience. I am finding I am needing lots of this lately in relating to my sweet husband

J – Just can’t believe some days that my husband has alzheimer’s

K – kindred spirit…I have found many others who are battling the evils of alzheimer’s through a group on Facebook called “Memory People”

L = Lacrosse!!  Madi is loving this sport, and that makes me happy!!  She actually had a couple assists in her last game…..not bad for a girl who had never even picked up a lax stick 2 months ago!

M= My boy Tyler just got contacts.  For all his great athletic feats, he is a bit less coordinated when it comes to  putting the contacts in.  But I am certain he will get it!

N =New driver, Tyler still has his learner’s permit, but he is doing so well with driving, and I love it when I am the passenger, and he drives.  I am actually quite relaxed in the car since he is doing so well.

O = Orthodontist!!  I am not liking our orthodontist lately.  He took off Madi’s  braces, only to say exactly one day later, she needs to have them put back on and have 4 teeth pulled.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  WE have a consult with an oral surgeon next week.

P = PILES of laundry….It’s never ending!

Q= Quiet….I must be old, because I am really starting to enjoy the quiet of a beautiful spring day, or a quiet house.

R -Rest…”Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest ” Matthew 11:28

S- Simplify!!!  Since Curt was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s we have cut out many of the busy things we used to do.  It has caused me to simplify more and focus more on family and hubs!

T- Taxes…Curt has always done our taxes…even last year when the symptoms of Alzheimer’s were starting to be revealed.  It took him a long time to do them last year, but he did it…..this year we went with H & R Block for the first time.  But Curt did a great job of getting all the needed documents together for this!

U – University of Md.  We all traveled to Md a week ago to get a tour of the Univ. of Maryland’s baseball facilities.  Tyler’s summer baseball team got to meet the coaches, see their team locker room, watch a game, hang out on the field during BP….all a GREAT experiences for my tall son who aspires to play Division 1 baseball!

V – Very content even during this storm of life……it must be God, because in my normal, hormonal, human brain it doesn’t make sense!

W- When does Summer vacation begin!!!????

X -What the heck start with X that I can relate to my life………Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region..yes I know where this is do you?

Y – Yellow flowers are blooming in my woods, it’s so pretty!

Z – Zero things……..that is how many things I got crossed off my “to do” list this week!!  Ugh….it’s so crazy with baseball games and lax practice to get things done. But tonight everything was canceled, so as soon as I post this, I am off to conquer the list and some laundry! 🙂

~Sorry for the lack of updates lately…..I am just so busy this spring.  But do keep praying for us, I really believe it is what carries us and provides joy even in such unfamiliar & unpleasant times!!! ~

Thanks dear ones!!