I hate shopping!!ย  There I said it!ย  I know you will all stop reading my blog now that you realize I am a lesser of a women.ย  I do like chocolate, but shopping……nope!ย  Hate it! So today when I knew I needed to take The “growing taller by the second” Inventor out for new clothes, … More Shopping

Corrie Ten Boom – Great for G-Wit= “Godly Women In Training”

I never finished posting other girl ideas for training Godly girls, here and here are the other 2 posts on this topic. This is one of my favorite lessons I taught the 4th-6th grade girls at our church on Wed. nights. The lesson was about Corrie Ten Boom, a christian women who survived the Nazi … More Corrie Ten Boom – Great for G-Wit= “Godly Women In Training”

G-Wit – Girl Week

Well since I posted about G-Wit and also displayed a pic of dd, I decided to make it girl week on my blog! All my posts will be about girl stuff.……maybe next week will be boy week. Lord knows boys and girls can be so different…..then again so can husbands and wives. ๐Ÿ™‚ But that … More G-Wit – Girl Week