The coolest fort in the world

The Fort……here is SportTMan’s latest fort upgrade, the window comes from the neighbor’s trash, the “new” wood comes from an Amish barn that was torn down. It’s an eyesore to me, but to a 12 year old boy, it’s beautiful! Besides that I think 12 yo boys should have more opportunities to build cool forts and less opportunities for watching TV, using the computer, Nitendo DS, Wii etc……


Jesus and Dark Chocolate???

I have such an addiction to dark chocolate lately, does anyone else love this stuff? Just last night we had a girls fun night for the “Girls Alive” class I teach at church, we had a chocolate fountain for the girls to dip strawberries and other fruit in. Since I am the teacher I had to act mature and not look like a pig, but may the truth be told, I really just wanted to stick my tongue out under that fountain and lap up the dark chocolate like a dog!!! Don’t worry I displayed some degree of maturity, but I did sneak upstairs while the girls were having their nails done, dipped several strawberries in that divine, flowing chocolate and stuffed my face. Do you see my problem with this stuff!! 😉

Ever since I first heard word that dark chocolate could be good for you….I pursued the claim with a passion. I read about it on different internet sites, I sampled different types of dark chocolate, I read about antioxidants, I sampled more dark chocolate….read more, ate more….you get the idea.  This is great I thought to myself, it tastes so good and it is good for you…..amazing.

But then one day it occured to me….do I express the same passion and penchant for the Lord that I do for dark chocolate.  I realize dark chocolate is truly just a frivilous treat. However, after giving it some thought I realized the answer was probably no. So many things of this world cloud my vision and passion for serving the Lord. Dark chocolate just got me thinking, but there are so many more serious things that steal my prioritiy of spending time seeking and serving the Lord… things like; the busyness of our life, the laundry pile that never ends, kids soccer games, basketball and baseball games, my job, using the computer, cooking dinner, working out, gardening, books I want to read……the list goes on and on.

There are so many things of this world that distract and sidetrack me from my first love, serving the Lord. (Does this happen to any one else?)

Thus the name of this blog, Jesus and Dark Chocolate. Notice the word Jesus comes first, it’s a constant reminder to me that life is about priorities, and the things of this world should never keep me or sway me, from spending time at the feet of Jesus.

………Seeking you as a precious jewel, Lord to give up I’d be a fool