Dear Blog

Dear Blog, I just don’t know what to do with you as of late. I rarely post, and when I do I feel that I always post about being so busy, nothing to insightful!  I started my blog over 3 years ago, I posted 2-3x per week, had regular readers, loved reading other great ladies … More Dear Blog

Silence is golden!

I walked into the computer lab at school the other day to get my computer upgraded. My son just bought a new iPod Nano, so I needed the newest iTunes version.   As I entered the lab I was suddenly overwhelmed by the silence! There were no classes in the lab at the time, just … More Silence is golden!

Random thoughts

Every blogger needs a random thoughts post every once in a while. So now it’s my turn for some serious randomness. 🙂 I start back to school next week, I am not in the school mode yet! Summer has been so nice for us, and I guess I am not dealing with the reality that … More Random thoughts